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AMD slashes Opteron prices

AMD yesterday quietly reduced the prices across its 64-bit Opteron range, cutting what it charges for its workstation and server-oriented CPUs by up to 43 per cent. The move came alongside the company's higher-profile launch of its first low-power Mobile Athlon 64 chips, the 2700+ and 2800+. ® AMD Opteron Price Cuts Processor …
Tony Smith, 07 May 2004

Exit the dragon: US govt blows $325m on China-beating 300PFLOPS monster computer

Vid The US government has chosen IBM and Nvidia chips to build the world's fastest supercomputer – a 300 petaFLOPS beast that would trounce today's most powerful super: China's Tianhe-2. The Department of Energy has commissioned two supercomputers, it was revealed on Friday: one is a system codenamed "Summit", which will be …
Chris Williams, 14 Nov 2014
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IBM drops Istanbuls into big Opteron box

Big Blue has begun certifying Advanced Micro Devices' six-core Istanbul Opteron processors for its System x product line, and on Tuesday announced support for the processor in its fattest Opteron box, the System x3755. The x3755 is a four-socket, rack-mounted server that comes in a 4U chassis, and was just updated in March with …

Webcast follow-up: HP makes the case for convergence

One of the things that surprised many in our recent Regcast on converged infrastructure (CI) was the claim by HP’s Clive Freeman that hardware optimisation for well-defined workloads far outstrips the performance you would get for the same price using software optimisation on a standard platform. Afterwards, I asked Clive how HP …
Tim Phillips, 05 Sep 2014

Fujitsu and friends arm four-core Opteron servers

Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) is the latest hardware vendor to punt servers loaded with AMD’s four-core Opteron processor chip, which finally hit the channel – following months of production delays – last week. The firm said today that the quad job is available in its Primergy RX330 S1, BX630 S2 blade servers and its entry- …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Apr 2008

AMD's Opteron goes to 3.2GHz

AMD is trying to breath new life into its dual-core Opteron by upping the chip to 3.2GHz just weeks before Barcelona rolls on store shelves. AMD announced today the pricing and availability to its Opteron 2000 and 8000 series x86 chips, both in a mainstream and high performance flavor. The top-end models 8224 SE and 2224 SE …
Austin Modine, 06 Aug 2007

Sun gives servers an Opteron quad job

Sun has been sluggish to release servers based on AMD's four-core Opteron processors, but today it got around to the quad job. The vendor is releasing three new servers with the latest Opterons, and also fitting the chips into five systems previously announced. Sun trails a gaggle of major server vendors like Fujitsu, Hewlett- …
Austin Modine, 13 May 2008
The Roadrunner two-socket, Open Compute motherboard designed by AMD and friends

Financial firms start lining up for AMD Roadrunner systems

For more than a few large-scale data center operators and supercomputer centers in the world, AMD's Opteron processors are still an important part of their infrastructure. But over the past few years, as Intel has got its Xeon act together and AMD has had some issues (to put it politely) the tier-one server makers have not …
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AMD halves Opteron 848 prices

AMD today slashed prices across its multi-way Opteron processor families, ahead of an anticipated announcement from Intel that it will bring 64-bit computing to the x86 server market. The move also follows the launch of low-power, blade server-oriented versions of all three Opteron families. AMD focused its cuts on the Opteron …
Tony Smith, 17 Feb 2004

Battered AMD guns Opteron to 3.0GHz

AMD threatened a coupled of weeks back to crank its dual-core Opteron up to 3GHz. This week, the company delivered on that threat. AMD has officially released the Opteron Model 2222 and 8222 SE chips – the highest performing and most expensive versions of the Opteron server chip family. We say "officially" because AMD did brag …
Ashlee Vance, 24 Apr 2007

Nimble Gateway learns of the Opteron processor

Bumbling hardware maker Gateway has finally caught on to this Opteron thing. The company today announced three, new Opteron-based servers. It's safe to say that branding is not Gateway's strong suit. Customers will now see the 1U E-9422R, the 2U E-9522R and the 3U E-9722R. If you find the E-9622R somewhere, let us know. The …
Ashlee Vance, 07 Nov 2006

AMD's Opteron goes to 3.2GHz

AMD is trying to breath new life into its dual-core Opteron by upping the chip to 3.2GHz just weeks before Barcelona rolls on store shelves. AMD announced today the pricing and availability to its Opteron 2000 and 8000 series x86 chips, both in a mainstream and high performance flavor. The top-end models 8224 SE and 2224 SE now …
Austin Modine, 07 Aug 2007

