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Building IoT London

Building IoT: First keynote speaker announced

Building IoT We're chuffed to announce that IoT luminary and self-confessed data nerd Yodit Stanton will be joining us at Building IoT next March as a keynote speaker. Yodit is founder and CEO of, the realtime data exchange which provides data infrastructure for the Internet of Things, enabling anyone to publish realtime …
Team Register, 17 Nov 2016

Contain yourself – StorageOS is coming

DockerCon StorageOS is a UK-based startup offering simple and automated block storage to stateless containers, giving them state and the means to run databases and other applications that need enterprise-class storage functionality without the concomitant complexity, rigidity and cost. It runs as a container in a Linux system and …
Chris Mellor, 20 Jun 2016

Google risks everything if it doesn’t grab Android round the throat

Google is getting serious about building its own handsets after the failure of OEMs to update Android. So says former Nomura (now independent) analyst Richard Windsor, who thinks Google-as-an-OEM has already started. “I think that Google may start building handsets itself and my initial research indicates that a hardware team …
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Mar 2016
Vmware cloud logo

VMware's growth plans are ripening nicely

VMware's posted another set of good-looking numbers, with the company's first quarter results for 2015 exceeding expectations. The company hauled US$1.51bn through the door in the year's first three months and produced non-GAAP net income of $196m. The first number is an 11 per cent improvement on 2014's first quarter, but …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Apr 2015

Wall St wolves tear chunk off Microsoft: There goes $30bn!

The morning after Microsoft published its second quarter figures, its share price tumbled 10 per cent as markets opened in New York – wiping $30bn off its value. Never mind the 3D goggles announced a few days before: a brace of Wall St analysts have cut their estimates and ratings for the software giant. The Street has talked …
Gavin Clarke, 27 Jan 2015
Vodafone UK booster brolly

Vodafone: Soz investors, we wrote down £6.6 BEELLION on Euro ops

+Analysis Vodafone’s disappointing results pulled down the share price today after it announced a whopping £6.6bn writedown of its Europe operations. The impairment charges – which resulted in a group revenue slippage of 1.9 per cent from £43.8bn to £43.6bn – were due to competition and regulatory changes in Europe, said the telco. We …
Simon Rockman, 20 May 2014
management regulation1

Banks slap Olympus with £160 MEEELLION lawsuit

Just when it thought the dark days were behind it, camera purveyor Olympus has been slapped with a ¥28 billion (£160m) lawsuit from six trust banks over a long running accounting scandal. In a brief note on the company’s website, Olympus said it had received notice from the banks’ lawyers that they are seeking ¥27.9bn in …
Phil Muncaster, 10 Apr 2014
Ballmer Winodws 8 launch

Microsoft's next CEO: Who it WON'T be – Ford turn-around chief Mulally

Microsoft’s next CEO won’t be Ford Motor Company's turn-around star Alan Mulally. Mulally is said to have ruled himself out of contention for succeeding Steve Ballmer, halting the rumour mill spun up by journalists and those on Wall Street. Ford’s chief told the Associated Press he would remain at Ford for at least this year …
Gavin Clarke, 08 Jan 2014
Night scene of bank station in central london

What did the Lehman Brothers implosion look like to a techie?

I was at Lehman Brothers (AKA "Lehman's", or "The Brothers", spoken in a slightly menacing US-Italian accent) from January 1996 to June 2008, bar a three year gap in the middle for dotcom japes. I was an IT contractor/consultant with several groups in the Fixed Income division, including Credit, which dealt with the infamous …

Android 'splits' into the Good and the lovechild of Bad and Ugly

Android was everywhere at Mobile World Congress last week - there seems to be no stopping Google's mobile operating system that's now almost as ubiquitous as a colour display. But the success hides the platform's problems, insists one analyst. Former Nomura analyst Richard Windsor paints a picture of increasing fragmentation …
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Mar 2013
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Sony: Can't beat Apple and Samsung, so let's be the Other Guy

Sony's head of mobile has said today that the company is aiming to be the third most loved smartphone maker over rivals like Huawei, ZTE and Motorola. The Japanese firm has no illusions of being able to knock Apple or Samsung out of the top two spots, but it's hoping to at least get onto the podium for a bronze medal, Kunimasa …

What can save the Xmas PC market? Not Windows 8, say analysts

Analysts are lining up to denounce Microsoft's latest OS, claiming Windows 8 has been slow out of the blocks. The NPD Group estimates that in the four weeks since Microsoft coughed the software it was on 58 per cent of devices sold - compared to the 83 per cent achieved by Windows 7 after its launch. Stephen Baker, veep at …
Paul Kunert, 29 Nov 2012

