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Mesh founder Sherafati buys biz back from PC Peripherals

The founder and former owner of Mesh Computers Max Sherafati has bought back his company - now branded PC Peripherals. System builder Mesh hit the wall in June and was snapped up from administrator MacIntyre Hudson by components distie PC Peripherals for £1.55m, the lion's share of which was handed to Sherafati as the only …
Paul Kunert, 16 Feb 2012

Channel body count hits dotcom implosion high

The channel body count in 2011 reached a high not seen since the dotcom bubble burst, stats from credit reference agency Graydon UK reveal. In Q4 88 firms collapsed, up nearly 30 per cent year-on-year, which took the tally for the whole of 2011 to 356, up by almost one third on reseller fatalities in the previous twelve months …
Paul Kunert, 07 Feb 2012
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UK Channel insolvency rates soar to nine-year high

Insolvency rates in the UK channel are at the highest level seen since the dotcom bubble burst, official figures have confirmed. The UK economy is looking shaky: inflation is rising, government is forging ahead with harsh public sector cuts and High Street retailers are going into meltdown; parts of the channel are also …
Paul Kunert, 08 Jul 2011
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Mesh Computers goes titsup

Components distribution minnow PC Peripherals has snapped up the brand of MESH Computers – along with certain assets – after the recession and the market shift to tablets forced the traditional system builder to call in the administrators. London-based MacIntyre Hudson LLP were appointed yesterday and having punted the …
Paul Kunert, 01 Jun 2011

PC or not PC? Ten desktops on test

Group Test The desktop PC is a truly versatile animal, capable of running both our business and personal lives as well as entertaining us like nothing else since the television entered our world. Whether you want an all-encompassing budget marvel or a high-end gaming beast, there's a system out there to suit you. It's just a question of …
Duncan Madden, 08 Jun 2007

Vista OEM 'Express' upgrades stuck at the gate

Europeans who bought a new PC in time for Christmas and were persuaded that they would get a Vista upgrade soon after the rollout by redeeming a voucher, are learning that demand for the upgrades far outstrips "supply". We don't think anyone should be in a hurry to embrace Vista, but people do tend to want what they've paid for …
Thomas C Greene, 16 Feb 2007
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WinXP Media Center PCs come to Europe

Microsoft has signed up 30-ish PC builders to flog entertainment-centric PCs based on WinXP Media Center Edition in Europe for the first time. The company already has a roster of 20 OEMs selling Media Center PCs in US, Canada and Korea. So what is a entertainment-centric PC? Essentially you get to watch TV and DVDs, check out …
Drew Cullen, 06 Aug 2003
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Micro Anvika bows to OFT, scrubs unfair terms

London-based computer retailer Micro Anvika Ltd has become the latest company to agree to give punters a fairer deal when buying computer gear. The pledge follows intervention by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) acting on a complaint from Trading Standards. Micro Anvika has told OFT that it will stop using unfair terms in its …
Tim Richardson, 13 Jun 2003
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Tiscali UK signs MESH pre-install deal

Tiscali UK has signed a one-year distribution deal with MESH Computers to pre-install dial-up and broadband software on the PC-maker's machines. The ISP claims the move - which is an exclusive deal with MESH - is yet another example of "Tiscali growing its stronghold in the UK market". MESH flogs around 84,000 machines a year …
Tim Richardson, 05 Mar 2003
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Mesh marketing mush

Marketing and communications jobs at Mesh Computers are getting the revolving door treatment. Last month communications manager Paul McEvoy left the business, choosing to head into the dotcom world. And this week marketing manager John Hendrick clears his desk to go travelling and pursue a freelance marketing career. Andrzej …
Robert Blincoe, 06 Dec 2001
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AMD uses ads to explain QuantiSpeed

AMD is kicking off a European marketing campaign, 'A New Kind Of Fast' to promote the brand, help users understand its QuantiSpeed branding and convince them that Megahertz don't matter. This is its biggest advertising splash in Europe, covering print and broadcast media in 17 key markets through 2002, although it doesn't say …
James Watson, 30 Nov 2001
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Athlon XP 1800+ gets flagged as 1.8GHz

Mesh Computers has been caught out plugging an Athlon XP 1800+ PC as a 1.8GHz machine. Someone at Mesh had made a mistake and made the same kind of mental leap that AMD expects punters to make - that an XP 1800+ chip, boasting 'quantispeed technology' runs at 1.8GHz+. The XP 1800+ runs at 1.53GHz, but using the AMD rule of …
Robert Blincoe, 18 Oct 2001
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Athlon XP PC ads dribble in

