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All change at top of distie EntaTech as veep Atherton splits

EntaTech veteran and veep Jon Atherton is leaving the business today for pastures new, with industry old timer Dave Stevinson stepping into the role. Atherton has been with Enta for more than 22 years, half his life, and the company insisted it was his decision to quit the position to take “time out with his family”. Founder …
Paul Kunert, 06 Mar 2015
Microsoft Surface bomb

Clock ticking for Surface 3 as Microsoft preps for globo-launch

Given the losses Microsoft has racked up with the Surface "design point", the firm could be forgiven for drawing a line under the project rather than sending the third generation product to Britain. In a blog post, Microsoft this week confirmed the Pro 3 model will hit the streets in 25 countries including the UK on 28 August …
Paul Kunert, 08 Aug 2014
Microsoft Surface tablets

Partner firms: Microsoft kept Surface from you for YOUR OWN GOOD

Those caring souls at Microsoft initially cut the technology channel out of the Surface supply chain because execs wanted to finetune forecasting and spare sales partners from a potential inventory pile-up. Or so says Phil Sorgen, global partner veep, who reckons the path Microsoft took was "safer" for its legion of suppliers …
Paul Kunert, 31 Mar 2014

Microsoft hands Neath keys to OEM kingdom

Microsoft has filled the Gary Fowle-shaped gap at the top of its local OEM business, with Darren Neath stepping into the breach. Fowle resigned as senior OEM director at Microsoft UK in May and is heading to the vendor's Singapore operation to take on the same job. "Darren Neath, formerly director of our multi-national …
Paul Kunert, 23 Jul 2013
Screenshot of Windows 8.1's revamped Start screen

Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want

Computex 2013 Microsoft today demonstrated Windows 8.1 for the first time in public and showed off at least 60 compatible devices - including Haswell-powered gadgets. Windows vice-president Antoine Leblond took the Computex crowd through a whistlestop tour of all the major new functionality in the OS formerly known as Windows Blue. Key …
Phil Muncaster, 05 Jun 2013
Boeing 787 Dreamliner first commercial flight with ANA

Microsoft's UK OEM boss swaps Blighty for Singapore

Microsoft's senior UK OEM director Gary Fowle is transferring to the same role in the firm's Singapore operation. Fowle rocked up at the software titan in September 2009, with a remit that included working with big PC players and what was left of the local builder community. He replaced Alison Dodds, who was once tipped for …
Paul Kunert, 30 May 2013

Now Fujitsu breaks up with UK tech distributor Northamber

Exclusive Fujitsu Technology Products Group (FTPG) has become the latest major vendor to give UK IT distributor Northamber its marching orders, The Channel can exclusively reveal. Folk close to the Japanese outfit reckon the clock is already ticking on Surrey-based Northamber to wind down its position. "They are gone by 30 June," said …
Paul Kunert, 16 Apr 2013
Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft Surface slate: Acer, resellers predict a riot

Microsoft has scored two own goals by getting into the hardware game with Surface, the software giant's design for a laptop that thinks it's a tablet: long-standing PC manufacturers are alienated, and there is growing disquiet in the channel over Redmond's decision to sell the lap slab direct. The Pegatron-built Surface slate …
Paul Kunert, 07 Aug 2012
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Fujitsu TS axes channel boss role

Fujitsu Technology Solutions has removed a layer of management after head of channel Martin Smith left the firm to join former colleagues at Microsoft. Talking to El Reg, Fujitsu TS boss Michael Keegan insisted Smith had opted to leave after six years of service, but that he was using the opportunity to shed some costs and …
Paul Kunert, 06 Oct 2011

Microsoft floats Hyper-V iron cloud alliance

Microsoft and six of its server chums have joined forces to inflate so-called private clouds with pre-validated hardware running Hyper-V and Windows Server 2008 R2. On Monday, at its TechEd Europe conference in Berlin, Germany, the company announced the Hyper-V Cloud Program, a set of planned systems and services to float …
Gavin Clarke, 08 Nov 2010
Broken CD with wrench

AMD demos first Fusion 'APU'

The first processor to emerge from AMD's long-gestating Fusion effort made its demo debut on Tuesday at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan. A Fusion processor is neither a CPU nor GPU, but in AMD parlance an APU — an accelerated processing unit. An APU not only marries a GPU and a CPU onto the same die, but can also …
Rik Myslewski, 02 Jun 2010
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Windows 7 OEM prices revealed

Online retailer NewEgg has coughed up OEM pricing details for Windows 7 this week, revealing deep discounts from the full retail version. If you want Microsoft's latest OS on the cheap and missed out on earlier promotions, it's certainly not a bad way to go. Strictly speaking, OEM copies are intended for computer builders, but …
Austin Modine, 30 Sep 2009
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Microsoft forbids changes to Windows 7 netbook wallpaper

