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Apple's open source statement

Apple finally publishes El Capitan Darwin source

Stung, perhaps, by its ill-fated marketing claims about open source software, Apple has published the Darwin source code to its El Capitan OS X release. When it released Swift as open source, Apple made a rather contentious claim that it was “the first major computer company to make Open Source development a key part of its …

Raytheon suspected of readying for Websense slurp

The biz-wires are abuzz with industry talk that enterprise net-filter outfit Websense will be slurped by Raytheon for a cool $US1.9 billion. Now an e-mail and Web security company with deployment options from the desktop to the cloud, Websense had long lived under the wing of private equity company Vista Equity Partners (VEP). …
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UK air traffic bods deny they 'skimped' on IT investment after server mega-fail

The chief executive of the National Air Traffic Services, Richard Deakin, has denied the body “skimped" on its IT investment after being hauled in front MPs this week to account for its major computer outage. The cock-up last Friday resulted in 120 flights being cancelled and 500 flights being delayed for 45 minutes, affecting a …
Kat Hall, 19 Dec 2014
Hadoop Elephant

Avert your eyes! Hortonworks mates Hadoop beast with SAS

Hadoop company Hortonworks is teaming up with SAS on a strategic partnership to integrate its analytics platform with SAS's suite of data technologies. The alliance was announced on Friday and will give enterprises a "SAS/ACCESS" interface into the Hortonworks Data Platform, which will let them run tools such as Visual Analytics …
Jack Clark, 19 Oct 2013
What Linus Torvalds thinks of NVIDIA

The GPL self-destruct mechanism that is killing Linux

Analysis Does one of the biggest-ever revolutions in software, open source, contain the seeds of its own decay and destruction? Poul-Henning Kamp, a noted FreeBSD developer and creator of the Varnish web-server cache, wrote this year that the open-source world's bazaar development model - described in Eric Raymond's book The Cathedral …
Liam Proven, 09 Nov 2012
Apple iMac

Mac demand helps Apple business bloom in Blighty

Apple was the only major computer maker to increase its shipments into the UK PC market during the final three months of 2011. Figures posted today by Gartner, a market watcher, noted shipment declines for the four remaining players in the UK top five. Apple's shipments rose 17.2 per cent from 228,000 units in Q4 2010 to 267, …
Tony Smith, 07 Feb 2012
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El Reg shrinks seven days onto one webpage

Week in Review As a service to our with readers with (particularly) short attention spans, we at The Reg have squeezed the week that was into a single webpage. Or at least most of it. Before your attention drifts elsewhere, we should get to it: Jimmy Wales is awarded a €10,000 prize, Carly Fiorina stands for US Senate, Esther Dyson gets NASA …
Rik Myslewski, 07 Nov 2009
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Cybercriminals down five British police forces in a year

In the last year five British police forces have suffered major computer failures lasting three days or more as a result of malicious internet attacks. The spate of intrusions by cybercriminals and the resulting outages was revealed recently by a senior authoritative source, who can't be identified because the disclosure was …
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Conficker seizes city's hospital network

Exclusive Staff at hospitals across Sheffield are battling a major computer worm outbreak after managers turned off Windows security updates for all 8,000 PCs on the vital network, The Register has learned. It's been confirmed that more than 800 computers have been infected with self-replicating Conficker code. Insiders at Sheffield …
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London Hospital back online after computer virus shutdown

Computer systems at three major London hospitals are largely back online on Friday morning, three days after a major computer virus outbreak forced staff to disconnect the network. IT systems at St Bartholomew's (Barts), the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel and the London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green were taken down on …
John Leyden, 21 Nov 2008
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Computer virus quarantines London Hospital for second day

IT staff at three major London hospitals have spent a second day struggling to restore IT systems following a major computer virus outbreak. Computer systems at the St Bartholomew's (Barts) the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel and the London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green were taken down on Tuesday in response to an …
John Leyden, 19 Nov 2008