AMD ships dual-core Opteron 165

AMD has begun shipping dual-core Opteron 1xx series processors to the embedded market, the chip maker said yesterday. AMD has shipped dual-core Opteron 2xx and 8xx chips for two- and four-way servers, but has yet to offer a version of its Opteron 1xx family, aimed at uni-processor servers and workstations. Earlier this week, …
Tony Smith, 05 Aug 2005

IBM gives Cluster 1350 an Opteron nudge

IBM has regussied the System Cluster 1350 with some new servers just ahead of the International Supercomputer conference in Dresden. The ins and outs of the hardware upgrade follow along familiar lines. IBM has made its latest and greatest x86-based machines available for the pre-packaged 1350. For example, customers will find …
Ashlee Vance, 25 Jun 2007

HPC boffins: Our HOT MODELS will help you cope with DISASTER

HPC Blog What’s the most common and costly type of natural disaster? If you answered "floods and tsunamis” you’d be right on the money. Economic damages caused by large and small flooding events – either caused by storms, storm surges or earthquakes, in the case of tsunamis – are truly massive, running into the billions or tens of …

Supermicro begins 'Ask, Don't Tell' Opteron drive

AMD has dragged supplier Supermicro kicking and screaming out of the Opteron processor closet. The chip maker today put out a press release on Supermicro's behalf, announcing that three suppliers have picked up Supermicro's AMD-based gear. Long an Intel-only shop, Supermicro remains shy about its Opteron ambitions. So it took …
Ashlee Vance, 10 Oct 2005

AMD grows very own Opteron chipsets

Advanced Micro Devices has delivered its first server chipsets derived from its acquisition of ATI Technologies. The Fiorano platform that launches today will have three different chipsets, not the one pairing of the I/O hub and southbridge that we had been lead to expect when AMD sped up its Opteron chip roll out in April, just …

AMD readies second-generation quad-core Opteron

AMD will release 'Shanghai', an "enhanced" version of its recently demo'd 'Barcelona' quad-core Opteron processor family, early on in 2008, the chip maker revealed yesterday when it published a server roadmap that was also notable for the absence of FB-DIMM technology and, indeed, DDR 3. At least in public, AMD reckons DDR 2 …
Tony Smith, 15 Dec 2006

DRC unleashes Opteron super booster

One-time FPGA wunderkind DRC Computer has taken its sweet time bringing product to market. The start-up just this week released a proper production version of its Opteron-socket ready FGPA, although the hardware remains aimed at yesteryear's Opteron-based servers. We first wrote about DRC more than a year ago, touting its FPGA …
Ashlee Vance, 10 Jul 2007

AMD trims Opteron prices

AMD quietly cut the prices of its Opteron 1xx 64-bit server processor family yesterday - the company's third round of price adjustments in seven days. The latest cuts affect all but the top-most dual-core and single-core Opteron 1xx chips, the 180 and 152. All the rest, both single- and dual-core, saw their prices reduced by …
Tony Smith, 01 Nov 2005

Opteron darling Newisys lives!

Newisys, while much thinner, continues to march on, contrary to recent reports. Last month, the onetime Opteron server darling notified Texas regulators that it would fire 87 workers and endure a "plant closing." Now, however, Newisys officials say the "plant closing" language was a regulatory formality. The company isn't …
Ashlee Vance, 20 Jun 2007

Iran's nuke boffins prefer Opteron baby supers

So what technology does Iran's Aerospace Research Institute use to help it develop rockets that will presumably be used to give it the capability to launch nuclear weapons? Why, the same exact technology that boffins the world over have chosen to do their sometimes nefarious research, of course. Last December, according to a …

Fresh Xeon to rough up twittering Opteron

IDF Intel has given up on anything resembling restraint with its latest round of AMD bashing. During the Intel Developer Forum, executives pounded away on AMD's new four-core Opteron (Barcelona) chip. Intel plans to beat Barcelona on every benchmark with the release of its four-core Xeon (Harpertown) in the fourth quarter. And by " …
Ashlee Vance, 19 Sep 2007

Iwill readies 64GB two-way Opteron mobo

Taiwan's Iwill will next month ship an EDA/CAD-oriented workstation motherboard capable of supporting up to 64GB of memory. The DK88 is driven by twin AMD Opteron 2xx series processors. Each connects to a bank of eight DIMM slots designed to hold up to 32GB of ECC-enabled DDR SDRAM. The board sports a PCI Express x16 and x8 …
Tony Smith, 29 Jul 2005
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AMD unwraps faster Opteron 100, 800 CPUs

AMD rolled out two new Opteron processors, one each for its 100 and 800 series of chips. Both the Opteron 146 and 846 had been widely anticipated. The former is aimed at single-processor systems, the 846 for four- and eight-way machines. Both are clocked at 2GHz, like the Opteron 246 release a month or so back. The Opteron 200 …
Tony Smith, 09 Sep 2003

