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Is EMC developing storage super-stack?

Comment The future of EMC's VNX line, currently a work in progress, is presaged by this week's launch of the VNXe - a more integrated system with a new operating system, VNOX, and very much simpler set up, provisioning, management and support facilities than the CLARiiON and Celerra source technologies. A key background idea here is …
Chris Mellor, 20 Jan 2011

Alacritech wakes up from coma with speedy network file access

Boucher is back. Alacritech, a TCP/IP acceleration technology licence fee stream company, has returned to building products with an appliance-accelerating access to network-attached storage (NAS) filers and 'aving a go at Avere. Alacritech was started up in 1997 by Larry Boucher, who is still its CEO. Boucher also founded …
Chris Mellor, 11 Jan 2011
Forza 4

Forza 4

Review Driving simulators - you either get them or you don't. For those of you who can't tell your carburettors from your crankshafts, there's perhaps little chance that anything written here will convince you to invest. Shame, because Forza 4 is perhaps the most accessible driving sim yet designed. It has the depth demanded by the …
Mike Plant, 14 Oct 2011
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Coders are creatives too: Where's our love?...

Opinion Developers conjure something from nothing, all day, every day; to my mind this is creation in its purest sense. Okay, we’re not knocking up a universe in seven days or putting the final touches to The Scream – although it may often feel like that – but building order, fun, even beauty, from a tapestry of ones and noughts is …
Frank Fisher, 22 Nov 2011
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Any aaSes in your organisation?

Cloud. It's more than renaming the old stuff isn't it? It's a way of working in which you don't really want to know anything about the nuts and bolts. You just want it to work and deliver the service you've signed up for. In other words, it's a black box with a service agreement stuck on it and, with a bit of luck, a bunch of …
David Tebbutt, 16 Dec 2008

Suppliers fall over themselves to support Exchange 2010

Microsoft has shot Exchange Server 2010 worldwide spurring storage suppliers to instantly announce their support for the application. Exchange 2010 offers new features such as e-mail archiving, to help prevent inbox overload, while gaining admin improvements and more flexible deployment options. It has much improved I/O, partly …
Chris Mellor, 11 Nov 2009

Will Seagate build a flash SSD foundry?

The ebullient Seagate CEO Bill Watkins has made it clear that Seagate thinks flash solid state drives (SSDs) are interesting and Seagate will sell them - but not yet. When Seagate does sell a Seagate-brand SSD how will it make it? Will there be a Seagate flash foundry? A customer buys a hard disk drive (HDD) array from an OEM or …
Chris Mellor, 29 May 2008
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Tips from the top: cracking Christmas and New-Year books

Looking for that last-minute stocking filler? Expecting a book token of some kind during the next few days? Or do you just want to hide behind something impenetrable as the relatives descend for the Christmas holidays? What luck! The Reg has asked a bunch of experts spanning Java, .NET, security and agile what they’d been …
John K Waters, 24 Dec 2008
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ISS toilet sucks again

The International Space Station's troublesome toilet is now sucking like a good 'un after Oleg Kononenko yesterday fitted the new pump delivered by Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-124. The Russian ASU (Ассенизационно-Санитарная Установка, or "Waste Management System") clapped out last month, prompting a certain amount of …
Lester Haines, 05 Jun 2008

PC World in non-misleading TV ad shocker

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has rejected complaints against a PC World laptop advert which claimed the technology on offer was "pretty much future-proof". Gripers posited there's no such thing as a "future-proof" laptop, because hardware and software are being constantly updated. The ASA gave PC World the benefit …
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PARIS pumps up a Mk 2 release mechanism

Followers of our Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) project will be aware that our first attempt to put together a pressure-operated Vulture 1 release mechanism didn't exactly go according to plan. For those of you who're not up to speed on this vital mission component, we should explain that it's the device which will, …
Lester Haines, 03 Aug 2010

Revamp the network to cope with explosion in mobile kit

Expert Clinic Three experts; three different views; that's what you get when the three look at the impact of the substantial rise in the number of mobile devices accessing the network. All these devices send traffic across the network and much if it hits servers and causes storage transactions. Ethernet set up as a fabric can help here. But …
Chris Mellor, 13 Oct 2011
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Microsoft cloud to get 'full' SQL Server soon?