Notebook battery famine set to continue

The world’s largest laptop battery manufacturer has warned that a global shortage of power cells will last three months longer than expected. Simplo Technology Co said makers are failing to increase output fast enough to meet demand. The Taiwan-based firm’s chief financial wonk, Jackie Ding, told Bloomberg yesterday that …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Sep 2008
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US Intel case delayed again

AMD vs Intel The Intel AMD antitrust case has been delayed and now won't be heard until 2010. The case is being heard in the District Court in Delaware and will now start in February 2010 rather than April 2009. The original case was brought in 2005 and accused Intel of offering discounts to computer makers who pledged not to use AMD …
John Oates, 06 Jun 2008
Warning: electricity

National Grid computers locked-down in outage cock-up

National Grid suffered a major computer system outage last week, leaving many of its staff twiddling their fingers while services supplier Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) scurried to provide a fix. The electricity and gas operator, which supplies energy to homes and businesses throughout England and Wales, confirmed the …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 May 2008

Fujitsu and friends arm four-core Opteron servers

Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) is the latest hardware vendor to punt servers loaded with AMD’s four-core Opteron processor chip, which finally hit the channel – following months of production delays – last week. The firm said today that the quad job is available in its Primergy RX330 S1, BX630 S2 blade servers and its entry- …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Apr 2008
Redhat logo

Red Hat scurries away from consumer desktop market

Linux and open source software giant Red Hat has abandoned plans to develop a consumer desktop product because it cannot compete with the might of Microsoft. The firm said in a statement yesterday: “As a public, for-profit company, Red Hat must create products and technologies with an eye on the bottom line, and with desktops …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Apr 2008

Dixons shares spanked after profit warning

Dixons Store Group International saw its shares fall more than 20 per cent this morning after the company admitted Christmas trading had been poor. DSG International told the London Stock Exchange today that trading was down one per cent on a like-for-like basis. Group chairman Sir John Collins said: "Like for like sales were …
John Oates, 03 Jan 2008

Every Intel CPU from 4004 to P4 up for grabs on eBay

With Intel gearing up to cease manufacturing its 386, 486, 960 and other processors of yore, one eBayer is offering technology enthusiasts the chance to own almost the entire collection of the chip giant's microprocessor products. Well, not all of 'em - some are still sitting in folks' PCs, after all - but rather one of each …
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006

EDS tax fiasco hit with two barrels

Two reports from the Parliamentary Ombudsman and Citizens Advice reveal the awful impact of EDS's attempt to provide an IT system for paying poor families tax credit. Nearly two million people were overpaid a total of £2bn. On averge families were overpaid by £1,000 - money the Revenue then tried to get back pushing them into …
John Oates, 22 Jun 2005
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Official orders probe of airlines that stole Christmas

A US government official has called for an investigation into the problems that grounded over 1,000 US Airways and Comair flights last weekend. US Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta today ordered his department's Inspector General to probe the flight cancellations that left thousands of passengers stranded as they tried to …
Ashlee Vance, 27 Dec 2004
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Jambo OpenOffice released

Jambo OpenOffice, the Swahili version of OpenOffice, has been released, the Open Swahili Localization Project (Kilinux), announced on Saturday. According to the press release, "Swahili is the most spoken of the Bantu languages and conservative estimates indicate that is the first language spoken by more than 70m people, chiefly …
Robin Lettice, 07 Dec 2004
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Dell 'to add' AMD CPUs to product line - CEO

Getting a little chilly down there, Satan? Yes, infernal ice-skating may soon become possible, following Dell CEO Kevin Rollins' admission that the computer giant is close to signing up AMD as a processor supplier. Speaking in an Infoworld interview, Rollins said: "My guess is we're going to want to add that [AMD] product line …
Tony Smith, 12 Nov 2004
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US air traffic control open to attack

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has agreed to examine computer security at air traffic control centers around the country, following a government audit that found the systems insufficiently secured against cyber attacks. Auditors found that the FAA hadn't adequately secured computers running at the 20 "en route …
Kevin Poulsen, 15 Oct 2004