Just a smattering of advertising for AMD's newly launched Athlon XP processors can be found in the main papers today. Only Time Computers and Mesh Computers are displaying offers on the new chips. Of the two, Time is the only one daring to make a real foray into the controversial "QuantiSpeed" marketing pitch. Mesh preferred to …
James Watson, 10 Oct 2001
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Mesh appoints MD

Mesh Computers has enticed Mick Thornburn from Dennis Publishing to be its MD. Thornburn will take over the role at the London-based PC builder from Max Sherafati and Peter Ramiz, who will change their job title to joint CEO of the company. He will also take on the responsibilities of general manager - Sherafati and Ramiz have …
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001
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Mesh phone system sabotaged by burglars

UK PC builder Mesh Computers has fallen victim to burglars for the second time this year. But the intruders, who forced their way into the outfit's London offices on Wednesday night, seem to have been more intent on vandalism than theft. Wires in the company's telephone system were cut, which resulted in the phone lines being …
Linda Harrison, 10 Aug 2001
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Mesh hit by dim computer thieves

Computer thieves hit Mesh Computers last night and swiped its office admin PCs. The break-in was discovered at around 8.00am this morning but the company had replaced and networked the missing kit by 11.00am. "It was bloody inconvenient, but we just had three hours disruption and it had no affect on our business," said …
Robert Blincoe, 17 Jan 2001
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Carrera assets bought by Digital

The seriously troubled PC builder Carrera Technology has had a few of its assets snapped up by Digital Networks. The deal doesn't mark total salvation for the company by any means. According to Digital has undertaken to provide warranty and helpline support to Carrera's customers. It also bought the …
Robert Blincoe, 30 Oct 2000
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Mesh buys Carrera (Domain name, anyway)

Mesh is looking like hot favourite to buy Carrera, its stricken rival, judging from its confidence in buying the domain name: This registered at on October 17 WebConsultancy on behalf of Mesh Computers PLC. Carrera today confirmed that it was 'actively discussing' the sale of the company as …
Drew Cullen, 18 Oct 2000
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First UK system builders release 1.1GHz Athlon prices

AMD's monster 1.1GHz chip will be available from 28 August and the first British system builders have released their pricing. plans to launch six versions of its Origin 1100 1.1GHz PC models. They will range from £1249 ex VAT - with 128MB SDRAM, 15GB hard drive and 17in monitor, to £1999 ex VAT - 256Mb, 40GB, 19in …
Linda Harrison, 22 Aug 2000
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Taxan to start building PCs

Monitor maker Taxan is planning to set up shop as a PC manufacturer in the UK. The Japanese giant has poached Paul Kinsler, former general manager at Mesh Computers, to head up the operation, The Register has learned. Taxan currently runs a sales, marketing and support office in Bracknell, Berkshire. Kinsler, who left London- …
Linda Harrison, 11 Aug 2000
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Mesh top nob scampers into arms of rival

Mesh Computers general manager Paul Kinsler has quit the London PC maker after four years in the job. Kinsler is currently on gardening leave, and will officially finish at the London-based company at the end of July. His former employers don't know where he's off to but believe he's been poached by a Japanese rival. Kinsler …
Linda Harrison, 14 Jul 2000
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Two hundred system builders go crazy in Monte Carlo

A flock of system builders are set to descend on Monte Carlo this week to attend the Integrator Forum 2000. The Mediterranean sunshine has attracted 206 PC builders from 26 European countries to this year's event. Also attending will be 66 manufacturers, keen to promote their wares as the champagne flows. Vendors at the …
Linda Harrison, 23 May 2000
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Mesh pre-announces its PIII 800 PC

UK system builder Mesh Computers is claiming it will be among the first to launch a Pentium III 800MHz PC in January, despite still not receiving a sample of the chip from Intel. The London-based company said orders for its Millennium 800 PC would be taken from the second week of next month, with deliveries starting one week …
Linda Harrison, 22 Dec 1999
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Mesh is top of the consumer pops

Mesh Computers has won the Personal Computer World magazine award for service and reliability. It beat off rivals such as Dan and Evesham, and even pipped Dell to the post. Paul Kinsler, general manager of Mesh, was delighted at the result: "It is rewarding to see that our investment in customer service systems and personnel is …
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Oct 1999
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Vendors vie for No 1 slot in cheap PIII chart

Less than a week after the introduction of Intel’s Pentium III chip, PC sellers are falling over themselves to provide the cheapest machines based on the new processor. A whole host of PCs running on the PIII are available in the UK high street and from PC builders. The choice ranges from PC World's £899 machine and - at the …
Linda Harrison, 02 Mar 1999