Next month, after a long silence, Microsoft will reveal what relational features from SQL Server have gone into its Azure cloud. Or so it seems. Microsoft's SQL Data Services (SDS) development manager Nigel Ellis has promised attendees at next month's Mix 09 will see "a great session about SQL Data Services, including how the …
Gavin Clarke, 27 Feb 2009
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US commission urges broadband socialism

Comment A long-awaited US report studying access to online information was released Friday. One of its recommendations is that the government radically step up its efforts to ensure broadband access to all. The report, Informing Communities: Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age, was developed in a partnership of the John S. and James …
Rik Myslewski, 02 Oct 2009
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Virtual Instruments gets hooks into SANs

Virtual Instruments (VI) reckons it has the broadest and deepest way to monitor and manage end-to-end SAN traffic, from the application in a virtual machine right down to Fibre Channel cable into an array. It's announced VirtualWisdom 2.0 and says the product is all about optimising virtual infrastructures and enabling the …
Chris Mellor, 24 Jun 2010
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Intel takes out $1.25bn insurance policy

Intel's take on today's settlement of its multiple legal entanglements with rival AMD is simple: we didn't do anything wrong, we're not going to change, and we think $1.25bn is a reasonable amount to spend to avoid trial - and, possibly, to guard against even more-serious legal challenges. Or, as Intel executive vice president …
Rik Myslewski, 12 Nov 2009
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Apple without Jobs: Who's next?

Analysis Steve Jobs has stepped away from his daily duties as Apple CEO, and by doing so, the famously-private tech kingpin has ignited rumors and speculation about his future with the company – and of the company's future without him. Jobs' just-announced medical leave of absence is his third. The first began when he revealed in August …
Rik Myslewski, 18 Jan 2011
Viewsonic VMP74

Viewsonic VMP74 1080p media player

Review For most of this century, I've evangelised home movie set-ups that put a lightweight, probably Linux-based player in the living room, leaving your multimedia libraries on a server at the other end of your network. Viewsonic VMP74 Viewsonic's VMP74: compact casing - but what a lot of codecs it contains My favorite player has …
Chris Bidmead, 14 May 2010
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Microsoft swoops into schools to teach P2P morality

Teenage intellectual property (IP) law swotters are less likely to illegally download music and film files from the internet than their clueless counterparts, Microsoft claimed yesterday. Redmond is now looking to bring the rest of the kids up to speed by pushing its own IP curriculum in schools. The software giant reckoned …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Feb 2008
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Self-replicating machine replicates

Next month will see a new version of the self-replicating RepRap machine, but owners of the existing model won't need to buy a replacement - they'll just be able to just print themselves an upgraded version. RepRap was developed by a team led by Adrian Bowyer from Bath University, who makes rather audacious claims for his baby. …
Bill Ray, 24 Apr 2009
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Iron Mountain lands ICANN data escrow agreement

Iron Mountain announced today that it has begun providing long-awaited data escrow services to ICANN and its panoply of approved registrars. Ever since the RegisterFly debacle exposed ICANN’s failure to account properly for the data escrow requirements of its Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), data escrow has been at or …
Burke Hansen, 29 Nov 2007
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Oracle names self virtualization king

If Oracle and Sun Microsystems have anything in common - and as the poster children for Silicon Valley's IT upstarts, they have much in common - it is that they are not afraid to say they have the best technology and no one can touch them. That, in a nutshell, was what Oracle's top techies spent hours trying to convince the …

Azure new future for Microsoft's Muglia

Bob Muglia's New-Year ascension from "vice" to full "president" of Microsoft's server and tools business is an important milestone in the company's online transition. Muglia will continue doing what he's been doing for the last few years: driving growth in Microsoft's seemingly ever expanding server and tools business. Server …
Gavin Clarke, 07 Jan 2009
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Dell chases Sparc shops with migration offer

Server makers have been picking on the Sparc/Solaris base for so long that it seems normal. But with faith in Sun Microsystems being shaken after it rejected a takeover bid by rival IBM two weekends ago, and with Sun announcing its own "Nehalem EP" Xeon 5500 servers today, Dell decided that this was a particularly good time to …
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Virgin Mobile goes to China

Virgin Mobile is in talks with several Chinese mobile operators about starting operations in the country. Richard Branson's mobile arm works with carriers as a Virtual Mobile Operator - it provides the marketing magic while someone else deals with the nuts and bolts. In the UK it uses T-mobile's network. Kong Branson told …
John Oates, 08 Dec 2004
Sony Vaio M-Series

