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Wanna be a DevOps expert? You’ll have to be a Red Hat expert first…

Red Hat has thrown out a slew of new qualifications it promises will show your DevOps chops – at least when it comes to its technologies and those of a few chosen partners. The open source vendor has launched no less than five courses and exams covering: Developing Containerized Applications, OpenShift Enterprise …
Joe Fay, 06 Apr 2016

Ansible roadmap under Red Hat points towards Redmond

Ansible has celebrated its integration into Red Hat by outlining ambitious plans for integration into Windows environments. Opening Ansiblefest in London today, GM Todd Barr noted that Red Hat and Microsoft “are now friends”, something which he acknowledged many at the open source vendor had expected around the time Hell froze …
Joe Fay, 18 Feb 2016

Red Hat raises guidance after good Q2

Red Hat rode on the back of rising cloud subscriptons to turn in a good Q2. Revenues for the quarter ended 31 August, 2015 were up 13 per cent year to $504m ($445,9m) – and 21 per cent on a current currency basis. Net income was $51.8m ($6.8m) The open source vendor reports an annualised run-rate of $100m for its certified …
Drew Cullen, 22 Sep 2015

Interested in building 'community' Mr Corporation? Please swipe here

Feature Money isn’t new to open source. Capitalist pigs have always been quite at home amidst the unwashed developer masses, spinning up companies to capitalise on the success of JBoss, MySQL, and more. What’s different today is the lengths to which corporate interests go to feign “community". In the early days of open source, for …
Matt Asay, 31 Jul 2015
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How Pivotal cracked the one-billion-dollar code

Analysis For well over a decade companies have been trying to trade in open-source popularity for mountains of cash, and for well over a decade the vast majority of them have failed. Downloads, it would appear, aren’t readily convertible into dollars. This has left Red Hat the only billion-dollar open source vendor, a distinction no …
Matt Asay, 02 Feb 2015
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Why MongoDB? It's the developers, stupid

Open ... and Shut Increasingly the third standard within enterprises for databases, MongoDB, has been claiming a lot of victories lately. In relative terms, it has become the second-hottest skill to have on one's resume, right after HTML5, according to job trend data. And despite plenty of hating on its technology, with one person …
Matt Asay, 11 Jun 2012
The Register breaking news works on YET ANOTHER open-source push

TransferSummit Yet another government definition for the term "open standards" is incoming because the Home Office isn't satisfied with the current wording of its so-called Action Plan. The department's IT wonk Tariq Rashid confirmed at an open source forum in Oxford yesterday that the government had been "lobbying against" the current …
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Sep 2011
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The world wants cloud coders. Where are the cloud coders?

Open...and Shut Recent survey data from the Eclipse Foundation and elsewhere make it abundantly clear that cloud computing is top of mind for a majority of enterprises…and that no one really has a clue where to hire cloud developers. According to Dice (warning: PDF), demand for cloud-savvy job candidates spiked 221 percent in the last year, …
Matt Asay, 17 Jun 2011
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Data, not software, paves the road to riches

Open...and Shut For those who believe software is a quick road to riches, think again. As RedMonk analyst Stephen O'Grady detailed in his Open Source Business Conference keynote, the top 20 software companies are relatively low on Fortune 500's totem pole of revenue, and not a single one lands in the top 10. And of the top 20 companies on PwC' …
Matt Asay, 27 May 2011
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Half-a-billion users don't mean API payola

Open...and Shut Open source is a great way to drive adoption of one's software, but is a generally poor way to monetize that software. The more open one's code, after all, the less compelling the need to pay for it. Unfortunately for Twitter, Facebook, and other new-age, web service developers this same principle holds true for their open APIs …
Matt Asay, 01 Oct 2010

Zmanda hooks Tivoli cop into MySQL

Open source vendor Zmanda is adding hooks into its MySQL database backup software for shops using IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager to mastermind the policies. The company on Monday unfurled a new feature for Zmanda Recovery Manager called — get ready for some unwieldily precision here —Tivoli Storage Manager Option for Zmanda …
Austin Modine, 22 Feb 2010
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Red Hat mulls BI strategy as Oracle overlords close in on Java

