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Terror cops hunt laptop snatched from retired MI5 spookmistress

A laptop belonging to the former boss of MI5 has been nicked while she was passing through Heathrow Airport. Dame Stella Rimington's computer was swiped after she left the machine on a luggage trolley at Heathrow airport last Tuesday, The Sun reports. There's no evidence the theft was anything more than opportunistic. Even so …
John Leyden, 1 Jun 2012
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UK doctor loses unencrypted laptop containing patient data

A UK doctor faces a disciplinary inquiry after an unencrypted laptop containing confidential patient data was stolen from his home. The unnamed junior medic acted against regulations set by the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, his employers. The doctor took unencrypted patient information – including names, dates …
John Leyden, 19 Jan 2011
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Lost mobiles to pile up in taxis in run up to Xmas

London residents leave an average 10,000 mobile phones in the back of taxis every month. Passengers also forget an estimated 1,000 other tech gizmos - including iPods, laptops and memory sticks - in London cabs every month, according to a survey of London's licensed cabbies. The amount of gear left in cabs peaks during the run …
John Leyden, 30 Nov 2009
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Lost laptop exposes thousands of pension records

Exclusive A lost laptop containing the personal data of 109,000 Pensions Trust members has sparked the latest in a growing list of information security breach alerts. The missing machine was stolen from the offices of NorthgateArinso, suppliers of the Pensions Trust's computerised pensions administration system, where it was being used …
John Leyden, 28 May 2009
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Lost laptops cost companies $50k apiece

A single lost or stolen laptop costs a business an average of nearly $50,000. At least, that's the word from an Intel-sponsored study by the Ponemon Institute. That figure is based on Ponemon's recent voluntary survey of 28 US companies reporting 138 separate cases of missing laptops. Value of missing kit was mathmagically …
Austin Modine, 23 Apr 2009
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Colchester Hospital sacks manager over lost laptop

Colchester University Hospital has sacked one of its managers over the theft of his work laptop, which contained unencrypted patient records. The PC - which was stolen (pdf) from the unnamed manager's car in June - contained copies of the personal details and treatment plans of several thousand patients. Thieves took the …
John Leyden, 12 Aug 2008
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Culture of insecurity blamed for HMRC data loss

A culture of insecurity rather than mistakes by any single official has been blamed for the HMRC data loss debacle, an official inquiry is expected to report on Wednesday. The Poynter report will highlight poor security practices at the government agency leading up to the loss of discs contained child benefit information on 25 …
John Leyden, 25 Jun 2008

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