Sony Vaio M Atom 2.0 netbook

Review The new Vaio M is the first Sony netbook to be pitched at the increasingly common £300 price point and it is also the first to use the now equally common 1024 x 600 resolution screen. This display choice suggests that – after the highly desirable but horrendously expensive P Series and the cheaper but still unpopular hi-rez W …
Alun Taylor, 20 Apr 2010
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Peruvians to enjoy Windows in Quechua

The estimated three million Peruvian speakers of Quechua will soon be enjoying Microsoft products in their native tongue, according to a report (in Spanish) on MS Peru and the Peruvian Ministry of Education have inked a deal to develop Windows products in the ancient language of the Incas. The programmes will be …
Lester Haines, 16 Nov 2004
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IBM flaunts green credentials

As part of its sustained PR campaign to persuade the IT industry that it is greener than David Cameron, IBM invited a bunch of tech journalists to see its new, tree-loving data centre at its London HQ this week. A quick recap: earlier this month, IBM announced that it was going to spend a billion dollars to double its own data …
Lucy Sherriff, 25 May 2007
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Migrating EJB 2.1 Entity and Session Beans to EJB 3.0

In this tutorial, migration of EJB 2.1 specification EJBs to EJB 3.0 specification is discussed. EJB 3.0 Session and Entity beans require JDK 5.0 as metadata annotations are used in the specification. The EJB 2.1 specification is implemented in the javax.ejb package classes and interfaces. A session bean is required to …
Deepak Vohra, 25 Apr 2006
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Microsoft moves Macs closer to PC parity

Macworld Expo Microsoft has announced two products designed to provide users of Office 2008 for Mac with improved access to existing server-based Microsoft services. The first of the two, Microsoft Entourage for Exchange Web Services, will be a free upgrade to Entourage 2008 for Mac that will enable that email, contacts, and calendaring …
Rik Myslewski, 06 Jan 2009
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Ebbers guilty on all counts

WorldCon founder Bernard Ebbers has been found guilty on all charges related to the massive accounting fraud that brought the telecomms giant to its knees, the Associated Press reports. Following eight days of deliberation, a Manhattan federal jury returned guilty verdicts on charges of conspiracy, securities fraud, and seven …
Thomas C Greene, 15 Mar 2005
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UK faces fertility law shake-up

The UK's fertility laws face a major shake-up in the face of experts' demands that the regulations need to keep pace with scientific advances. Among the issues up for review are embryo screening, the creation of "designer" babies aimed at treating sick siblings and how exactly to deal with embryos left in limbo when couples …
Lester Haines, 16 Aug 2005
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EU data ruling slaps filesharers with red herring

Analysis Internet users in the UK can safely ignore this week's EU Courts of Justice ruling on data protection for filesharing: it's already irrelevant. On top of that, the judgement covers an ISP belief system that's being rapidly eroded by governments and rights holders behind closed doors. Neither fact has stopped the judgement being …
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Merced… kinda dead? Or kinder dead?

Some intriguing reports are trickling our way about the progress of the Intel Merced project and so we thought it worth our while to revisit the subject, once more. It's hard for us to firm up the story that nine months ago, Intel CEO Craig Barrett carpeted Dr Albert Yu and got very irritated at the progress of the processor. We …
Mike Magee, 28 Jun 1999
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Trend Micro's CEO says 'AV industry sucks'

Interview Trend Micro’s CEO threw down the gauntlet to her competitors last week, proclaiming that hackers are ahead of the game and that the anti-virus industry “sucks”. Chief exec Eva Chen, who co-founded the Tokyo, Japan headquartered-firm in 1988 with Steve Chang, announced last Wednesday a radical shift in business strategy for …
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Jun 2008
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Micro-ISV: From vision to reality

Book review Every developer working for an employer dreams, at one time or another, about striking out alone. Whether it's a dream of starting up the next Microsoft, or simply the chance to create the perfect widget, it's a common enough fantasy for those working for someone else. And, like all such dreams, there are a few souls brave …
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Fines all round! EU blames everybody for illegal employment

As Bismark didn't quite point out, both sausages and laws are desirable and necessary things (mmm, sausages!), but you don't particularly want to be there when they're made. Recent experience inside the Brussels saucisson factory rather brought this home to me. To set the scene: they're trying to get EU-wide laws covering …
Tim Worstall, 23 Sep 2008
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Vista first look: Bugs and confusion