Netbook users running Windows 7 Starter Edition better learn to enjoy Microsoft's default desktop background, because that's all they're getting. Windows 7 Starter Edition not only blocks end-users from swapping the original Windows-provided wallpaper, colors, and sound schemes - OEMs and partners aren't allowed into the …
Austin Modine, 19 Jun 2009
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Microsoft slings Windows Home Server in OEM bargain bin

Microsoft has slashed the OEM price of its Windows Home Server software by 30 per cent. The firm said on Friday that the channel would get more “value” out of the system builder version, the pricing for which changed on 1 November. Of course, many will wonder – in these head-in-the-cloud days – why such a product is desirable …
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Nov 2008
Microsoft Office logo

Say goodbye to Office 2003, Microsoft tells PC builders

Microsoft is making Office 2007 its default productivity suite for system builders, less than five months after the suite's full-scale launch. Say Goodbye to Office 2003 - logo on Microsoft Small business community blog Microsoft will stop supplying OEM Microsoft Office 2003 from June 30, Microsoft exec Eric Ligman wrote …
Gavin Clarke, 19 Jun 2007
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Lenovo pays Microsoft $1.3bn for software

Lenovo will pay up to $1.3bn over the next year to pre-install Microsoft software on its computers. Of course, it is not really doing the paying: it is a Microsoft OEM and so is reselling passing the costs on, along with a little margin for itself, to its customers. So the more it pays Microsoft, the more it is making in PC …
Drew Cullen, 10 May 2007

Palm sets sail as Microsoft OEM

The industry's worst kept secret is no more. Palm, Microsoft and Verizon are to host a press conference on Monday in San Francisco to launch Palm's first Windows-based device, the Treo 700W. Late this afternoon, the Wall Street Journal confirmed the news. Snaps of the Treo 700 have floated around the internet for months, and …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Sep 2005
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MS' penalties for selling Linux – not punishment, as such

Massachusetts, pursuing its lonely appeal against the Microsoft antitrust settlement, says it is looking into whether the company has punished a computer maker for promoting Linux, and is thus in breach of the settlement. One might observe that the Microsoft-DoJ deal was so liberal from the company's point of view that it would …
John Lettice, 08 Jul 2003
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MS plays volume licensing upgrade card against Naked PCs

Businesses wanting to deploy standard configurations across a number of machines frequently take out one of Microsoft's volume licensing programs, set up their own standard distribution then use it to hose whatever OS the PCs they bought came with. Frequently they are under the impression that this involves them paying for two …
John Lettice, 27 Aug 2002
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Get your MS licences – 2% below cost!

The UK arm of Enta, the Taiwanese OEM distie, has provoked a furious response from rivals for selling Microsoft OEM licences at two per cent below cost. For cash, presumably upfront, of course. 'Commercial suicide', says Ideal Hardware: "...shooting themselves in the foot," says Bytes Technology Group. Enta denies it's selling …
Drew Cullen, 14 Aug 2002
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MS derails new trial evidence by pulling witness

Earlier this week Microsoft pulled several of its witnesses from the States' antitrust trial, letting it be known that this was a sign of its confidence in its case. Yesterday, however, all became clear - it was an ambush. The critical removal from the witness list was Richard Fade, senior VP for the Microsoft OEM division. …
John Lettice, 01 May 2002
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Greene ‘Lame and rather unknowledgeable Linux wannabee’

Re: Mr. Thomas C Greene: From the sound of it, you didn't have to force SuSE at all. Maybe you should have named the article "Too Lame to Understand Mandrake" or better, "I Should Just Run FreeBSD and Forget All This Distro Crap." You started out with, "The Presario 1200 is an exceptionally poor candidate for Linux.." and …
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jan 2002
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All you ever wanted to know about the DoJ's Windows cave in

The DoJ-Microsoft settlement deal doesn't get any better once you've actually had the opportunity to read the small (and often largely unintelligible) print. It won't stop the onward march of integration, it won't stop Microsoft inducing PC companies to take the easy way out, and it won't magically reinvent tough competitors to …
John Lettice, 06 Nov 2001
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Jean Louis Gassée on the antitrust dog that never barked

Columnist and author of The BeOS Bible Scot Hacker has published a valedictory for BeOS here at Byte which has some intriguing input from Be founder Jean Louis Gassée. One of the reasons for the failure of BeOS, Hacker identifies, was the inability to induce OEMs to provide true dual-boot machines. Be adopted a non- …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2001
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Microsoft issues bounty for OS-less PC buyers