Big layoff (singular) at Oracle on Thursday

The rumors are going around that someone high up in the organization was going to get the axe at software giant and systems playa Oracle when the company reports its financial results for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012 on Thursday. According to a report written by JMP Securities, and published in Murdoch Wall Street rag …

Former RIM Indonesia chief faces negligence charge over stampede

Indonesian police have said they may charge the outgoing Research in Motion chief in the country with negligence in connection to the stampede last month at a BlackBerry event in a mall in Jakarta. Canadian Andrew Cobham is one of four people who could be charged with negligence leading to injury over the event on 25 November …
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MeeGo and the Great Betrayal Myths of tech history

Nokia's first MeeGo phone is amazing - why did they chuck MeeGo away? So say Linux fanbois distraught after Stephen Elop turned Nokia's future platform into a rolling skunkworks project. They've started a petition. It's got 287 signatories. "Reality denial" doesn't even begin to sum it up. The N9 does look quite slick, …
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jun 2011

Nokia market share to fall below Samsung, Apple

Nokia has been knocked off the top of the smartphone totem pole by Samsung, Japanese investment bank Nomura said today. Worse, Apple will overtake the Finnish phone giant in Q3, the bank forecast, Reuters reports. Both Samsung and Apple already outsell Nokia in Europe, in the overall mobile market and the smartphone arena, …
Tony Smith, 13 Jun 2011
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Huawei snaps up former Mandarin for UK advisory board

The makeover of Chinese telecom-kit manufacturer Huawei continues apace, with the company appointing ex-UK Trade and Investment mandarin Sir Andrew Cahn to its latest wheeze: a UK Advisory Board. Sir Andrew will head up the new board, which will recruit additional figures over the next few months. The plan is part of the …
Bill Ray, 23 May 2011
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SGI buys back spun-out Japanese unit

Supercomputer maker Silicon Graphics wants a lot more business in Japan, the world's third largest economy. To get that business, the new SGI (the combination of Rackable Systems and Silicon Graphics) is buying back a Japanese unit that the old SGI sold off when it went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in May 2006. In a …
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Verizon backpedals on unlimited iPhone data

Verizon performed a "two steps forward, one step back" dance on Tuesday, first announcing that it would offer an unlimited data plan for its upcoming CDMA iPhone, then revealing that its bandwidth munificence would be available only as an introductory offer. "I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot," Verizon COO Lowell …
Rik Myslewski, 25 Jan 2011
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How police busted UK's biggest cybercrime case

Exclusive The story of the investigation into the failed multi-million pound cyberheist at Sumitomo Bank can finally be told, following the recent conviction and sentencing of its perpetrators. The audacious Mission Impossible-style scam, which brought a pair of hackers and a bent insider together with other fraudsters, sought to spirit …
John Leyden, 19 Mar 2009
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Brit pair convicted for high-tech bank heist gone bad

Two men have been convicted for trying to steal £229m from the London branch of a Japanese bank in an elaborate, high-tech scheme that would have been Britain's biggest bank heist. Hugh Rodley, 61, of Twyning, Tewksbury was found guilty in Snaresbrook crown court of conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to transfer criminal …
Dan Goodin, 04 Mar 2009
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£229m Sumitomo spyware trial begins in London

The trial of alleged cybercrooks accused of mounting an attempt to steal £229m from accounts at Sumitomo Mistsui bank by planting spyware on corporate systems has begun in London. Snaresbrook Crown Court heard allegations that an insider working as a security supervisor smuggled two computer crackers into the bank's …
John Leyden, 22 Jan 2009
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Lehman Brothers' India ops saved from economic meltdown

A Japanese financial services outfit has agreed to purchase Lehman Brothers' India-based operational support businesses, rescuing roughly 3,000 people - including 1,200 IT professionals - from the worldwide economic meltdown. The Tokyo-headquartered Nomura Holdings will acquire Lehman Brothers Services India Private Limited, …
Cade Metz, 07 Oct 2008
Sony PlayStation 3

Kutaragi to pilot PlayStation development?

