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Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 500GB HDD

Review We've never done a review of a single hard disk before, but this Hitachi drive justifies the attention. It's the first 500GB disk drive to hit the shelves - Hitachi has got its drive to market ahead of the likes of Maxtor and Seagate, who have announced drives but not yet shipped them. Half a terabyte in a single drive. Blimey! …
Trusted Reviews, 31 Aug 2005

Quantum slashes 250 Irish jobs

Data storage hardware maker Quantum Corporation is to cut 250 jobs in Dundalk with the close of a manufacturing facility. The job losses, which were expected following reports earlier this summer, will see the company's Dundalk, County Louth facility wind down over the coming months, with a full shutdown expected in the second …
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Maxtor back in the black

Maxtor today reported quarterly income of $9.4m (four cents a share) on sales of $925m, marking a return to profitability for the hard disk maker. Q2 FY2005 revenues were up 13.1 per cent year on year, from $818m in the year ago, but down 13.6 per cent on the previous quarter's $10.7bn. Despite the higher revenue in Q1, Maxtor …
Tony Smith, 29 Jul 2005
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WD extends HDD warranty periods

Western Digital fired the latest shot in the hard drive warranty war this week by upping the coverage period on its enterprise drives to five years, and extending the desktop and notebook warranty durations to three years. That said, the move comes some way behinds WD's rival HDD suppliers. Maxtor increased the warranty periods …
Tony Smith, 21 Jul 2005

WD ships 300MBps SATA II drive

Western Digital has begun shipping desktop hard drives supporting the Serial ATA II standard, the hard drive specialist said yesterday. It also launched a pair of external drives pitched at case-modders and consumers, respectively. Western Digital NetCenter and Extreme Lighted external The 250GB Caviar SE16 drive provides a …
Tony Smith, 19 May 2005

Maxtor narrows loss

Hard drive maker Maxtor's losing streak continued into Q1 FY2005. For the three months to 2 April 2005, the company recorded revenue of $1.07bn, up 3.9 per cent from Q4 FY2004's $1.03bn and 4.9 per cent up on the year-ago quarter's $1.02bn. Last time around, Maxtor posted a net income of $8.9m (three cents a share), rather …
Tony Smith, 05 May 2005

Seagate 400GB Pushbutton Backup HDD

Review With hard drive capacities increasing at an exponential rate backing up your PC has become an increasingly difficult task. As far as capacities go, Hitachi is in the lead at the moment, thanks to its recently announced 500GB drive. The Seagate 400GB Pushbutton Backup external hard drive might not be able to back up the Hitachi …
Trusted Reviews, 04 May 2005

Counterfeit optical disks hit the UK channel

E-net Distribution is warning UK resellers and end-users of the first emergence of a black market in counterfeit writable CDs and DVDs. The Edinburgh-based distie is warning dealers to look out for “seriously substandard products” with suspect packaging. Users should look for discs with “visible imperfections on the writing …
John Oates, 03 May 2005

Seagate unveils 120GB notebook HDD

Storage specialist Seagate today introduced what it claims is the world's highest capacity hard drive for notebook computers - and its first Serial ATA unit for laptops. Part of the company's Momentus line-up, the 2.5in, 120GB drive is nonetheless only set to spin at 5400rpm - it you want a faster unit, you'll need Seagate's …
Tony Smith, 18 Apr 2005
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Buffalo TeraStation Network-Attached Storage

Review The Network-Attached Storage (NAS) appliance may be the easiest way to communal storage to your network, but these products are often overly expensive, particularly for small businesses. Take Iomega's NAS 200d, for example. It offers an impressive range of storage management features but the bottom line is you're getting barely …
Trusted Reviews, 30 Mar 2005

Taiwan police seize suspect chips

Taiwan police raided the premises of Atop Electronics on 8 March, seizing 75,000 'suspect' AMD CPUs and 25,000 fake STMicroelectronics flash memory chips, local paper the Liberty Times reports, via Digitimes. The AMD CPUs are said to be worth TWD600m ($19.4m) and the ST chips worth TWD200m ($6.45m), the paper added, citing …
Drew Cullen, 10 Mar 2005
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Atop chief accused of selling stolen AMD chips

AMD has accused the chairman of Atop, a Taiwanese electronics firm, of masterminding the theft and re-sale of 60,000 dud chips earlier this year, according to police sources cited by local media. Atop chairman Chen Yue-han denies the allegations, Chinese-language newspaper the Liberty Times reports, by way of DigiTimes. The …
Tony Smith, 08 Mar 2005
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Forged Maxtor HDDs turn up in Japan