Red Hat is looking to fill gaps in its increasingly burgeoning portfolio of software goodies by declaring it may soon get into the BI game. The company’s JBoss CTO Mark Little told journalists at a press event in London this morning that plans were afoot to develop software for that market. He would not be pushed, however, on …
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Jan 2010
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IBM and Microsoft renew Lotus tussle in the cloud

Lotusphere 2010 preview Microsoft bashing has always been a key function at IBM's annual Lotusphere conference which lands in Orlando, Florida, again next week. Funny how collaboration software will do that. In years past, executives have swing out massive statistics of how many “seats" Lotus Notes and Domino has gained or held against Exchange and …
Austin Modine, 15 Jan 2010

Alfresco ECM gilds IBM's Lotus suite

Open source vendor Alfresco Software is rolling its enterprise content management (ECM) system into IBM's Lotus collaboration products to serve as a stronger counterpoint to Microsoft Sharepoint and reach smaller-sized business customers. The company is also teaming with RightScale's software-as-a-service cloud management …
Austin Modine, 13 Jan 2010
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Red Hat enjoys fruit of recession

Red Hat is still looking to expand beyond its traditional market of tech-savvy companies into a more mainstream world nearly a year after the open source vendor first declared its intentions to woo conservative customers away from rivals Microsoft and Oracle. According to the company's EMEA boss, Werner Knoblich, who spoke to …
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Oct 2009
Redhat logo

Red Hat chief calls for open source missionary work

Summit Customers who remain only halfhearted open source converts aren't doing enough for Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst. At his opening keynote at the Red Hat Summit in Boston, Whitehurst said the company needs to start preaching to its customers to share their internally developed code with others. "The vast majority of software …
Austin Modine, 18 Jun 2008

Meet the world's premier open source vendor - Sun

Analysis Almost five years ago, Sun's then CEO Scott McNealy told me his company had little intention of entering the great database fray. "You know, we haven't decided that is a war we want to go fight," he said. "Why not let them all beat each others' brains in?". By laying down $1bn for MySQL, Sun fattened its arsenal and flashed …
Ashlee Vance, 16 Jan 2008

Is MySQL's Google's Trojan Horse for world domination?

Analysis Someone once said something about being careful what you wish for. This is more or less how we're feeling about Google's agreement to contribute code to database maker MySQL. As a close open source software watcher, we've been miffed by Google's interactions with the so-called community. Yeah, Google has its nerdtopia Summer …
Ashlee Vance, 02 Nov 2007

Microsoft vs. Google – the open source shame

Comment Somebody toss me a Che Guevara T-shirt. Google and Microsoft have gone to war over open source software. On Aug. 10, Redmond submitted the Microsoft Permissive License to the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Should the license be approved, Microsoft would receive the "open source" seal of approval that only the OSI – by self- …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Aug 2007

Free software darling SugarCRM blasts OSI

LinuxWorld Full of free software pride, SugarCRM CEO John Roberts has revitalized his attack against the Open Source Initiative (OSI) characterizing the organization as weak and confused. After being the open source community's whipping boy, SugarCRM now enjoys a position of power. Last month, the software maker agreed to place a fresh …
Ashlee Vance, 08 Aug 2007
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With SCA, reality bites J2EE again

Analysis With the announcement last week by IBM, BEA, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, IONA and others that they are collaborating to develop a language neutral programming model tuned to the needs of SOA initiatives, it looks like a little more lustre has rubbed off J2EE. But it also looks a little like something deeper could be going on: the …
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Liferay after Plumtree

Analysis Plumtree is being acquired by BEA. This raises two points. The first is the perennial question of integration that arises whenever a vendor buys another that has a directly competing offering: how will the two products be merged? How long will it take? Will they, in fact, be merged at all? If not, how long will the acquired …
Philip Howard, 18 Oct 2005
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McNealy: Microsoft needs Sun to beat IBM and Red Hat

Whatever pleasantries once existed between Sun Microsystems and Red Hat have vanished. This won't come as a shock to many of you. The companies have been jawing in the press for some time. The extent, however, of Sun's loathing for Red Hat is more profound than many imagine, with Sun's CEO Scott McNealy largely confirming a …
Ashlee Vance, 06 Oct 2004