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Gnome cofounder: Desktop Linux is a CHERNOBYL of FAIL

Gnome project cofounder and current Xamarin CTO Miguel de Icaza says he's done wrestling with Linux on the desktop, and that he now uses Apple kit exclusively for all of his workstation needs. De Icaza is well known in the open source community for developing a number of client-side technologies for Linux, including the …
Neil McAllister, 06 Mar 2013
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Attachmate's Brauckmann takes control of SUSE Linux

Legacy software lover Attachmate has put one of its own long-time executives in charge of what was formerly Novell's SUSE Linux operation and will focus that unit on serving Linux customers and growing Linux business. Attachmate has tapped Nils Brauckman, formerly vice president of sales and marketing for the company's EMEA …

Novell: Linux finally breaks even

Well, that only took six years and change. As part of its discussion of its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2010 ended in January, Dana Russell, chief financial officer at operating system and systems software maker Novell, said that the SUSE Linux business was at break-even, what he called "a significant …

Novell forces customers to pay for maintenance

Commercial operating system and add-on systems software maker Novell this week felt the ire of its user base, as it warned partners that in a few months it would be requiring that customers get a maintenance contract on software before they would get access to patches, updates, and technical documents for that software. It …

Novell recovery continues

Novell increased its estimates for full year revenue yesterday to between $940 and $980m, and said margins for the year were also improving. Reporting third quarter results, Novell said it brought in revenues of $245m, compared to $237m for the third quarter of 2007. Income from operations was $1m compared to a loss of $10m …
John Oates, 29 Aug 2008

Linux helps dampen Novell's losses

Novell narrowed losses in the third quarter, bolstered by the SUSE Linux business beginning to pull more weight. For the quarter ended July 31, Novell reports a net loss of $3.42m, a 48 per cent difference compared with a loss of $6.5m in the same quarter the previous year. Excluding one-time items, Novell's income from …
Austin Modine, 30 Aug 2007

Installing desktop Linux

Comment It's funny how you can find yourself transported back, when faced with a set of stimuli. Pick up an old book, listen to a piece of music, or put on a jacket, and sometimes a wealth of memories and feelings can come rushing back. It can be slightly disorienting and it's not always pleasant, but for me at least, it never ceases to …
Jon Collins, 28 Mar 2007

Novell posts drop in revenues and profits

Novell has recorded a $12m drop in revenues for the first quarter of 2007. The networking software firm reported net revenues of $230m for the period ending 31 January, (Q1 '06: $242m). Novell posted net losses of $19.9m for the quarter, resulting in a loss per share of $0.06, compared with net profits of $1.8m and flat …
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Restructuring costs drive Novell into the red

Novell has swung from profit of $15m last year to record a fourth quarter loss of $5m, despite an upsurge in revenue. For the quarter ending 31 October, Novell reported revenue of $320m, compared to revenue of $301m for Q42004. Excluding restructuring charges of $38m, the enterprise software supplier said it would have earned $ …
John Leyden, 02 Dec 2005
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Novell spies MS Vista launch opportunity

Twenty months after entering into the Linux market by acquiring Suse, Novell has outlined its strategy to counter Microsoft in 2006. Jack Messman, chief executive of networking software vendor Novell says that 2006 will see widespread adoption of Linux on the corporate desktop. According to Messman the catalyst will be the …

Lloyd's taking on open source IP risk

Exclusive Lloyd's of London is close to offering independent insurance protection worldwide against potential IP litigation involving Linux and open source software. The financial services giant has agreed to take on the risk associated with open source, and is finalizing arrangements to work through Open Source Risk Management (OSRM) who …
Gavin Clarke, 12 Aug 2005

Red Hat gives Fedora wings

Red Hat is giving more freedom to Fedora - the open source project it supports and sponsors. In simple terms Fedora is an advanced Linux distribution which is used as a testing ground for future developments which may be later included in Red Hat's enterprise linux products. It is fully Open Source and relies on community …
John Oates, 06 Jun 2005
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MS extends IP protection to hoi polloi

Microsoft is to extend its intellectual property (IP) protection to all licensed users of the bulk of its software. Previously the IP indemnification was only available to volume licensees, but now the company says it will protect all its users in the event of disputes arising over patents, copyright, trade secrets and …
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Nov 2004
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IBM threatens SCO with GPL hearing

Tech behemoth IBM has accused SCO of copyright infringement because it did not abide by the GNU General Public License (GPL) in using IBM's copyrighted work. IBM is seeking summary judgment for an injunction against SCO. At issue is a chunk of IBM's Linux code that SCO was authorized to use and distribute on condition that it …
Thomas C Greene, 19 Aug 2004
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Quantum offers full line through European channel