Fake 320GB Maxtor hard drives have surfaced in Japanese retail channels, the storage company confirmed this weekend. The dodgy drives were spotted on sale in Tokyo's Akihabara district, offered as Maxtor MaXLine II product. The units purport to be model number SA320J0, a 5400rpm, 3.5in product aimed at OEMs rather than retail …
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2005

Seagate, Hitachi launch 1in 6GB HDDs

Seagate and Hitachi both announced 1in hard drives with a 6GB storage capacity this week, though the US company appears to have been the first to ship such a product. Seagate's 6GB ST-1 unit started shipping last December, the company said yesterday, and may well be the storage component found in Apple's latest iPod Mini, …
Tony Smith, 24 Feb 2005
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Toshiba, SanDisk prep 1GB Flash chip

Toshiba yesterday launched an 8Gb Flash chip fabbed designed to be fabbed using a 70nm process when production commences in the summer. The part paves the way for much greater-capacity Flash storage devices, such as USB drives and MP3 players. Jointly developed with SanDisk, the NAND Flash chip uses a technique called Multi- …
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2005
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Maxtor to axe more US jobs

Maxtor's recently announced decision to abandon its 2.5in notebook hard drive project helped keep the company in the red, to the tune of $70m (28 cents a share) during its fourth quarter. The three months to 25 December 2004 yielded revenue of $1.03bn, down 11.9 per cent on Q4 2003's $1.17bn . Expect more losses: the hard-drive …
Tony Smith, 04 Feb 2005
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Hitachi brings IDE to 1.8in HDD line

Hitachi's hard drive operation has added 40GB and 60GB models to its line of 1.8in hard drives, which it has refreshed with an IDE interface the better to broaden its appeal from MP3 player manufacturers and the like to notebook makers. The 20 and 30GB models launched last September had ZIF interfaces; the new models support …
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2005
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Maxtor cans notebook HDD project

Maxtor has abandoned plans to offer 2.5in hard drives - essentially turning its back on the growing notebook market - the HDD maker said yesterday The company's NYSE-traded shares fell 4.4 per cent to close at $4.36 on the news. The 2.5in drive family was to have shipped later this year. Killing the project will cost. Maxtor …
Tony Smith, 25 Jan 2005
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Maxtor ups desktop, enterprise HDD warranty periods

Hard drive maker Maxtor has followed rival manufacturer Seagate and upped the duration of the warranty it offers for enterprise-class drives. The company also increased the warranty period for internal desktop PC drives to three years. In some territories, that's already the warranty duration for these products - in others it's …
Tony Smith, 18 Nov 2004

Maxtor's revolving door brings in new Prez and COO

Maxtor continued today its executive shuffle, naming a new president and COO just two days after its former president and CEO resigned. Michael Wingert, former CEO of Cornice, has been tapped as Maxtor's new Prez and COO. He is taking over the president role from Paul Tufano who unexpectedly resigned earlier this week. Tufano …
Ashlee Vance, 17 Nov 2004
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Evesham Axis Xcelsior Athlon 64 4000+ PC

Review A few weeks back AMD launched its latest and greatest processors, the Athlon 64 4000+ and the FX-55. Evesham has supplied its first PC based on these new processors: the Evesham Axis Xcelsior. The Axis Xcelsior is based on the Athlon 64 4000+, but you can change the CPU to an FX-55 for an additional £117.50, …
Trusted Reviews, 16 Nov 2004

Maxtor loss balloons on job cuts, falling ASPs

Maxtor, like Seagate, saw revenue rise above its expectations during its most recently completed fiscal quarter, its third, but unlike its rival better-than-anticipated sales proved insufficient to lift it out of the red. For the three months to 25 September 2004, Maxtor achieved sales of $927.2m, down 13 per cent on the same …
Tony Smith, 21 Oct 2004

Hitachi readies notebook Serial ATA hard drives

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) this week said it will ship a line of Serial ATA hard drives designed for notebook usage in Q4. The drives will appear in time for laptop makers to incorporate them into machines based on 'Sonoma', the upcoming second generation of Intel's Centrino platform. HGST's Travelstar 5K100 …
Tony Smith, 15 Sep 2004
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Maxtor boosts SATA HDD cache to 16MB

Maxtor took its 7200rpm Serial ATA hard drive range to 300GB this week, rolling out two new models with big on-board cache buffers. Both new DiamondMax 10 drives sport 16MB of cache, and support native command queuing (NCQ) to boost data throughput. The extra cache ensures more data can be made ready for fast transmission to …
Tony Smith, 17 Aug 2004
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AMD Sempron desktop CPU

