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Beyond iTunes: XML boffins target sheet music

One of the world's oldest and most successful "standards" – so standard in fact that western musical notation is simply called standard notation – does not yet have a standard way to be displayed on the web. But a W3C group formed earlier this year, in the summer of 2015, hopes to change that. The Music Notation Community …

Even Apple doesn’t mess with Taylor Swift

Analysis Tech oligarchs aren’t supposed to say sorry. And no, Apple hasn’t formally apologized to the music community for demanding that it works for Apple for free, Apple still comes out of it with plenty of credit. Ten days ago, the contracts for Apple’s new Spotify-ish streaming service leaked out, and they contained an …
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jun 2015

Record labels back indie muso's bid to snatch .music from web giants

In what could prove to be an extraordinary David versus Goliath story, an independent musician may walk away with the highly coveted .music top-level domain, beating off competition from Google, Amazon, and the music industry itself. Constantine Roussos' DotMusic Limited, based in Cyprus, has received the formal backing of the …
Kieren McCarthy, 26 May 2015
BPI campaign logo: Home taping is killing music

Indie fans urged to shop to help Sony-signed labels

A call has gone out to fans to help revive the UK's indie music scene, devastated by the London riots. Many of Britain's smallest and most inventive labels suffered disproportionately in the Sony warehouse arson on Monday night. Typically started by music fanatics and musicians themselves, indie labels don't have the global …
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Aug 2011
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LimeWire settles with record labels, to pay $105m for copyright hurt

Defunct P2P file-sharing network LimeWire settled out of court with major record companies yesterday in a $105m agreement. The settlement follows a May 2010 ruling by US District Judge Kimba Woods, who found Lime Group and Lime Wire LLC – the parent companies behind LimeWire – had wrongfully assisted users in making pirate …
Kelly Fiveash, 13 May 2011
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'Martin Mills you are a LEGEND!'

Andrew's Mailbag My mailbag is one one of the best things about this job. Yes, there are flame-o-grams, but these are quite rare, and the people most likely to send them are too busy reprogramming their computers to show pictures of bunnies when my name comes up to flame me. Another reason I don't seem to get very much hostile email is that …
Andrew Orlowski, 14 May 2010
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Boston student fined thousands for Napstering

A Boston University student has been found guilty of breaking copyright laws by downloading and uploading songs using Napster and Kazaa. Joel Tenenbaum admitted downloading 30 songs and must pay Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony $22,500 (£13,438) per song. He could have faced up to $150,000 per track, and seems to view …
John Oates, 03 Aug 2009
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Zuckerberg flirts with record labels, eyes digital music biz

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg wants a slice of the digital music biz action, since the other boys (MySpace) have their own portion. According to the New York Post the fact that News Corp launched MySpace Music just last month means boydroid Zuckerberg also wants in on the whole shebang. He’s in discussion with a …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Oct 2008
Pirates ahoy!

Street-savvy Microsoft tries to pop the pimply face of piracy

Microsoft has tagged schoolkids as the UK's worst culprits for illegally downloading files from the net. The company, in its latest swoop on software piracy, today put out the results of a new study - dubbed Real Thing - which was based on a survey of just 270 children and 1,200 adults aged 16 and above. It found that 54 per …
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Jul 2008
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BT starts threatening music downloaders with internet cut-off

Updated BT, the UK's largest broadband provider, has begun threatening subscribers with disconnection from the internet if it is told they are sharing copyright music over peer-to-peer networks, The Register has learned. The firm recently sent an email to one of its four million retail broadband customers, who asked not to be named, …
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MySpace trumpets music service

News Corp's social networking heavyweight Myspace has taken its inevitable plunge into the commercial music businesses. MySpace announced today it is launching MySpace Music, a joint venture with three of the four biggest music labels backing its new service. Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group will …
Austin Modine, 03 Apr 2008
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Tiscali and BPI go to war over 'three strikes' payments

Exclusive Tiscali, the UK's fourth largest broadband provider, implemented a "three strikes" arrangement with the record industry to disconnect illegal filesharers last summer, The Register can reveal. But over a matter of hours yesterday any deal that Tiscali thought it had made with the BPI evaporated in a row over money. Relations …
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Tiscali and BPI in filesharing standoff

Tiscali, the ISP accused by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) of harbouring at least 17 filesharers, has said it won't close any accounts without more evidence of wrongdoing from the music industry body. It also said it would not hand any personal details over to the BPI without a court order, in line with its …
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Jul 2006
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Music sales rise despite RIAA's best efforts

There are no stranger beasts in the business world than the major music labels. Only these creatures, represented by their legal attack dog the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), would apply an excusatory tone to the release of product shipment figures that show a significant increase in sales. Where other …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Oct 2004
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MP3 music service draws industry fire

Update A fledgling online music service targeting dance music fans this week attempted to convince the music industry that it is legitimate following complaints from a number of independent labels that the site was offering unlicensed music content. JetGroove was launched on 5 October as the "first legal service for MP3 downloads …
Tony Smith, 11 Oct 2004
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US inspired copyright laws set to sweep the globe – for fun and profit

Analysis In the days before Christmas, 20 year old Norwegian, Jon Johansen, was found not guilty of DVD film copyright theft in his second criminal trial held in Norway. The story began five years ago when he distributed a software program to bypass DVD copy protection systems. He has been found innocent after justice has had two bites …
Faultline, 06 Jan 2004
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RIAA chief invokes Martin Luther King in pigopoly defense

Departing RIAA chief Hilary Rosen yesterday invoked the name of slain black civil rights leader Martin Luther King as she defended the music oligopolies' right to prevent people sharing music. She also vigorously defended poisoning peer to peer sharing networks with junk music - presumably not a situation that the civil rights …
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Mar 2003
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Yahoo! intros! paid-for! radio!

On Monday (Jan 27), Yahoo! squared a dispute with Sony, courtesy of a one-time fee for prior use of copyrighted music played on LAUNCHcast. Today, Yahoo! intros a premium version of its Internet radio service. Costing $3.99 a month, or $35.99, LAUNCHcast plus is ad-free and incorporates 50 exclusive stations. Yahoo! is also …
Drew Cullen, 29 Jan 2003
The Register breaking news drops Analog Pussy – Vivendi KGB to blame? has mysteriously dropped one of its best known online groups Analog Pussy - sparking concerns that the music industry may be trying to kill autonomous music on the Internet. In a lengthy piece in LA Weekly, a reporter friend of the group tells how Jiga and Jinno, the Goan trance duo known as Analog Pussy, received an …
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Jun 2001