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Qinling panda

Panda-peddlers cuffed for chess gambling gambit

Two Chinese virus writers jailed in 2007 for spreading the info-stealing Panda (Fujacks) malware have been nabbed again after setting up an illegal online gambling site on their release from prison. After getting out of the slammer, Zhang Shun and Li Jun decided to go straight and launch an online gaming company, however things …
Phil Muncaster, 17 Jun 2013
Prison window

Gambling addict IT boss gets 7 years' porridge for £19m swindle

An IT boss who defrauded his employer of close to £19m to help fund a crippling gambling addiction has been sent down for a seven-year prison stretch. Jonathan Revill pleaded guilty to four charges of fraud and one of transferring criminal property at Leeds Crown Court. The court heard that he had used his position at …
Jasper Hamill, 22 Aug 2013
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Norway gov mulls blocking online gambling

The Norwegian government this week indicated it is considering blocking the ISP addresses of companies that offer gambling online. This follows a survey, attributed to the Norsk Tipping state gambling monopoly, suggesting that tough measures to curb online gambling already taken by the Norwegian government had failed: far from …
Jane Fae , 24 Feb 2011

Australia bets on licences for offshore gambling websites

Australian policymakers may have gotten themselves in another technological tangle, this time over which mediums are fit for the purpose of gambling. The source of the brawl is a review of Australia’s Interactive Gambling Act commissioned by the sprawling Ministry of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. The …
Simon Sharwood, 31 May 2012
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Online gambling safe from EU regulation

The European Parliament has rejected calls for community-wide regulation of online gambling saying it is a job for individual countries. The Parliament accepted that online gambling: "is easier to access than traditional gambling, increases the risk of fraud, crime, gambling addiction, dangers to children and threats to the …
John Oates, 11 Mar 2009
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US shuts down Canadian gambling site with Verisign's help

The Department of Homeland Security has seized a domain name registered outside of the US, by individuals who are not American citizens, and who registered with a Canadian registrar. What is unique about this case is that the American authorities did not get the domain's registrar - a Canadian company - to pull the domain. …
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E-gambling tax will spark web bet shop exodus - report

Online gamblers could turn to unregulated markets if Government plans to tax betting operators on the basis of where bets are placed are introduced, a report commissioned by a leading betting operator has said. Placing a 10% 'point of consumption' (POC) tax rate on remote gambling could result in up to 27% of online consumer …
OUT-LAW.COM, 06 Jan 2012
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US lawmakers renew fight for legal online gambling

Lawmakers have renewed their efforts to legalize some forms of online gambling with a bill that would roll back a ban on internet betting that was passed in 2006, when Republicans controlled congress. The legislation was introduced earlier this month by US Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts. It would permit the …
Dan Goodin, 26 May 2009
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Feds seek $566m from man in online gambling case

Federal prosecutors have accused a Canadian man of laundering more than $350m for offshore internet gambling operations to skirt US laws prohibiting payments to American citizens trying to cash out their winnings. Douglas Rennick, 34, was charged with three felony counts related to the alleged scheme by the US Attorney's office …
Dan Goodin, 06 Aug 2009
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We buy online punters: Sportsbet

Illegal bookmakers have always relied on “referral marketing”, but it’s now emerged that recruitment commissions cost Australian online betting agency Sportsbet as much as $AU4 million each year. According to The Age, the online agency’s CEO Cormac Barry also conceded that new punters aren’t told about the commissions paid to …

'Why don't you buy from foreign sites?' asks Commish, snapping on the gloves

The European Commission is to probe the e-commerce sector to find out why people aren’t buying across borders. According to the Commish, despite half of all EU consumers shopping online, only around 15% of them bought from a seller based in another EU country. Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager suspects that: “It’s …
Jennifer Baker, 27 Mar 2015
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Congressman Frank slams online gambling ban

Congressman Barney Frank (D. Mass) is mooting a bill to repeal America's online gambling ban enacted last year. He told the FT yesterday that the ban of online gambling established by the Unlawful Enforcement Gambling Act (UIGEA) was one of the "stupidest laws" ever passed. A spokesman for Frank, who is chairman of the House …
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2007
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Mandelson tells US to change online gambling laws

EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson told the US it needs to change anti-gambling laws which discriminate against European companies. Mandelson, on a visit to Washington DC. said: "What we need to see is a change in US legislation that removes discrimination against EU operators. It's not in the interest of American consumers …
John Oates, 09 Nov 2007
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UK gov calls for online gambling summit

The British government is calling for an international summit to discuss the benefits and problems of online gambling. The UK government is one of the few to have taken an interest in collecting tax from online gambling sites - last year's Gambling Act is one of the few to cover "remote gambling". Tessa Jowell, culture …
John Oates, 16 Jan 2006

EU strengthens online shopper protection

The European Parliament has approved changes to a draft law aimed to strengthen protections for online shoppers who buy goods from other member states. The changes made by MEPs will now be pushed forward as the basis for agreement with all member states. It will cover all purchases whether made online, by phone, post or in a …
John Oates, 25 Mar 2011

US fails to reverse online gambling ban

Unwilling to allow foreign countries into the stateside internet gambling market, the US has struck a compensation deal with the European Union, Canada, and Japan. But, as The Associated Press reports, Uncle Sam is still discussing the issue with India, Antigua and Barbuda, Macau, and Costa Rica. Last October, the US Congress …
Cade Metz, 18 Dec 2007
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US restricts online gambling

The US House of Representatives has voted to stop US citizens gambling on the internet. Rather than go after the gambling and betting sites themselves, they have "followed the money". The law makes it illegal for any credit card company, or other institution, to allow payment to any betting site. The bill also updates the Wire …
John Oates, 12 Jul 2006
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Swedes look to join online gambling party

The ruling Moderate Party at its annual conference last week voted to abolish the Swedish government-run monopoly in gambling, Poker News reports. Breaking up government monopolies in booze, gambling and pharmaceuticals is an established plank of the Moderate Party's platform, so the move is not overly surprising, but the vote …
Burke Hansen, 06 Nov 2007
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Gambling boss gets three years

David Carruthers, the former chief executive of Betonsports, was sentenced to 33 months' prison time last week. Carruthers, a British citizen, was arrested in Dallas in 2006 while changing planes on his way to Costa Rica, where the business was based. His arrest pre-dated the passage of US laws to ban online gambling - tacked …
John Oates, 12 Jan 2010
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UK to regulate online gambling advertisers

Online gambling operators outside Europe will have to seek Government permission to advertise in the UK. The British government's reform of gambling law mandates the seeking of permission in an attempt to crack down on rogue operators. The gambling markets will be liberalised on 1st September and part of that process will be …
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Feb 2007
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US-EU online gambling haggle extended

The US now has until 14 December to come up with a trade compensation scheme for the blow its curbs on internet gambling have dealt EU firms. Politicos have effectively imposed a trade embargo that bans foreign firms from playing in the US's multibillion dollar gaming market. It has sent their stock tumbling. Talks between US …

Online gambling addict destroyed building firm

A junior accountant has confessed to stealing in excess of £1m from his employers in order to bankroll his spiraling gambling addiction. Bryan Benjafield, 23, stole a small fortune from construction industry firm Charminster of Dorchester, Dorset, between January 2004 and October 2005 while working in its payroll department. …
John Leyden, 10 Jul 2006
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Online gambling poised to pull $528bn

Internet gaming is now the fastest growing segment of internet commerce, according to a report from, an industry trade publication. Revenue in the sector is growing at a rate of 22 per cent per year. cited a Merrill Lynch study that concluded the global internet gaming market could reach – wait …
Burke Hansen, 12 Dec 2006
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New York online gambling racket goes postal

House of Cards America's online gambling purges continued at the state level today, as a major bust in the New York City area snared over 60 individuals, with more to come. According to, the gambling ring operated in conjunction with Costa Rican online service provider The arrest list is a veritable who's who …
Burke Hansen, 29 Mar 2007
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Minnesota calls for 200-site net gambling blockage

Minnesota officials have ordered 11 internet service providers to block all computers in the state from accessing nearly 200 online gambling sites. The state Department of Public Safety invoked a federal law passed in 1961 that requires "common carriers" to block telecommunications services used for gambling. As the Associated …
Dan Goodin, 29 Apr 2009
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EU launches online gambling restrictions probe

