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Spaceborne-forces planners meet with orbital joyride firms

Pentagon space warfare planners want to work with the nascent private space-joyride industry, according to reports. Ambitious US Marine plans to fire a few good men round the world on the same timescale as nuclear warheads have been scaled back, and might instead involve shorter one-way trips using variant Virgin Galactic …
Lewis Page, 24 Feb 2009

HP warns of Nvidia problems

HP has offered free repairs for 38 models of its Pavillion Slimline range of desktop machines, which are having problems with Nvidia graphics units. Last week, Apple admitted similar problems with MacBook Pros and offered free repairs to affected customers. HP said on its support site that the problem was "attributable to the …
John Oates, 14 Oct 2008

Blazing Vaios: Sony's hot-tops hit the UK, too

Sony secretly wrote to its UK channel partners earlier this week warning them that the company planned to recall some Vaio TZ-series laptops, The Register has learned. The firm, which was forced to recall 440,000 Vaio notebooks worldwide because of wiring faults that could cause overheating, asked its Blighty resellers to “ …
Kelly Fiveash, 5 Sep 2008

Sony recalls burning US laptops

Sony is recalling 73,000* Vaio TZ-series laptops sold in the US, as a possible short circuit of wires near the hinge could burn users. *The BBC reports 440,000 machines in the US and Japan are affected by the recall, but none in the UK. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is working with Sony to get the machines back. …
John Oates, 4 Sep 2008
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Moody's computer 'bug' caused over-optimistic credit ratings

Moody's saw its shares slide on opening this morning, after reports that the institutional rating firm had blamed bugs in its computer model for leading it to grade several debt parcels as almost without risk for investors. The ratings firm announced a review of the way it changed its ratings methodology when the FT reported …
John Oates, 21 May 2008

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