Microsoft may not have succeeded in persuading OEMs and system builders to "decline politely" all perverse requests for PCs lacking a pre-installed (preferably Microsoft) OS, but it's shifted to a new approach. It's now bribing system builders to turn in anyone who bids on naked boxes, ostensibly so it can harass these poor, …
Thomas C Greene, 30 Apr 2001
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MS exec's hunting trip: illegally chased and shot 4 antelopes

John Lettice Microsoft OEM chief Joachim Kempin was guilty of nine charges of illegal hunting, and far from being a "noted gunslinger," as we suggested in our story yesterday, he seems to have been hunting without a licence, in Montana. The Kempin incident was reported on MSNBC (relation) on 17th December, but that story has …
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000
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Overcharging for Windows: how MS may beat the rap

This week Microsoft scored its second victory against a class action claiming it overcharged for Windows, when a Nevada judge granted the company's motion to throw out the case. This follows on from an Oregon ruling last week, where the judge rejected the claim on the basis that consumers could only sue if they'd bought directly …
John Lettice, 20 Jun 2000
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MS opens NexGen Windows Megaservices kimono

Microsoft has discovered a way to recoup its expensive investments in media content in the late 90s. It's going to give them away as part of the 'megaservices' concept to be made flesh at its Next Generation Windows Services, or NGWS strategy launch next week. The hint came from Bengt Akerlind, the Microsoft VP of embedded …
Annie Kermath, 24 May 2000
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Two hundred system builders go crazy in Monte Carlo

A flock of system builders are set to descend on Monte Carlo this week to attend the Integrator Forum 2000. The Mediterranean sunshine has attracted 206 PC builders from 26 European countries to this year's event. Also attending will be 66 manufacturers, keen to promote their wares as the champagne flows. Vendors at the …
Linda Harrison, 23 May 2000
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Microsoft Tier II OEM direct plans revealed

Microsoft plans to start selling software direct to tier II OEMs in the UK. Around 20 system builders were invited to a meeting at Microsoft HQ in Reading earlier this week where the proposals were put to them. The scheme, yet to be announced, will also allow tier IIs to buy OEM hardware products such as keyboards, cutting out …
Linda Harrison, 19 May 2000
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Judge rejects MS copyright case, mentions Rockefeller

MS on Trial Microsoft's last-ditch copyright defence was blown out of the water by Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson as the antritrust trial reached closing arguments on finding of facts yesterday. Faced with the judge's conclusions that Microsoft was a monopoly and that it had harmed consumers, Microsoft's lawyers had gone for the copyright …
John Lettice, 23 Feb 2000
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Unsealed Caldera files detail MS evidence shredding claims

MS on Trial Evidence given under oath that Microsoft deliberately destroyed evidence that could be used in pending or forthcoming antitrust actions has finally come to light. Although its existence had been generally known, Microsoft has succeeded keeping it secret until now. But following an application by the Salt Lake Tribune, the San …
Graham Lea, 01 Feb 2000
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MS unveils Win2K anti-piracy tools

Microsoft outlined the anti-piracy measures for its Windows 2000 Professional operating system today at the Computer Trade Show in Birmingham. The US giant, which let copies of the software loose into the OEM channel on Monday in readiness for next month's launch, has added a couple of natty little features to try and foil the …
Linda Harrison, 27 Jan 2000
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MS cites Python to support sweeping copyright claims

MS on Trial Microsoft fired its antitrust trial return shot yesterday, claiming of course that it had violated no law, but also setting out its stall on copyright, using a 1976 action involving Monty Python as a precedent. In earlier documents, evidence and executive briefings Microsoft has made its position on copyright pretty clear, but …
John Lettice, 19 Jan 2000
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Top MS exec charged over in-vehicle firearm innovation

It's Christmas in Seattle, and the good folks of Washington State are engaging in traditional festive activities. Like blazing away at wildlife from the comfort of your own four wheel drive, apparently. Hello Microsoft OEM chief, star of subpoenaed emails and antitrust trials Joachim Kempin. Also now, it would seem, a noted …
John Lettice, 22 Dec 1999
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MS pushes system builders back to distribution by withholding CDs

Microsoft plans to stop providing operating system CDs to direct OEMs. From January 2000, OEMs buying software direct from Microsoft will either have to put a back up of the system on the customer's hard drive, or provide an OEM branded recovery CD that is BIOS locked to run only on individual customer systems. This will apply …
Linda Harrison, 18 Oct 1999
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MS to switch to rental model with Win2k?