Whether Ken 'Father of the PlayStation' Kutaragi will get to work on the PlayStation 4 remains to be seen, but he's certainly talking like he is. And the PS5. And the PS6. Speaking to electronics industry site EETimes, Kutaragi said: "As a matter of course, I have the vision of Playstation 4, 5 and 6, which will merge into …
Tony Smith, 01 May 2007

Sony PS3 sales pass 2m mark... two weeks late

Sony has shipped 1m PlayStation 3 consoles in Japan, the consumer electronics giant said yesterday, the day it hit that mark. However, the announcement was a tacit admission it has failed to hit the 2m-machine target it last year said to would reach by the end of 2006. Last week, Sony said it had shipped 1m PS3s in the US by …
Tony Smith, 16 Jan 2007

Sony exec says 'yes' to PS4

Panic ye not - you will have the opportunity to spend hours in the freezing cold queueing overnight to get your hands on a PlayStation 4, risking a cap in the a**, a Sony executive has revealed, but not before 2010. Just as well - Europeans haven't got their hands on the PS3 yet, let alone its successor, and won't until March …
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2006

Sony management shuffle dooms PlayStation 4?

Sony's move to promote Kaz Hirai, yesterday head of the US wing of the company's Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) division but now President and COO of the global SCE operation, means the consumer electronics giant may never produce a PlayStation 4 console. So claimed Nomura analyst Yuta Sakurai in a Financial Times report …
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2006
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RIM faces OS rewrite headache

Analysis Research in Motion may finally have put its legal battles behind it, but it still faces the biggest challenge of its career, finding a survival strategy for its famous push email devices. RIM has faced increasingly intense challenges to its market lead in corporate email-oriented mobile products for the past two years, and its …
Wireless Watch, 14 Sep 2006
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Colt shunts more jobs overseas

Colt - the UK-based telecoms group that provides communications services to businesses - is still shunting jobs overseas as it continues to cut costs. By the end of the year 15 per cent of its workforce will be based in India taking headcount there to 450 while numbers in Europe will drop to 3,400. Turnover for the three …
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2005
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JBoss signs consulting and SI deal in Asia

Asia is shaping up as a competitive area for two open source middleware organizations, following JBoss's latest partnering deal. The open source specialist has signed a consulting and systems integration agreement with Nomura Research Institute (NRI). NRI will promote deployments of JBoss's Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS …
Gavin Clarke, 26 May 2005
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Merging Hutchison Whampoa

Telecoms operator Hutchison Whampoa is merging its Hong Kong-based IT services subsidiary Vanda Systems & Communications with another telecom division, Hutchison Global Communications Investments. The move is part of a growing trend to instill closer co-operation between such firms to attract network access business and …
Datamonitor, 04 Feb 2004
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Microsoft faces phone annihilation

Poland's cultural ambassador to the Internet, "jpzr" is a gift who keeps on giving. Ever since Windows CE appeared in 1996, analysts have been predicting, and scribes have dutifully been transcribing, the inevitable encroachment of Microsoft into the phone business. Reporting that at times, has owed more to Marxist theleogy …
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Mar 2003
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Ex Grey Archers to picket Nomura

Former staff at pub trade dotcom Grey Archer, plan to demonstrate outside the offices of the company's backers in a bid to receive redundancy payments. More than 100 former staff are ready to take direct action against Nomura, the Japanese investment bank and major shareholder in Grey Archer, as their fight for redundancy …
Tim Richardson, 19 Aug 2002
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Ex Grey Archers launch support site

A Web site has been set up to provide support for 150 former employees of Grey Archer, an online exchange for the UK pub trade. Japanese investment bank Nomura pulled the plug on Grey Archer last month, forcing the company into liquidation. All permanent members of staff were made redundant without notice and so far they've …
Tim Richardson, 08 Aug 2002
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Nomura shoot Grey Archer in heart

Nomura has pulled the funding plug on Grey Archer, an online exchange for the UK pub trade, resulting in 150 redundancies with immediate effect. Staff will not get one month's pay in lieu of notice, according to sources. The Japanese investment bank, until recently one of the UK's most significant pub owners, had committed to …
Drew Cullen, 02 Aug 2002
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Vodafone releases key indicators – doubts grow

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Vodafone Plc will release its key performance indicators today as belief in the growth prospects of the world's largest mobile operator is crumbling and its share price is poised to crash through the psychologically important 100 pence barrier. In common with other European operators …
ComputerWire, 25 Apr 2002
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EDGE will happen

Mobile phone technologies used to be mapped out clearly. GSM, HSCSD, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS, but most networks are playing hop, skip and jump. They've skipped HSCSD, will they jump over EDGE? Simon Rockman, publisher of What Mobile, thinks this would be a mistake. Like most mobile phone acronyms EDGE is as meaningless spelt out …
Team Register, 23 Apr 2002
server room

Can Club Nokia thwart .NET?

