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BT to win Norfolk broadband contract - if Europe gives the nod

BT has been chosen by Norfolk County Council as the preferred bidder for a £39.3m contract to run fibre-optic broadband out to the sticks. However, the agreement between the national telco and Norfolk won't be sealed until later this year, and is subject to Europe's approval: the European Commission stalled the deal to …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Sep 2012

Norfolk lobs out top council gigs on Twitter

Norfolk county council has started publishing all of its contract tenders on Twitter. The council, which believes it is one of the first councils in the country to tweet tender opportunities, has taken to the microblogging site in effort to make it easier for local businesses to bid for council contracts. The @NCCContracts …
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Child abuse files stolen from council worker in PUB - £100k fine

The UK's data protection watchdog has fined two English council bodies a total of £180,000 after finding they had failed to keep "highly sensitive information" about children secure. Croydon Council was fined £100,000 after a bag containing papers about a child sex abuse court case was stolen from a social worker in a pub in …
OUT-LAW.COM, 15 Feb 2012
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Ecclesiastical judge tells church: Let there be Wi-Fi

Messages to Norfolk's churches won't just be heaven sent in future, they'll also be wireless broadband signals after a judge ruled against objectors' Wi-Fi health fears. The Wispire project, a plan to attach Wi-Fi kit to churches to provide wireless broadband, sent radiation-fearing objectors running to a consistory court to …
vulture tv reporter

Rogue toilet takes out Norfolk server

The IT support chaps and chapesses among you doubtless have a few entertaining war stories regarding preposterous causes of system outages, and we'd like to offer you this fine Friday the tale of the cantankerous crapper and the company server. Reader Stuart Drabble wrote to explain that in his almost 15 years of IT support, …
Lester Haines, 23 Sep 2011
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Rural areas win broadband upgrade, but some miss out

The government has divvied up £50m of its £530m rural broadband cash to councils in Wiltshire, Norfolk and Devon and Somerset, in its final wave of pilots. The culture secretary Jeremy Hunt confirmed this morning that each area would receive "multi-million pound" funding. He said that those local authorities bagged the money …
Kelly Fiveash, 27 May 2011
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Bloke drives with knees while manipulating two mobes

A Norfolk man is potentially facing "six points on his licence and thousands of pounds in fines" after cops nabbed him allegedly driving with his knees while manipulating two mobile phones. The unnamed 34-year-old driver was clocked earlier this month on a 70mph stretch of the A47 near Norwich during a two-week clampdown on …
Lester Haines, 27 May 2011
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Google not normal for Norfolk

Good news for Microsoft's Bing today - Google does not have the whole search market sewn up and nor is it easy to use. At least one English county is apparently unable to fathom its mysteries. Somewhere in Norfolk an extremely dull argument is raging over Liz Truss - a potential Tory candidate for a safe seat - and whether she …
John Oates, 3 Nov 2009
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Suffolk braces for 300mph winds

Those of you living in the Suffolk badlands around the IP20 postcode had better batten down the hatches, nail down your livestock and retreat to your tornado bunkers because tomorrow promises to be a tad windy, according to Metcheck: Metcheck weather forecast for tomorrow showing -300 degree temperatures Mercifully, you won …
Lester Haines, 21 Jan 2009

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