European Commission competition officials are crying foul over plans by some European states to restrict foreign sports betting and gambling services from operating in their countries. Brussels is considering legal action against protectionist barriers planned by France, Italy, and Austria that effectively ban foreign online …
John Leyden, 13 Oct 2006
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Quebec fights Mohawk Nation over online gambling jurisdiction

Cyber World Group, the owner of, in Canada this week pleaded guilty to charges of illegal gambling and agreed to a $2m fine. has made a name for itself through a variety of outlandish promotions, and the case is the first of its kind in Quebec. Cyber World operated the online casino from a …
Burke Hansen, 01 Dec 2007
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UK touts itself as online gambling haven

The UK will set itself up as an online gambling haven but will extradite executives to the US if asked, according to Sports Minister Richard Caborn. The US effectively banned online gambling with a new law earlier this year, and Caborn and Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell outlined plans to welcome internet gambling companies to …
OUT-LAW.COM, 03 Nov 2006
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WTO raps US over online gambling law

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ruled against the US in an online gambling dispute with the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda. The US is breaking international trade rules, it is expected to say. Though the ruling is still private, Reuters has reported that the WTO has found the US guilty of not complying with a …
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Feb 2007
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European online gambling party continues push eastward

Not to be left out of a potentially lucrative source of tax revenue, the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance last week submitted proposals to regulate and tax online betting, iGamingBusiness reports. Tired of watching potential tax dollars drain out of the national coffers, the former communist stalwart has decided to throw in the …
Burke Hansen, 27 Nov 2007
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Spooks scour gambling sites in terror finance probe

The security services are running 23 ongoing investigations into the exploitation of gambling websites to finance terrorism. The revelation shows the online gaming industry is still vulnerable, and a prime target for criminals and terrorists, even after being at the centre of the conviction of the man described as the "godfather …
Robert Blincoe, 05 Feb 2010
Google UK office logos

Stanford Uni: Google cash leaves us entirely impartial and unbiased

A court document drafted by a recipient of Google's generosity appears to show that the latter comes with strings attached, prohibiting university researchers from investigating its controversial data slurping practices. The donation went to the Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society, which drafted the filing. The part that …
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Sep 2014
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US online gambling ban may be illegal

The World Trade Organisation has ruled against US government restrictions on online gambling. Antigua and Barbuda said US restrictions on gambling were contrary to the general agreement on trade and services (GATS). Antigua, with a population of 68 000, handles a quarter of the worldwide online bets, according to Bloomberg. …
John Oates, 25 Mar 2004
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Amex prevents punters gambling online

Two major credit card companies have taken steps to prevent their punters from using their cards to gamble online. American Express and Citigroup took the decision to block the use of their cards because of concerns over fraud and fears that people might run up debts. The Financial Times reports that similar measures have been …
Tim Richardson, 18 Oct 2004
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Germany mulls online gambling ban

German states have postponed a decision on whether or not to ban online gambling. The federal states met today to discuss the plan to outlaw the activity in a move that could destabilise a Europe-wide plan to harmonise gambling. Online gambling was controversially banned in the US in September of this year when a bill was …
OUT-LAW.COM, 13 Dec 2006
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UK Gov woos online gambling firms

The government today began pimping Britannia out to online gambling firms. The Department for Culture Media and Sport is hosting a conference at Royal Ascot aimed at bagging a lovely slice of pork as the industry realises its days of Wild West tax dodging are behind it. Or, if you believe Tessa Jowell, it's all about protecting …
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China nabs 600 in online gambling raids

Police in China have arrested 600 people and seized CNY23m (£1.5m) as part of a countrywide crackdown on illegal online gambling. In all, some 220 people were detained in a series of raids on what state media sources are claiming to be a "clandestine internet-based gambling company". Police claim the Taiwan-based gambling …
Tim Richardson, 21 Jan 2005
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Yahoo! searches! abroad! for! online! gambling! riches!

