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NHS Trust ditches in-house servers, chucks 15TB into the cloud

NHS Trust Mersey Care is trying to eke out 15 per cent cost savings by ditching its in-house server farm in favour of SCC's OptimiseCloud platform. Mersey is the first NHS Trust in England to jump into the cloud, and is one of nine under the guidance of Informatics Merseyside, a central buying agency which signed a cloud …
Paul Kunert, 23 Nov 2012

NHS told: freeze all Microsoft spend

The Cabinet Office is halting all but emergency purchases of Microsoft software in the NHS as it negotiates a pan-government procurement deal with the software giant. The Crown Representative, headed by former Micro Focus CEO Stephen Kelly – appointed by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude in April – is leading talks with 20 …
Paul Kunert, 8 Jul 2011
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Conficker outbreak infects Leeds NHS servers

Updated Servers on the network of NHS Leeds were struck down by the Conficker worm late last week. The malware infection struck on Friday and forced administrators to take a handful of infected servers offline, in phases, in order to apply deworming tools. Trust PCs were not infected by the attack, which a leaked memo (extract below) …
John Leyden, 9 Feb 2010
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NHS completes London roll out of Pacs

Digital x-ray archiving is live across London's hospitals and will cover the rest of England by next year. The Department of Health has announced that the digital Picture Archiving and Communications System (Pacs), a key part of the NHS National Programme for IT, has gone live in every hospital trust in London and will be …
Kablenet, 23 May 2007
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DoH's latest d'oh!

The Department of Health (DoH) has apologised for its latest IT blunder - publishing private details of applicants for junior doctor posts on an unsecured website. The Medical Training Applications Service (MTAS) is the computerised HR system for students and junior doctors. But applicants for the foundation course - the first …
John Oates, 26 Apr 2007
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Patientline ups charges

Patientline is more than doubling the price paid by patients making phone calls from hospital. Calls from a hospital bed currently cost 10p a minute, but this is going up to 26p. Patientline provides internet access, televisions, and phones for hospital patients. Patientline claims the cost is justified because of its …
John Oates, 4 Apr 2007
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The website recommended by is no longer free at point of delivery. BestTreatments, a website for patients linked to extensively by the NHS's core site, has imposed charges following the end of government funding., which is run by the British Medical Journal (BMJ), is charging users £14.99 plus VAT …
Kablenet, 3 Apr 2007
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NPfIT delays plunge NHS trusts into the red

Delays in the implementation of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) have helped plunge some NHS trusts into the red, the public accounts committee report has revealed. The Financial Management in the NHS report says 14 trusts are still waiting for "contributions to costs incurred" as a result of delays to the programme from …
Kablenet, 20 Mar 2007
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iSoft in critical condition as NHS trusts seek alternatives

Updated The government's vision of an integrated computer system for the NHS is coming apart at the seams as NHS trusts are to start looking for alternative IT suppliers, The Guardian reports. iSoft is the main software partner in the not-so-much-loved National Programme for IT (NPfIT), but delays are now so long and managers under …
Lucy Sherriff, 5 Mar 2007

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