Microsoft's long-standing plan to switch over to an annual rental model for software sales could roll early next year, with Windows 2000 as the engine that drives it. As internal documentation that has made it into the public domain thanks to the trial has shown, the company has been trying to make the move for years, but from …
Graham Lea, 14 Oct 1999
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C2000 drives a hard bargain for Fujitsu

Fujitsu has signed Computer 2000 to distribute its hard disk drives in the UK. The Basingstoke distributor has become an authorised OEM distribution partner for Fujitsu's range of disk drive products. Computer 2000 is trying to step up its components business to compete in the system builder market, and became a Microsoft OEM …
Linda Harrison, 22 Jul 1999
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C2000 wins MS OEM gong

Computer 2000 has become an Authorised Microsoft OEM Product Distributor. The appointment (formerly known as a Delivery Service Partner, or DSP) is something the distributor has wanted for some time, said Graeme Watt, Computer 2000 MD. "We are delighted with their decision. Hot on the heels of our Eurodis OnBoard acquisition, …
Linda Harrison, 09 Jul 1999
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Integrator Forum wins SB thumbs-up

Delegates at this year's Integrator Forum were to be found playing with their balls in the Monte Carlo sunshine. Yes, it's true - system builders and vendors alike were down by the sea indulging in the popular French pastime of Petanque, which is similar to boule, only played with two balls. The Petanque crew formed only a …
Linda Harrison, 25 Jun 1999
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MS gives advice on preparing for W2K

Windows 2000 will be released this year and system builders should pre-install Windows NT Workstation 4.0 prepare customers for the launch, Microsoft said today. Matti Suokko, Microsoft OEM product manager for Windows, said Windows 2000 Professional, the business software replacement for Windows NT, was on track for release …
Linda Harrison, 25 Jun 1999
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Systems builders must avoid complacency, says Microsoft

Delegates at the European integrators forum in Monte Carlo were issued with a stern warning from Microsoft that they must not miss out on NT workstations or the Internet if they want to survive. Laurent Delaporte, Microsoft OEM European marketing director, told system builders that customers were getting smarter and had higher …
Linda Harrison, 24 Jun 1999
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Secret deals MS uses to control PC companies

MS on Trial MDAs are not discounts from royalty rates, Norris adamantly maintained, but "a vehicle that Microsoft used in order for us to perform activities that benefited them in many ways. It was a vehicle that also gave royalty reductions that imposed costs on the PC manufacturer, in order to attain the royalty reductions. There were …
Graham Lea, 10 Jun 1999
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Unsealed Caldera documents expose MS' DR-DOS moves

MS on Trial The Caldera case is likely to be cited long after the details of what Microsoft did with its technosabotage efforts on DR-DOS are forgotten. In the Salt Lake City District Court, Magistrate Judge Ronald Boyce has confirmed that news organisations have a right under the First Amendment to the American Constitution ("Congress …
Graham Lea, 24 May 1999
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HP considered shipping non-MS OS with its Win95 PCs

MS on Trial Hewlett-Packard considered shipping another operating system with its Windows 95 machines, in order to get round Microsoft restrictions placed on the initial boot sequence, according to trial testimony released this week. The plan was apparently rejected because of the strain it would have placed on HP's resources, but it is a …
John Lettice, 30 Apr 1999
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Osmosis pledges to repay debts

Software and components distributor Osmosis has confirmed it is in dire financial straits and is junking unprofitable operations back in an attempt to stop the collapse of the entire group. The company held a press conference in London yesterday and issued a press release which carried the heading Osmosis wants to honour all …
Sean Fleming, 29 Apr 1999
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What MS OEM agreements really say

MS on Trial Our recent coverage of Microsoft's new-look, flexible and liberal OEM licensing policies (sic) has prompted a helpful Redmondite to ship us some highlights from the Microsoft Windows 98 System Builder Preinstallation User's Guide. As Microsoft OEM chief Joachim Kempin has been saying all week, OEMs are perfectly free to install …
John Lettice, 26 Feb 1999
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How MS tried to keep the lid on its OEM customers

MS on Trial In his written testimony and in court this week, Microsoft OEM chief Joachim Kempin argues that Microsoft is willing to be flexible over the software its OEM customers can install. The permission to modify the Windows 98 startup sequence granted to seven large OEMs in the first half of last year will also be granted to other …
John Lettice, 25 Feb 1999
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MS demo video breaches own licence agreements

MS on Trial A Microsoft demonstration of how easy it is for OEMs to customise the Windows desktop shown yesterday was in breach of Microsoft's OEM licensing agreements. Or at least, it was if the OEM isn't one of a handful of top PC manufacturers. Microsoft showed the video to accompany the testimony of OEM licensing chief Joachim Kempin, …
John Lettice, 25 Feb 1999
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Compaq-MS murky secrets II – an analysis

MS on Trial Many secrets about how Compaq negotiates with major partners such as Microsoft and AOL have been exposed in the transcript of Compaq vp John Rose's evidence at the Microsoft trial, and in documents that have been released. Although there were several closed sessions of the court when details of the fees paid by Compaq were …
Graham Lea, 24 Feb 1999