House of Cards Yahoo! has officially joined the online gambling goldrush: its British version has begun offering poker games for cash. Just when American companies would make a move to tap the regulated European gaming market has been a topic of considerable speculation in the online gaming world for quite a while now, and in that respect …
Burke Hansen, 07 May 2007
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Online gambling law regs revealed

The US Treasury Department (DoT), in consultation with the Department of Justice, last week finally released proposed regulations for enforcement of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The UIGEA wreaked havoc on the internet gambling industry when it was passed last October, and the proposed regulations are …
Burke Hansen, 09 Oct 2007
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Papua New Guinea reaches for the online gambling ring

House of Cards An island nation more famous for ritualized cannibalism than for internet commerce has tossed its ceremonial headgear into the online gambling ring, after its parliament approved a bill legalizing both "bricks and mortar" and internet-based casino offerings by a 61-0 vote last week. The legislation, titled the "Gaming Control …
Burke Hansen, 07 May 2007

Apple flushes poker apps after prod from Australia

In 2001 Australia passed the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, a law the then-conservative government created in a “won't somebody think of the children” knee-jerk reaction to worries about the possible effects of the early-ish internet. The law banned online gambling services in Australia and, in what was seen at the time as a …
Simon Sharwood, 17 Jul 2013
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EU Commissioner warns US on gambling ban

The European Union's internal market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy yesterday accused the US government of protectionism in the way it is dealing with online gambling. According to the Financial Times, McCreevy said: "In my view it is probably a restrictive practice and we might take it up in another forum." He said the case …
John Oates, 31 Jan 2007
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China hits net gambling hard

More than 1,300 people have been detained in Shanghai after Chinese authorities continued to clampdown on internet gambling. Two of those arrested on Tuesday were on a national list of "most wanted" and collared in connection with running online gambling services. Net cafes, night-clubs and homes were raided as part of the …
Tim Richardson, 19 May 2005
EU flag

EU investigates DOJ internet gambling tactics

The European Union launched an investigation today into discriminatory trade practices by the United States in the internet gambling industry, according to a press release from the European Commission. The move could pave the way for a formal complaint with the World Trade Organization. "The U.S. has the right to address …
Burke Hansen, 11 Mar 2008
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Congress still afraid to define 'internet gambling'

The intellectual haze that envelopes American internet gambling policy thickened the past week, as lawmakers failed to define what exactly constitutes "unlawful" internet gambling. As absurd as it sounds, two years after the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), Congress still can’t make up its …
Burke Hansen, 01 Jul 2008
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EU online gambling firms demand $100 bil in WTO dispute

The long-running, occasionally tragicomic trade dispute between America and tiny Antigua at the WTO over the cross-border provision of gambling services has sputtered into the settlement phase, according to CasinoGamblingWeb. Although Antigua has roundly defeated its lumbering, puritanical northern neighbor at every step of the …
Burke Hansen, 26 Sep 2007
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WTO rules in online gambling dispute

US gamblers should be allowed to splash their money around in the Caribbean’s online casinos, the World Trade Organization has decided. Back in November, 2004, a three-person WTO panel decided that US federal and state laws breached the general agreement on trade and services (GATS). This did not go down too well with the US - …
Joe Fay, 08 Apr 2005
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Norway apes American gambling folly

Norway's Minister of Culture and Church affairs has decided that the future of online gambling is American-style ineffectual regulatory madness, according to iGamingBusiness, among others. Minister Trond Giske had initially intended to adopt a full-fledged version of the much-derided American legislation but, perhaps due to …
Burke Hansen, 29 Nov 2007
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EU watchdogs probe German and Swedish gambling blockades

German and Sweden are to be hauled over the coals by EU competition regulators for stopping online gaming firms entering their markets. New laws that came into force in Germany this month ban online gambling. The European commission is investigating whether the legislation contravenes EU law on free access to markets. EU …
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Internet gambling mogul surrenders $300m in guilty plea

An internet tycoon who made billions of dollars building an online gambling empire has agreed to forfeit $300m after pleading guilty to violating the US Wire Act. Anurag Dikshit, co-founder of Gibraltar-based PartyGaming, entered the plea Tuesday in US District Court in Manhattan. A lawyer for Dikshit told US District Judge Jed …
Dan Goodin, 17 Dec 2008