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Twilight Zone, 'Time Enough At Last'

A trip to the Twilight Zone with a support guy called Iron Maiden

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Thank you for submitting a support request. You can put your clothes back on now. In another dimension, logging a call could involve a full invasive strip search. Or perhaps there’d be a sado-dimensional version of Zendesk in which, having determined that a user is raising frivolous issues, sends attitude-corrective electric …
Alistair Dabbs, 01 Jul 2016

You want the poor to have more money? Well, doh! Splash the cash

Worstall @ the Weekend Phillip from London writes in to note that I'm really not a fan of the minimum wage. So, given that we don't want the poor starving in the streets, or that we might actually think there is some minimum income that a rich country should provide just because, what's the recommended Worstall method of achieving this? To which the …
Tim Worstall, 20 Sep 2015
Darren Walsh and his Dave trophy. Pic: Dave

'Hans free' mobe gag crowned Fringe's funniest

Peterborough funny man Darren Walsh has secured the 2015 "Funniest Joke of The Fringe" title with the splendid: "I just deleted all the German names off my phone. It's Hans free." Ten experts engaged by comedy channel Dave spent a week at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the look-out for the best quips, which were then put …
Lester Haines, 25 Aug 2015

Heroic Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse tighten their belts

It's day four of the El Reg Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse's five-day Live Below the Line challenge, and while everyone is on course to triumphantly cross the finishing line tomorrow night, it's not all plain sailing. We've got 13 people tightening their belts in support of Malaria No More UK. I'm doing the challenge for the third …
Lester Haines, 30 Apr 2015

Quid-A-Day kids chow down on foraged weed salad

We at the El Reg Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse headquarters received the first full report from team member Nathan Dennis yesterday afternoon, shortly after he got stuck into the Live Below the Line challenge in aid of Malaria No More UK. Regarding his basic line of attack as to how to survive on £1 a day for food, he said: "Given I …
Lester Haines, 28 Apr 2015

Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse taunted with sausage sarnie snap

The El Reg Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse's Live Below the Line challenge got off to a provocative start today, as Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team member Paul "Lord Shax" Shackleton sent over a snap of what we certainly weren't getting our laughing gear round this morning. Paul Shackleton's sausage sarnie Careful not …
Lester Haines, 27 Apr 2015

El Reg posse prepares for quid-a-day nosh challenge

The countdown to this year's Live Below the Line challenge has begun, and next week, the elite El Reg Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse will attempt to survive for five days on a food budget of just £1 per day. I did the challenge in 2013, and raised a good wedge of cash for Malaria No More UK. Magnificently, five brave souls have agreed …
Lester Haines, 25 Apr 2014

Former Microsoftie in AUTOMATIC BEER MAKER funding plea

A pair of boozy ex-Microsoft employees have embarked on a mission to bring homebrewing to the masses with a machine that supposedly makes brewing a beer as easy as making an espresso. Bill Mitchell and his brother Jim launched the Picobrew Zymatic on Kickstarter, where it has quickly racked up orders. The project began on 30 …
Jasper Hamill, 02 Oct 2013
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Quid-a-day nosh challenge hack in bullet-hard chickpea drama

Day two of my "Live Below the Line" challenge has kicked off with another two fried egg sarnies and a couple of cuppas, following a long, hungry cooking slog yesterday thanks to some particularly obstinate chickpeas. To recap, I'm subsisting until for five days on just £1 a day for nosh as part of "an innovative awareness and …
Lester Haines, 30 Apr 2013
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Fried-egg sarnies kick off Reg man's quid-a-day nosh challenge

Coffee, bacon and black pudding were strictly off the menu this morning as this hack kicked off his "Live Below the Line" challenge with a couple of fried-egg sarnies and a mug of builders' tea. Until Friday, I have to subsist on just £1 a day for food as I participate in "an innovative awareness and fundraising campaign that' …
Lester Haines, 29 Apr 2013
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NASA micro-satellite eyes space bacteria

NASA is preparing to launch a tiny satellite loaded with yeast and anti-fungal drugs early next month in order to better understand how bacteria becomes nastier in space. The nanosatellite, known as PharmaSat, is only about the size of a loaf of bread and will hitch a ride as a secondary payload aboard a US Air Force Minotaur …
Austin Modine, 29 Apr 2009

The £3 phone

Don’t want to cough-up an arm and a leg for the iPhone 3G? Then get down to Carphone Warehouse, where you can pick up a Motorola handset for less than the price of a pint. motorola_w180 A BlackBerry Storm beater? (snigger) The W180 costs an unbelievable £2.89 ($4.30/€3.40), although you do have to simultaneously buy the …
James Sherwood, 15 Dec 2008
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Sainsbury's and HP buddy up on recycling jamboree

HP and supermarket giant Sainsbury’s are asking Londoners to recycle IT kit they no longer use. Both firms want people to bring neglected desktops, laptops, fax machines, scanners and printers to Sainsbury’s Nine Elms store in Vauxhall, London this Saturday (6 September) between 11am and 4pm for recycling purposes. HP said it …
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Sep 2008
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Alien pope abductors want open Wi-Fi access

Letters Let's start the letters bag with some good news from a couple of weeks ago. We've got masses of grumbling, papal madness and alien invasions to come, so we thought we'd start with an easy one. Hands up who wants some free money? Then get down to the west, where a cash machine in Bristol was handing out £20s instead of £10s. Nice …
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Nov 2006
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Definitive list of ‘dangerous’ Big Brother spin-offs revealed!

TV stars move into Pig Brother sty Many thanks to Christian Cook for this excellent list of Big Brother possibilities. If George Orwell's timeless stand against loss of freedom being reduced to a voyeur fest of celeb wannabes wasn't bad enough ("Oh no, I have to clean the chickens again, so this is what losing your political …
Linda Harrison, 17 Aug 2001
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Fuelling the flames: crazies everywhere

The UK fuel crisis: all thanks to the Internet I'm angry enough with not being about to get petrol (which I am quite happy to pay for, let's face it they'd only tax something else we enjoy more) without reading the moronic reactionary right-wing bollocks in the above article. I read The Register for your humorous slant on IT …
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Sep 2000
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Middle England protests over petrol rip-off

Everyone in the UK knew the government made a load of money from tax on petrol, but thanks to a well-run Boycott the Pumps (soon tabloidised into "Dump the Pump") campaign there are now few motorists that aren't aware Britain's petrol is the most expensive in Europe and that Gordon Brown's Treasury takes a whopping 75p for every …
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jun 2000