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Microsoft leaks cloudy OS name

Another day, another cloudy name for Windows arrives, this time it’s all about Strata, apparently. Microsoft temporarily flashed the name Windows Strata on its Professional Developers Conference (PDC) website, before removing the moniker yesterday after a few blogs zeroed in on it. Image courtesy of blogger Kit Ong MS head …
Kelly Fiveash, 9 Oct 2008
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Safari Gears up for Mac fanboys

After months of development Gears is finally available for Apple’s Safari web browser. This is Google’s latest attempt to dig its nails into Microsoft’s proprietary software kingdom by opening its arms to the Mac brigade, who are perhaps more reluctant than most to run MS apps. Originally dubbed Google Gears, the online/ …
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Sep 2008
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Hamilton Rentals regains independence

Management at Hamilton Rentals has carried a £10m MBO from the rental outfit’s parent, 2e2. The Hamilton Rentals name has a long history in the channel before being absorbed by Compel in 1996. The Hamilton Rentals brand continued at veteran reseller Compel, which was itself absorbed by 2e2 last year. The management at the …
Joe Fay, 16 Jul 2008
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EU orders horsemeat and chips in equine passport scheme

The European Union will kick off a single passport and chip system next year - but only for horses and donkeys. Well, for now anyway. The scheme is, depending how you look at it, either a cutting edge effort to ensure the security and health of Europe’s horses, donkeys and other equines or a dry run for a chipped and compliant …
Joe Fay, 10 Jun 2008
The Register breaking news auction fails to hit cash target, assumed to be one of the web's most valuble addresses, has disappointed its owner by failing to sell at auction, prompting fears that the property slump has spread to digital real estate. Bidding last week reached only $1.71m, millions short of the seller's expectations. Prior to the auction some in the domain …
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Swedes battle to name daughter Metallica

A Swedish couple is battling the country's National Tax Authority for the right to call their daughter "Metallica", the BBC reports. In Sweden, both first names and surnames have to be officially approved. On the banned list are "offensive, unsuitable or inappropriate" titles, as well as those which might "cause discomfort for …
Lester Haines, 4 Apr 2007

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