Review The most prominent feature of Windows Vista is its cost. So, before we get into the nuts and bolts of how it behaves, let's talk about value for money. Because at these prices, it had better be good. The stand-alone version of Vista Ultimate retails for €600, or $780 here in Ireland. is selling this $780 version to …
Thomas C Greene, 14 Feb 2007
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Framework Design Guidelines

Book review While Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms and Patterns for Reusable.NET Libraries hardly rolls off the tongue, it has the obvious virtue of faithfully describing the contents. And while the subject of coding and design guidelines might not get the juices running in the same way as a tome on the latest scripting …
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Asus A7V clip troubles sorted

Insane Hardware gets its mitts on the Asus A7V mainboard, and sets about extolling its virtues. Read more here. The A7V is also up for discussion at Tweaktown. Now this lot don't want to be seen to be slating the board, which they seem quite fond of, but they would like to point out that the Antipodes have been getting boards …
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Aug 2000
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Scots Parliament opening to be Webcast by MSN

MSN is going to host the Webcast of the opening of the Scottish Parliament live on 1 July on the new assembly's Web site. Microsoft is understandably proud of this achievement. With all the rumblings in Scotland about the cost of the Parliament, it is indeed a monumental feat to extract yet more money from the Scots to finance …
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Jun 1999
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Understanding Enterprise SOA

Book review Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) are where the big money is these days, with all of the major vendors tripping over themselves to prove just how service oriented they can make you if you hand over huge bundles of corporate cash. In fact in the race to win the bullshit bingo it’s hard to know what gets you the most points …
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Whoops – Dell suggests Win2k ship date slips into next year

Microsoft's top hardware buddies at Dell have unexpectedly supplied evidence that Windows 2000 might not ship until February - at the earliest. We noted last week that Bill Gates (speaking to a Dell audience) might have been suggesting more delays, and we also had a tip tip that the big launch would be in January, but Dell's …
John Lettice, 01 Sep 1999
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Allchin quizzed on ‘secret’ MS protocols and APIs

In court yesterday Microsoft VP Jim Allchin defended the security exception to disclosure in the proposed Microsoft-DoJ settlement, which is derided by opponents as "security by obscurity," but under cross-examination by States' attorney Kevin Hodges he went some way toward defining the protocols and APIs that Microsoft would …
John Lettice, 08 May 2002
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Wikipedia founder 'shot by friend of Siegenthaler'

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has been shot dead, according to Wikipedia, the online, up-to-the-minute encyclopedia. Apparently, the assassin was a "friend" of the victim of a recent controversy which ironically, smeared former Robert F Kennedy aid John Seigenthaler as a suspect in the assassination of both Kennedy brothers. …
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Dec 2005
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Reuters to put its core business on the Internet

Pinch us. Reuters stock has been climbing since yesterday when, according to a Reuters report, so it must be true, it announced a £500 million plan to shift its core business to the Internet. This sort of announcement, by anybody, usually does have a happy effect on the stock price, but depending on what you reckon Reuters' core …
John Lettice, 09 Feb 2000
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L&H subpoeanead by SEC

Speech and language specialist Lernout & Hauspie has been subpoeanaed by the SEC because the agency wishes to investigate its previous years' accounts. Such an action is more serious than a previous action by the SEC concerning how research in progress was accounted for - a move that the SEC also made against a considerable …
Graham Lea, 22 Sep 2000
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Infinium puts ex-Xbox exec in charge

Analysis Kevin Bacchus, one of the team of four who founded Microsoft's Xbox division, has become CEO of Infinium Labs, the company developing the Phantom console and games service. No, don't laugh. It could actually be happening this time. Indeed, according to Tim Roberts, Infinium's founder and former CEO - he's staying on the board …
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2005
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HP's Hurd lets us pretend Compaq never happened

HP's board hired Mark Hurd as the company's new CEO for three main reasons - he's duller than Carly Fiorina, he's supposed to have more operational expertise than Fiorina, and he's not at all associated with the Compaq acquisition Fiorina engineered. Hiring reason number three stands out after Hurd today held his first press …
Ashlee Vance, 30 Mar 2005

Sony Ericsson Walkman W380i budget music phone

Review Having revamped its high-end Walkman line-up with the W890i and the W960i, now it’s budget music mobile buyers' turn to get a fresh deal, with the W380i clamshell. But are its smart design and novel features enough to give it pocket pulling power? On the scale of music phones, the W380i may be less ‘iPhone killer’ more ‘ …
Phil Lattimore, 10 Apr 2008