Nokia is expected to announce ambitious plans for its Club Nokia portal at its Capital Markets Day in New York tomorrow. Club Nokia is an overlooked part of the phone services jigsaw, but one that will be increasingly important as the Finnish giant focuses its artillery on Microsoft, and tries to coalesce an array of carriers …
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Nov 2001
SGI logo hardware close-up

Nokia takes charge at Symbian

Decoding mobile telecoms announcements has often required the skills of a Kremlinologist: working out who's up and who's down from dress details in the annual Politburo photograph. During negotiations to set the 3G standard a few years ago, the warring parties fired long-range press releases at each other, indicated shifting …
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Nov 2001

SlowCoMo delays i-Mode – Europe yawns

NTT DoCoMo's launch of i-Mode services in Europe looks likely to be delayed again, according to comments made by the company's Midori Matsubayashi yesterday. Matusbayashi blamed the protracted roll-out of GPRS services for the hold-up. i-Mode services had been expected to launch this year, but Matsubayashi said it was now " …
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jul 2001

Stateside GPRS launched, all dressed up, anywhere to go?

The much trumpeted 2.5G wireless data standard is now available in the US, as of today. Although now you'll have to look pretty hard to find it. AT&T Wireless has launched a service in the Seattle area for business subscribers, and promises to launch in "markets covering" 40 per cent of the US population by the end of the year, …
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jul 2001
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Sony, Ericsson create 800lb phone gorilla

Sony and Ericsson effectively pooled their mobile phone operations yesterday, creating a new joint company to handle the venture. This involves 2500 staff from Ericsson's phone division joining 1500 from Sony, with new multimedia phones promised for late next year. The new joint company, imaginatively named Sony Ericsson …
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Apr 2001

Palm CTO rubbishes ‘3000 man years’ of Symbian OS work

Palm looks certain to go it alone in the smartphone derby after delivering a bitter attack on potential parter Symbian to The Register. We doorstepped Palm's Chief Techology Officer, Bill Maggs, who said Symbian's "3000 man years" of effort wasn't what Palm needed, and criticised the consortium's "one core solution". That's …
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Nov 2000
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TSMC sales soar on fab contracts

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co(TSMC) last week announced that sales in September reached a record monthly high. However the company's stock fell by almost the maximum limit as the market had been anticipating even stronger revenue figures, analysts said. TSMC, the world's largest producer of made to order computer chips …
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More banks put down payment on Net

Two announcements here. Barclays and Japanese bank Nomura are spending £30 million on a joint shopping portal in time for Christmas. And the Alliance & Leicester is launching a new small business service which it will run almost entirely over the Internet. The Barclays/Nomura venture sees Barclays put in £20 million to Nomura's …
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Oct 2000
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Falling DRAM prices dent Winbond

The August revenue figures announced by Winbond Electronics on Saturday broke its all-time record, set one month previously, writes Iain Pocock in Taipei. Revenue growth in August was also impressive when compared with last year's figures for the same month, but compared with July this year, it marked a rise of less than seven …
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Nomura gives ARM Holdings shares a good kicking

Amazing what a research note can do to a company's shares: yesterday chip designer ARM Holdings fell eight per cent on publication of a sell recommendation from Nomura. In a note to clients, "Do you believe in miracles", Nomura said: "The key element of our negative stance is the unrealistic market share assumption in the …
Drew Cullen, 14 Mar 2000
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Transmeta screws up on Y2K – Where's Man Friday when you need him?

Updated This is absolutely the last update on this lengthy Y2K story on The Register you will see this year, unless people fix the bugs real quick. First an update on VCRs. A technical support reader in Kenya reports that you don't have to worry too much about your auto-set date, because this year's calendar is the same as 1972's. We' …
Team Register, 04 Jan 2000
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Sportal bags $50m for Asia/Europe roll-out

Can't be too long now before an IPO rears its beautiful head for Sportal, capitalised at $170m, after raising $50m in its latest fund raising round. The British-based sports content portal will spend the money on European and Asian roll-outs, as well as beefing up its sales and marketing operations. The roll-call of investors …
Drew Cullen, 17 Dec 1999
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How Softbank made its billions

Softbank, founded and run by Masayoshi Son -- the would-be Bill Gates of Japan -- has reported a consolidated net profit of $302 million for its fiscal year ending March, up from $78 million last year, but posted consolidated pre-tax losses of $124 million this year compared with $184 million profits a year earlier. …
Graham Lea, 21 May 1999