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The Register breaking news endorses Windows Media, disses MP3

Online retailer has chosen Windows Media Technologies as the "preferred format" for music distribution from its Web site, the companies announced Thursday. "Windows Media provides the mission-critical reliability and quality our users are demanding, and will help us become an indispensable online destination for all …
Thomas C Greene, 28 Jan 2000
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Sanyo jumps on digital music bandwagon

Japanese consumer electronics giant Sanyo today pulled the wraps off its upcoming portable digital music player -- and announced it intends to offer a full range of digital music devices, from hi-fi separates to in-store kiosks. Sanyo's announcement follows July's release of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) portable …
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 1999
The Register breaking news readies $420 million IPO

US custom CD supplier is set to make its IPO following a three-month delay incurred when the company went into takeover talks with British music giant EMI, one of the world's 'big five' music labels. In the end, EMI bought just half of the company, in exchange for gaining the rights to EMI's back …
Tony Smith, 06 Jul 1999
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GoodNoise, Harry Fox deal ‘legitimises’ MP3

Web-based music company GoodNoise has been granted a licence to deliver songs digitally in the MP3 format by the Harry Fox Agency (HFA), the licensing arm of the National Music Publishers' Association. The move is a major step in the legitimisation of MP3, loathed by the big record labels yet loved by Internet-based music fans …
Tony Smith, 04 Feb 1999
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Creative Labs to offer digital music player

Creative Labs is to produce a digital music player to compete with rival Diamond Multimedia's Rio PMP300, according to the company's European brand manager, Eion Leyden. Quoted in the UK media, Leyden gave few details of the forthcoming product, but he did make the interesting comment that "MP3 will not rule the roost" and that …
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 1999
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Major labels join IBM on Net music sales trial

Four of the music industry's six key players -- Sony Music, Time-Warner, EMI, MCA/Universal -- and IBM have announced the first major move in the business' bid to take command of the Internet music scene. The plan, dubbed the Madison Project, will see the participants co-operating on an experimental music distribution system set …
Tony Smith, 26 Nov 1998
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Liquid Audio wins Iomega support

Iomega has agreed to bundle Liquid Audio's digital music software with future storage products -- in a special version keyed to specific Zip disks. The first fruits of the deal are likely to appear early next year when Iomega begins to ship its 250MB successor to the popular 100MB Zip drive (see Iomega to update Zip). Both …
Tony Smith, 18 Nov 1998