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On-demand streamed music services compared

On-demand streamed music services compared

Feature As Microsoft Xbox Music upon the masses this week, streaming over 30 million songs to groovetastic gamers and Windows PC users, we decided to see how it stacks up against the competition. The market is awash with Spotify-style streaming services, which vary in catalogue numbers, mobile support, pricing and their respective …
Caleb Cox, 18 Oct 2012
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BBC dishes out fanboi-only telly downloads ahead of ITV plans

The BBC's mobile iPlayer app will now let users download content for watching later – provided they have an Apple device of course. Sonic Screwdriver - Doctor Who Lucky fanbois can nab last night's episode of EastEnders or the latest Doctor Who for perusal at their leisure for up to 30 days, though once they've started …
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Sky has lots in Store for Anytime+

Sky has veered away from the Box Office setup, integrating it into a new Sky Store within the company's video on-demand service, Anytime+. The number of titles available has increased with Anytime+ customers now able to choose from over 1000 pay-per-view movies, from new blockbusters to 99p classics. Sky Store Those with a …
Caleb Cox, 8 Mar 2012

HMV plays catch up with video on-demand service

HMV has modernised its content delivery efforts, launching a video-on-demand rental service for PC and Mac. HMV On-Demand is nothing special, offering standard rental prices of £3.99 for new films, with a 24p discount for older titles. There's a lot to choose from, though, with content from all major film studios and 30 …
Caleb Cox, 24 Nov 2011
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Amazon may plug in-book advertising into Kindle

Amazon may embed advertising in e-books for the Kindle as well as paperbacks sold through its on-demand book publishing service. A pair of US patent applications point to the online retailer's vision of plugging modern tat through classic lit with advertisements custom-tailored to the content. The patents are titled "On- …
Austin Modine, 6 Jul 2009

SAP hits on-demand button

SAP, in a spectacular U-turn, has leapt on board the software-as-a-service bandwagon - the company confirmed its new selling strategy yesterday. The German software giant, which was speaking at an On-Demand conference in Amsterdam on Wednesday, said it will launch SaaS functionality add-ons for its existing Business Suite ERP …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Jun 2009

Wiinoma: TV for your Wii

Gamers growing tired of the Wii’s videogame selection will soon be able to shun gaming altogether, because more details about Nintendo’s upcoming Wii TV service have emerged. Rumoured to be called Wiinoma, according to a report by The Times, the free and on-demand service will allow Wii owners to access TV programmes through …
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Sony signs on for made-to-order DVD service

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is to use HP's DVD manufacturing-on-demand service to release DVDs that would otherwise not see the light of day. Customers will be able to order certain Sony DVDs through retailers, who can in turn order only the quantity they need rather than bulk purchasing ahead of time, as is the usual way …
Austin Modine, 25 Jan 2008

ITV extends Local on-demand service

ITV Local is now open for business in London and Central, after a year of trials in the Meridian region. The online service offers local news, documentaries and films, bulked out with the inevitable user-generated content. Being able to call up the last episode of London, Central and Meridian Tonight (or Today) is the biggest …
Bill Ray, 7 Mar 2007

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