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Hillary Clinton, photo by Evan El-Amin via Shutterstock

Computer forensics defuses FBI's Clinton email 'bombshell'

Analysis Since igniting a political firestorm and triggering major changes in US presidential voting intentions by revealing some emails passing through Hillary Clinton's private email server had been found in an unrelated criminal investigation, the FBI has gone to ground. The US criminal investigation bureau has repeatedly refused to …
Duncan Campbell, 04 Nov 2016

The healing hands of guru Dabbs

Something for the Weekend, Sir? A colleague strides purposefully across the open-plan office to the production desk. She has the wrinkled brow and wild eyes of someone who is simultaneously baffled and angry. She’s on deadline but her computer is “doing stupid things” and she doesn’t understand what or why or how to stop it. Oh no, I'll have to ask Dabbsy …
Alistair Dabbs, 05 Apr 2013
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NDS says Beeb's Panorama emails were 'manipulated'

TV crypto company NDS says the BBC misled viewers in a Panorama investigation broadcast on Monday. The former Murdoch company, which was acquired by Cisco earlier this month, has released what it says are the original emails. The Beeb alleged that NDS gave a "hacker honeypot" website named Thoic access codes that could be used …
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Mar 2012
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Doctors sick of anonymous-coward NHS feedback commentards

A leading GP has declared that the general public are too rude about doctors on the internet in a complaint that may amuse those of us more familiar with the culture of "Internet feedback". In an interview with eHealthInsider, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, of the British Medical Association's GP Committee said that patient comments about …
Anna Leach, 06 Feb 2012
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Groupon's pants 'Weight Loss HOTPANTS' ad banned

Groupon has got into fresh trouble with the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), this time over pants. Today's ruling on a Groupon advert for "Weight Loss HOTPANTS" is the latest in a string of recent advertising complaints upheld against the coupon-pushers – they most recently had problems pushing snake oil and boob jobs – that …
Anna Leach, 01 Feb 2012
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Groupon: IPO rumble mutated us into Wolverine

Vid Groupon's 31-year-old CEO and founder Andrew Mason went on CBS chat show 60 Minutes to explain why Groupon misreported its profits in the months before its flotation on the stock exchange. Groupon was rapped by regulators after it was found that the company had used a controversial accounting metric, which meant it subtracted …
Anna Leach, 16 Jan 2012

Logitech fined for bogus bug-busting keyboard ad

Misleading adverts for a biological bug killing keyboard violated federal law and earned its maker a six-figure fine. Claims that the USB keyboard protected users from microbes and bacteria have landed manufacturer Logitech a $261,000 fine, after the US Environmental Protection Agency ruled that Logi's promotional material …
Anna Leach, 29 Sep 2011
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Windows 7 UAC shutoff 'bug' leaves Microsoft unmoved

Security researchers have unearthed a potentially serious flaw in User Account Control (UAC) features in Windows 7. Microsoft is aware of the issue but is currently unconvinced it needs to make changes to the pre-release code. UAC is a security feature introduced in Windows Vista that's designed to prompt users for permission …
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2009

Dell rapped for £60 delivery charge on £200 laptop

Dell has been criticised by the advertising watchdog for not making it clear enough that a laptop would incur a £60 delivery charge. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the charge "added significantly" to the cost of the computer. In a direct mail advert for Dell computers a £199 laptop computer was offered for …
OUT-LAW.COM, 30 May 2008
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Beeb coughs to Panorama WiFi-scare travesty

The BBC has admitted that the infamous Panorama programme in which Beeb investigators boosted public hysteria regarding health dangers around Wi-Fi in schools was "misleading". The BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit (ECU) found against Panorama chiefs in a recent ruling. In essence, the ECU thought it was OK to make the programme …
Lewis Page, 03 Dec 2007
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Red Hat flags OSI offenders on partner site

OSCON Sometimes being the open source software leader means distancing yourself from open source claims. Red Hat has bowed to pressure and improved the way it describes partner software licenses on the Red Hat Exchange (RHX). The licenses of companies such as SugarCRM, Zimbra and Alfresco used to be buried on the RHX site, requiring …
Ashlee Vance, 25 Jul 2007
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'Oxygen candle' caused sub explosion

Yesterday's accident in which two sailors were killed aboard the Royal Navy submarine Tireless did not involve any of the submarine's machinery or installed systems, it has emerged. According to US and British naval sources, the explosion instead involved an oxygen candle. Some news sources have said oxygen candles are " …
Lewis Page, 22 Mar 2007
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Sun zinged by rent-a-quote analyst

Imagine our surprise when The Economist - possibly the most respected magazine on the planet by business types - closed out an evisceration of Sun Microsystems by turning to a consultant who gets paid by most of Sun's major competitors. In a piece entitled "Still changing the subject" in the current edition of magazine, we …
Ashlee Vance, 07 Apr 2006

PC World notebook ad 'misleading', ASA rules

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will tomorrow slap Dixons Store Group's wrist over a "misleading" TV advert run on behalf of the Dixons-owned PC World chain promoting Intel's Centrino wireless notebook technology. According to a confidential copy of the ruling, seen by The Register ahead of publication and …
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2005

AMD filing off by a few words

Advanced Micro Devices forgot to include a few crucial words in a 10-K filing on Tuesday, leaving investors with the misleading impression that a slip in first quarter sales is inevitable. The original filing on Tuesday said, in the Outlook section, that computation product sales in the first quarter of fiscal 2005 would be “ …
Team Register, 02 Mar 2005
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Wiki-fiddlers defend Clever Big Book

Letters Wiki-fiddlers* may be accused of many things, but having a robust sense of humor is not one of them. In the week that colleague Ashlee Vance pointed out a few failings in the archive that isn't an archive, we took a pop at the encyclopedia that isn't an encyclopedia. Our jibe that the Wikipedia is the world's most useless …
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jul 2004
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Growth at France Telecom, but there's that huge debt pile…

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence France Telecom SA expects revenue this year to rise by 8% to 9% while it is looking for earnings at the EBITDA and EBIT levels to increase more than 15%. But this prediction, made as the Paris, France-based incumbent revealed third-quarter sales figures, is scarcely significant at a time …
ComputerWire, 30 Oct 2002
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Judge attacks ‘leaking and spinning’ in MS deal talks

MS on Trial Judge Richard Posner has lashed out against the "good deal of leaking and spinning" that has plagued his mediation talks in the Microsoft case since November. Judge Posner ended his search for a negotiated settlement yesterday via a prepared statement, and the content of this is intriguing, in a Delphic sort of way. He makes it …
John Lettice, 02 Apr 2000
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FSA puts bullet in bulletin boards

The financial services watchdog has issued yet another notice warning investors to be wary of so called "tips" published on bulletin boards and in chat rooms. In a bulletin published yesterday, Phillip Thorpe, MD of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), said: "Following such tips blindly can seriously damage your wealth. "So …
Tim Richardson, 02 Mar 2000
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MS paid economist witnesses' company $6m in 18 months

MS on Trial Attorneys in the various Microsoft trials are becoming increasingly fascinated by the relationship between MS and NERA, the outfit that employs (in addition to his day job at MIT) DoJ trial witness Richard Schmalensee and Bristol trial witness Richard Rapp. In the latter trial it was revealed last week that NERA had earned $6 …
John Lettice, 04 Jul 1999