Penguin lays an Opteron low-ender

Penguin Computing has dished out its lowest-end Opteron box to date, billing the system as the no frills answer for high performance computing customers. The two-socket Altus 600 runs on 2000 Series Opteron chips from AMD and takes up just 1U of rack space. It boasts up to 64GB of memory, two SATA hard drives, an Nvidia nForce …
Ashlee Vance, 10 Jan 2007

AMD quad-core Opteron will support FB-DIMM

AMD's upcoming 'Barcelona' quad-core Opteron CPU will deliver just "a few percentage points of added performance here and there", a company official has admitted. Instead, many of the tweaks improve the design of the part's architecture, including FB-DIMM support. So claimed Ben Sander, speaking at the Fall Processor Forum in …
Tony Smith, 11 Oct 2006

Canonical adds ARM servers to Landscape control freak

Commercial Linux distributor Canonical is jumping out ahead of the pack again, and has updated its Landscape management tool for its Ubuntu Server distribution so it can manage instances of Linux running on ARM-based systems as well as the X86 iron it already supports. With Landscape support, Canonical is getting into position …

IBM pushes out Opteron-based servers

Big Blue will release three rack servers next month that will come loaded with AMD’s long-awaited quad-core processor. IBM’s x3455, a two-socket system with up to 48GB of memory, will retail at $1,809 in the US. It's intended for customers who use scientific, technical and financial apps. The next model in the series – x3655 – …
Kelly Fiveash, 28 May 2008

Sun NEBS Opteron box

Sun Microsystems has pumped out its first Opteron-based rack server aimed exclusively at the hardened telco crowd. The hardware maker today heralded the release of the Netra X4200 M2 system – a NEBS 3 version of the X4200 M2 server released last October. Give credit to Sun for keeping the naming simple. With the new Netra, you …
Ashlee Vance, 27 Mar 2007
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Tyan debuts dual-core Opteron server mobo

Taiwanese vendor Tyan today introduced its latest two-way AMD Opteron-based server mobo: the Thunder K8SE (S2892). The Thunder K8SE supports current Opteron 2xx series processors, and is ready for dual-core versions when they ship later this quarter, Tyan said. The CPUs are backed by Nvidia's nForce Pro 2200 chipset, which …
Tony Smith, 09 May 2005

Intel has four-core Opteron stuffer set for August

Exclusive Intel looks set to blunt AMD's August Barcelona processor release by handing customers a 2.0GHz version of its four-core Clovertown, The Register has learned. Just this morning, AMD announced that in August it will ship customers 1.9GHz low power and 2.0GHz standard editions of Barcelona - a four-core version of the Opteron …
Ashlee Vance, 29 Jun 2007

AMD pulls forward six-shooter Opteron cannon

AMD is picking up the pace for its six-core, Istanbul family of Opteron processors, saying it will ship the chips to paying customers in May with server OEM partners shipping in June. That brings the Istanbul chips ahead by several months and gives AMD a chance to leapfrog Intel in the two-socket server space, where Intel has …

Opteron beats 'Dempsey' Xeon in performance- per-Watt test

Intel's upcoming 65nm, dual-core Xeon DP processor, 'Dempsey', is fast, but its performance comes at the cost of some serious power consumption, a pre-production test using the chip giant's 'Bensley' platform has shown. The trial was conducted by website Anandtech, which immediately went off and ran the same benchmarks and …
Tony Smith, 16 Dec 2005

Bashful IBM takes orders for Opteron blade server

IBM's long-awaited Opteron-based blade server has quietly gone up for sale on the company's web site. Back when the dual-core Opteron chip shipped in April, IBM promised to deliver an Opteron blade sometime this quarter. It, however, has yet to formally announce the system to the public. But the secret is out after The Register …
Ashlee Vance, 06 May 2005

Sun races new Opteron and SPARC workstations

Sun Microsystems has jazzed up its workstation line with a pair of new systems - one for the Opteron set and another for the UltraSPARC hangers-on. Both the Ultra 40 (Opteron) and Ultra 45 (UltraSPARC IIIi) workstations ship as two-socket boxes. Sun says they're the best performers in its workstation line. Complementing the …
Ashlee Vance, 03 Feb 2006

Fujitsu turns green over Opteron workstation

AMD has done a bit of public relations dirty work on behalf of a partner by issuing a press release celebrating a new Opteron-based workstation from Fujitsu Siemens. The Celsius V830 runs on the dual-core Opteron - Models 275, 270 and 265. The usual workstation crowd of graphics freaks and engineers are expected to use the box …
Ashlee Vance, 30 Aug 2005
Die shot of the Opteron 6300

