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Memo to Microsoft, RIM, Nokia: Quit copying Apple!

Open...and Shut It stinks to be number two in a market. Or worse, number three. But that's the position that most consumer technology companies find themselves in today, at least compared to Facebook, Google, and Apple. Everyone else is an also ran, in large part because they're allowing themselves to be defined by someone else's race. Yahoo!, …
Matt Asay, 28 Jan 2011

Smartphones to outsell PCs by 2012

Morgan Stanley reckons online advertising is worth $50bn a year in America alone, and that smartphones will rapidly become the platform of choice. According to the analyst's Internet Trends report smartphones will outsell feature phones next year, but the crystal ball-gazing comes with a plethora of facts and figures about …
Bill Ray, 08 Jun 2010
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Nokia and T-Mobile USA pin their hopes on mobile Web 2.0

Analysis The US cellcos, traditionally behind their Asian and European counterparts in advanced mobile trends, are making up for all that by being the first truly to embrace the mobile internet and Web 2.0. This could, ironically, provide a major opportunity for that most European of vendors, Nokia, which is leading the charge to bring …
Wireless Watch, 13 Oct 2006
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Microsoft rebrands Pocket PC as Windows Mobile

Microsoft has launched the latest version of its Pocket PC platform: Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PCs. Not, you'll have noted Pocket PC 2003, but Windows Mobile. The software giant is engaging in a little re-branding, pulling together its various mobile device offerings under a single brand. Essentially, it's pulling Pocket …
Tony Smith, 23 Jun 2003