Review AMD's new budget processor, the Sempron, has finally arrived. The speculations behind what the Sempron would be were confusing and didn't seem to make sense at the time, and it's still not quite clear why AMD has released some of the models, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson. A range of different speed chips were …
Trusted Reviews, 30 Jul 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

Seagate extends HDD warranties to five years

Hard disk maker Seagate has upped the duration of key product warranties to five years. The company already offers five-year warranties for enterprise drives, but in a bid to differentiate its products and cope with the price war that has hit all the major vendors, Seagate today extends this to all internal HDDs for desktop and …
Tony Smith, 26 Jul 2004
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Maxtor to axe 400 workers

Hard drive maker Maxtor today announced that its second fiscal quarter results will be "extremely disappointing", with the company set to become a casualty of pricing warfare. In response, it is axeing 400-500 workers worldwide - up to 3.7 per cent of its 13,500 staff. Maxtor competitor Seagate has already announced the loss of …
Tony Smith, 02 Jul 2004

Western Digital sues Cornice

Western Digital has accused storage start-up Cornice of violating its intellectual property and has asked the US court to ban sales of Cornice's hardware. WD's lawsuit, filed yesterday with the US District Court for Orange County, California, follows a similar action launched against Cornice last week by Seagate. The WD suit …
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2004
The Register breaking news

Intel i915P, G and i925X chipsets

Review Usually little happens at weekends in the world of computers, but for some reason, Intel has today decided to launch a completely new PC platform. Today's launch will impact the way PCs work for the foreseeable future with a wide range of new technologies that will, over time replace many of the things we're …
Trusted Reviews, 19 Jun 2004

Seagate axes thousands

Seagate's board has given the go ahead for a seven per cent workforce reduction designed to improve the company's bottom line. Seagate expects to chop about 3,000 jobs, which should cut annual operating costs by close to $150m. Seagate will take a $50m charge in its current quarter for the move. The hard-disk drive maker has …
Ashlee Vance, 03 Jun 2004
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Hitachi production ramp-up = cheaper storage

News this week that Hitachi is going to double its production of high-capacity disk drives gives us a hint at the production volumes involved in the forthcoming war over disk-based music systems like the Apple iPod. This war will also extend to an ever-widening range of devices that are now made feasible by cheaper, smaller, …
Faultline, 25 May 2004

MS seeks to merge Flash, HDD storage

Here's a question hard drive makers are often asked: when will your products be replaced by Flash storage? So far, Flash has failed to match the price:capacity ratio delivered by the HDD guys, but the question still gets asked. However, if Microsoft has its way, come the arrival of 'Longhorn' - the next major Windows release - …
Tony Smith, 06 May 2004

'Universal' hard drive system to ship this month

Japan's IO Data will this month ship the first removable hard drive based on the Information Versatile Disk for Removable (IVDR) specification. IVDR is a cartridge-based format that encapsulates a standard hard drive and interconnect electronics, designed as a way of making it easier to transfer very large files not only …
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2004
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Maxtor champions 6 stream DVRs

Maxtor and Scientific Atlanta last week attracted column inches on their plans for the next generation of DVRs, due for release in about 18 months. But what exactly are they talking about when they boast of 6 stream technology? To date, pegging the price of DVRs and VCRs meant that they could feature a limited number of tuners …
Faultline, 01 Mar 2004
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Mesh Matrix64 3200+ Extreme

Review So far we've only seen a few affordable Athlon 64 PCs, with the Multivision reviewed a few weeks ago offering the most compelling price. The Mesh Matrix64 3200+ Extreme is not as cheap as the Multivision system, but it does have some extras on offer, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson. As the name implies, the Matrix64 3200+ Extreme is …
Trusted Reviews, 12 Nov 2003
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The GPL will win, claims law prof.

Eben Moglen, Professor of Law at Columbia University and the FSF's pro bono general counsel for the past decade, says that there's nothing to fear from the GPL (General Public Licence) being tested in a US Court. He also expressed astonishment to describe SCO's latest legal tactic to reject the validity of the GPL. SCO is suing …
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Aug 2003
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Maxtor Maxes on Max Services

Maxtor is bringing all its customer care ops under a new global brand called MaxServices. The hard drive maker is making big claims for the regrouping, which unite the activities "under One Standard of Excellence". MaxService incorporates 24x7 phone and online user support; in-country RMA replacement programmes for register …
Drew Cullen, 28 Jul 2003
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Toshiba updates ‘desktop replacement’ notebook line