AMD revs Opterons up to 6300 for fat x86 servers

Customers using big ol' fat x86 servers didn't have much to jump for joy about this year. There just isn't a lot going on. But to make things interesting, AMD is now goosing the performance of its top-end parts with the launch of its "Abu Dhabi" Opteron 6300s, which sport the "Piledriver" cores that already debuted in the FX …

Euro AMD Opteron server demand slows

Sales of AMD Opteron-based servers in Europe appear to be slowing, market watcher Context warns. After tracking Opteron sales throughout Europe's seven biggest economies, Context today said that sales growth collapsed during the early month of Q4 2004. In Q3 2004, sales grew month on month by up to 50 per cent, but October …
Tony Smith, 13 Jan 2005

Prince Opteron unloads on AMD, Intel and the future of memory

Radio Reg Fred Weber had the look of a mad man. There he was at some chip conference in 2002, waving sticks of memory around and talking about a new age of server computing. Weber, then CTO at AMD, planned to unleash 64-bits on the x86 realm. Intel claimed this was a horrible idea. Weber's, er, unwavering - sorry - enthusiasm told a …
Ashlee Vance, 08 Feb 2008

AMD opens Opteron to all some

AMD has expanded its friends and family program in an obvious way by allowing partners to plug their CPUs, accelerators and other components directly into Opteron processor sockets. AMD's unveiling today of Torrenza 2 - aka the Torrenza Innovation Socket - builds on an existing deal that let third parties tap into the company's …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Sep 2006

Supermicro stuns with four-socket, 1U Opteron bad boy

Supermicro has crammed about as much processing power as possible into a 1U x86 box by delivering a four-socket Opteron-based system. Customers can purchase a the H8QC8+ quad server board that holds up to four of AMD's dual-core 800 Series chips and supports a 1GHz Hypertransport link. Samples of the system have already started …
Ashlee Vance, 11 Mar 2006

AMD's Opteron-oriented Socket F surfaces on web

AMD's Socket F processor interconnect has appeared on the web. Dutch-language site has the pictures, which reveal the 1207-pin - count 'em - socket in all its glory. Socket F is expected to debut in 2006 as the interconnect for future dual-core AMD Opteon 2xx and 8xx server processors, all with 'Pacifica' …
Tony Smith, 08 Nov 2005
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AMD unveils Opteron 246

AMD today introduced the Opteron 246, the latest iteration of its 64-bit CPU aimed at two-way workstations and servers. Thanks to a press release schedule accidentally emailed to all and sundry last month, the launch was anticipated. However, we note that AMD bumped the release back a day just to confuse all those who had been …
Tony Smith, 05 Aug 2003

IBM goes compute crazy with bladed Opteron cluster

IBM's on again, off again relationship with AMD's Opteron processor turned on again this week with word that servers using new dual-core versions of the chip will be placed in large, pre-built clusters. In July, IBM will include both single core and dual-core based Opteron servers in its Cluster 1350 system. Big Blue had …
Ashlee Vance, 15 Jun 2005
The Roadrunner supercomputer at Los Alamos

World's first petaflops super dumped on scrap heap

Roadrunner, the first supercomputer to break through the petaflops barrier and the first capability-class machine to demonstrate the viability of using specialized coprocessors in conjunction with processors, is having its plug pulled at Los Alamos National Laboratory. It's time to hack in and play Crysis while you still can. …
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DoD picks Opteron as weapon of mass simulation

HP has nailed down a major win for its still young line of Opteron-based servers, picking up a cluster contract from the US DoD (Department of Defense). The busy DoD staffers will set up a 1,024 processor system in Sept. at the Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC) Major Shared Resource Center (MSRC) based at Wright-Patterson Air …
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jul 2005

Cray places order for Opteron Helper

Cray has turned to a small start-up for possible help with its grand plan to win a multi-million dollar contract from the US government. Cray this week announced that it will use a specialized coprocessor from DRC to slot into its Opteron-based systems. The DRC product – an FPGA (field programmable gate array) module – will …
Ashlee Vance, 03 May 2006

AMD ups Opteron 1xx prices by up to 91%

AMD yesterday raised the prices of its Opteron 1xx series by up to 91.6 per cent, saying the hikes were justified by the addition of support for cheap unbuffered ECC memory to the chips. On Monday, after AMD had cut prices across a number of its processor families, including the Opteron 2xx and 8xx series, the Opteron 152 chip …
Tony Smith, 03 Aug 2005

Google boasts of app tuning prowess on 'warehouse scale clusters'

The hot-shot techies at Google are schooling IT shops once again, and this time the company is discussing some tuning and testing it has done to boost the performance of its applications running on multiprocessor servers with non-uniform memory access (NUMA) clustering to lash together two or four processors together into a …