Happy birthday, Mainframe

The mainframe is celebrating its 40th birthday, writes Bloor Research president Robin Bloor. It must be said it has stood the test of time like very few other things in the IT world. History will tell you that Tom Watson Jr. made a $5bn bet on the mainframe (then referred to as the System 360 or simply s/360) which IBM claims to …
IT-Analysis, 08 Apr 2004
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Intel, AMD and Apple test on-chip water cooling tech

Intel, AMD and IBM could soon been shipping water-cooled processors to boost clock frequencies without putting extra strain on notebook, desktop and server heat management systems, courtesy of a new technique developed by Stanford University spin-off company Cooligy. Using water to cool over-clocked processors is nothing new, …
Tony Smith, 07 Oct 2003

The future of ENUM, VoIP, IM, mobile phones, the Internet? Click here

An extensive and wide-ranging report to the European Commission is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of ENUM, Internet phones, Instant Messaging, mobile phones and the Internet in general. The 161-page report [pdf], written by Joe McNamee and Tiina Satuli of Political Intelligence, is intended as a guide to …
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Oct 2003
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Linux Continues to Continue

IBM and SuSE Linux have got security certification for Linux from the US Government, writes Robin Bloor of Bloor Research. Acquiring certification, under a Pentagon certification program entitled Common Criteria, is costly and time consuming, but IBM and SuSE put in the money and the time. The certification applies only to the …
IT-Analysis, 06 Aug 2003
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MS to micro-manage your computer

A recent MSNBC article by techno-pundit Steven Levy discusses Microsoft's plans for a new computer operating environment (code-named "Palladium") that links hardware, software, and data into a neat package, allegedly more secure and convenient for users. Or, putting it in simpler terms, it's Microsoft's answer to fixing …
Richard Forno, 24 Jun 2002
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Firm runs down Dell battery dispute

Dell has agreed terms over rechargeable battery technology owned by a company called UNOVA, which filed suit against the PC giant in February, 2000. The deal has not been made public, suffice to say, that Dell joins three other "major computer companies representing more than half of US production of laptop and portable …
Drew Cullen, 14 May 2002
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London computer crime ring smashed

Scotland Yard has warned office workers in London to be more vigilant after smashing a major computer theft ring in the city. Hi-tech kit worth more than £200,000 was seized during raids in the East End, The Evening Standard reported, including photocopiers, hard drives, laptops and monitors. The gang is also believed to be …
Linda Harrison, 07 Mar 2001
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Compaq shows 1GHz Kryotech-AMD system

Compaq is showing a 1GHz Presario which uses Kryotech's Super G technology in combination with an AMD Athlon. Kryotech introduced the supercooled system at the end of last year, but the fact that Compaq is showing a product based on it is a plus for both it and for chip company AMD. The system is being demoed at a consumer show …
Mike Magee, 06 Jan 2000
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Hardware site roundup

If major computer manufacturers were surprised with the speed the Internet took off, they've also been astonished by the rise of Web sites, which often beat the thick monthlies stone cold on news and reviews. Press relations will never be the same again... Here's a daily report of what we've spotted since we last looked, 24 …
Mike Magee, 15 Sep 1999
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Compaq to go enterprise crazy next Tuesday

As a corollary to the re-organisation of its enterprise server division next week, reported here earlier, Compaq will also introduce a raft of products and initiatives Tuesday next. Senior Compaq VP Enrico Pesatori will start by announcing the re-org, and is likely to appoint Bill Heil, a vice president of the company, to head …
Mike Magee, 14 Aug 1999
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SGI pledges ‘major commitment’ to Linux

SGI claimed yesterday it was making "a major commitment" to Linux -- the biggest from any major computer vendor -- following its announcement of its latest major restructure. That commitment, said company execs speaking at a press conference this evening, is to move all of its software technologies over to the open source OS and …
Tony Smith, 11 Aug 1999
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HP CEO calls in consultants for top-to-bottom review

Hewlett-Packard has begun a top-to-bottom review of the company's operations, covering the whole of its business lines and strategies down to corporate culture. CEO Lewis Platt told staff of the review, which is being conducted by external consultants, in a memo last week. The company's sudden attack of navel-gazing comes after …
John Lettice, 23 Nov 1998