Reg Kit Watch Notebooks Toshiba has introduced three new notebooks, the Satellite A20-S207, A25-S207 and A25-S307, all aimed at customers looking to replace desktop PCs with something more portable. The S207s are based on a 2.66GHz Pentium 4 processor, the S307 on the 2.8GHz version of the chip. Every machine offers a base 512MB of SDRAM, …
Tony Smith, 24 Jun 2003
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FrogPad ships one-handed keyboard

Reg Kit Watch Keyboard US-based FrogPad has begun shipping its innovative one-hand keyboard, the only device of its kind on the market today, the company claims. The keyboard crams full functionality onto a grid of 15 full-size keys, plus and five more keys integrated into the keyboard's case. According to FrogPad, "the letters are arranged …
Tony Smith, 12 Jun 2003
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Seagate denies Taiwan hard drive recall claims

Update Seagate today damned as "inaccurate" a report that the company has begun taking dodgy 40GB and 80GB hard drives off Taiwanese distributors' shelves - a move alleged to be taking place by local channel sources. The report, published by DigiTimes yesterday, alleges that 12,000-15,000 defective drives, produced in mainland China, …
Tony Smith, 28 May 2003

Intel releases AHCI 0.95 to advance Serial ATA

Intel has released the latest version of the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) specification, a move the company hopes will drive the development of more advanced Serial ATA device controllers. The specification, version 0.95, puts in place the details discrete host controller designers need to ship AHCI Serial ATA …
Tony Smith, 07 May 2003

Adaptec preps Serial SCSI

Adaptec Inc. has started work on a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface in conjunction with several hard drive makers to help push the SCSI successor along. Adaptec is working with Fujitsu, Maxtor, Seagate and Hitachi on various SAS testing efforts and co-marketing exercises. The companies also hope to make sure the SAS …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Apr 2003
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SuSE 8.1 illustrates MS' fear

Anyone wondering why MS execs Steve Ballmer and Brian Valentine are so bent out of shape about Linux should check out SuSE's most recent distro, 8.1, for insight. For a desktop PC or small-biz network it's already miles ahead of Win98-SE and ME and closing fast on XP for ease of installation and use by first-timers. The user …
Thomas C Greene, 23 Oct 2002

Quantum sells Snap

Check out The Register's new Enterprise Storage Channel Quantum is following Maxtor out of the NAS business. It is selling its NAS division for $11.3m to a new company called Snap Appliance Inc., founded out of privately-held Broadband Storage and funded by venture capital. Quantum intended to spin off its NAS arm a year ago …
Bryan Betts, 15 Oct 2002
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Maxtor promises ‘OneTouch’ back up

Maxtor today makes the bold claim that it has revolutionised the external hard drive - thanks to a magic button. OK, we added the magic bit, but the gist is that Maxtor has added a "OneTouch" button on its new Personal Storage 5000 family of external hard drives. Press it for instant copying and/or back up. Sounds like a neat …
Drew Cullen, 08 Oct 2002

Enterprise storage ‘loses profits momentum’

It was a tougher than usual third quarter for the enterprise storage and switches vendors - and their resellers, channel consultancy Global Touch reports. But in a bad quarter some are doing better - or less badly - than others, according to Channel Tracker, the quarterly survey of resellers, disties, systems integrators etc. …
Drew Cullen, 07 Oct 2002
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Maxtor preps 320GB HDD

Maxtor has been a busy PR bunny on the launch front with three ginormous HDD announcements in the last week. Today, the hard drive maker announces the Maxtor MaXLine, a new enterprise-class ATA line with two unique selling points. First the HDD is huge, with a capacity of up to 320GB. And second it will be ultra-reliable - …
Drew Cullen, 30 Sep 2002
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Crash! Dud Fujitsu HDDs all over UK

Our story today on Fujitsu's HDD-recall has prompted an immediate response from punters and system builders. In the UK, the bad Fujis have been spotted in Compaq, RM, Viglen and Hugh Symons PCs. We are publishing some of the letters sent to us within the first hour of publication of the original article. It looks like Fujitsu …
Drew Cullen, 13 Sep 2002
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Running MS-Office on Linux

Review There's been a lot of talk in the tech press lately about whether CodeWeavers' Crossover Office for Linux will draw Windows users. The theory here is that a fair number of home users and a vast lot of businesses naturally despise Windows, but can't give it up because they adore MS Office. Home computer users may have learned it …
Thomas C Greene, 16 Apr 2002
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WD flogs external 120GB FireWire HDD

Western Digital is coming to market with a 120GB external Firewire hard drive (HDD) for PC and Mac. The beast incorporates a 7,200RPM platter-spinning Caviar HDD and carries a list price of $349. If you want to go large, you can stack systems together in a daisy chain. There's also PCI adaptor option for desktops and and a PC …
Drew Cullen, 19 Feb 2002