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Cash-bleeding Monitise waves goodbye to chief exec

Struggling British software banking biz Monitise has waved goodbye to its chief exec after more than trebling losses for the full year 2015, compared with more modest profit leakage last year. The firm reported revenue of just under £90m for the period, down six per cent on the previous period. Losses ballooned year-on-year to …
Kat Hall, 9 Sep 2015

Duncan McIntyre severs ties with Morse

Duncan McIntyre no longer works at Morse, the reseller he ran for 10 years until July 2007. That was when Morse demerged the sexier bit of the group, Monitise plc. McIntyre jumped on board Monitise as executive chairman, but retained a seat on Morse's board until last week, when he handed in his resignation. And how's this …
Team Register, 13 Aug 2008

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