Channel Roundup Storage behemoth Quantum is to offer its complete line of products through European distributors Ideal Hardware and CMS Peripherals.This will include the DLT VS80, DLT VS160 and SDLT 320-branded tape drives. PCA Business Forum The Professional Computing Association's annual Business Forum is taking place on 26 February. The …
John Oates, 18 Feb 2004
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Veritas salutes SuSE and VMware

Veritas this week took a major step to bulk up its Linux business by announcing partnerships with SuSE and VMware. Veritas has been working for some time to bring its entire server and storage software lines up to speed on SuSE and is now saying the mission is accomplished. As of today, customers will find SuSE on equal footing …
Ashlee Vance, 19 Jan 2004
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UK gov aims for ‘level playing field’ with open source pilots

The UK Government is kicking off nine 'proof of concept' trials of the use of open source software in the public sector with the intention of creating "a level playing field" between open source and proprietary software. The trials are being jointly co-ordinated by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and the Office of the …
John Lettice, 09 Oct 2003
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Red Hat turns a profit once again

Red Hat managed to wring a profit out of its first fiscal quarter, posting solid year-on-year growth. The Linux maker made $27.2 million in revenue for the period which ended on May 31. This marks a 39 percent increase over the $19.5 million posted in the same quarter a year ago. The strong quarter pushed Red Hat into the …
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jun 2003
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Linux heats up the enterprise apps space

According to Scott Handy, director of IBM's Linux solutions marketing group, Linux has now matured sufficiently to be hailed as an "industrial enterprise-class Internet server for web applications", writes Fran Howarth, of Bloor Research. Handy says that this has happened in a remarkably short period of time: three years ago, …
IT-Analysis, 27 May 2003
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Lindows CEO attacks Intel's Centrino Linux lockout

Intel is going through a major internal struggle over desktop Linux, and the pro-Microsoft marketing droids are currently winning, according to CEO Michael Robertson. As evidence, Robertson puts forward the lack of Linux support for Centrino, the mysterious blocking of his company's request to participate in an Intel …
John Lettice, 20 Mar 2003
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The rise of the $99 ‘consumer’ Linux distribution

Newsforge logo $99, give or take $20, seems to be the new price point for full-featured, consumer-level Linux distributions. This is a great deal for non-technical users, since most of the new-wave consumer Linux products give users a much prettier and easier experience than traditional, all-GPL distributions tailored for a …
Robin Miller, 04 Feb 2003
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HP scales up Euro Linux support

Hewlett-Packard's announcement of major amounts of Linux support at the New York LinuxWorld Expo was supplemented at the Linux Expo in Paris last week with the announcement of preloaded Linux distributions on some of its server products and the formation of support and training teams throughout EMEA, writes Bruce Tober. In New …
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Corel warns of cash-flow crises if Inprise merger fails

Corel admits it could run out of cash within 90 days. The company told the Canadian Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday that unless its planned merger with Inprise/Borland goes ahead, its financial results fail to improve or other sources of finance are not secured, "a cash deficiency may occur within the next three …
Tony Smith, 25 Apr 2000
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Inprise lawyers seek to block opposition to Corel merger

A campaign to derail the Corel-Inprise/Borland merger has attracted the attention of Inprise's learned friends, probably because of some interesting revelations rather than as a result of the campaign seriously threatening the deal. The reason for the aggro is that Corel's share price has dropped dramatically since the …
Graham Lea, 30 Mar 2000
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Corel plus Borland plus Linux – is this the big one?

Analysis Microsoft must be regretting that Corel's home page is able to quote MSNBC saying last month that "Corel Linux is terrific". Feelings at Fort Redmond must be less generous this week following news of the Corel merger with Inprise/Borland. Corel CEO Michael Cowpland sees his destiny as establishing Linux on the desktop on a big …
Graham Lea, 10 Feb 2000
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Corel – the serial Linux deal-maker

Corel's aggressive Linux alliance-building programme - six deals in five weeks - shows no sign of slowing down, with the Tuesday announcement of Corel having taken up to a 30 per cent stake in Ottawa-based OE/ for an undisclosed sum. No wonder Corel thinks it has only done five deals, according to its Q4 financial …
Graham Lea, 20 Jan 2000
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MS pays up to settle on eve of Caldera antitrust trial

MS on Trial Caldera and Microsoft announced a settlement of their antitrust battle late yesterday. Caldera's private action against Microsoft, centred on DR-DOS, had been scheduled to go to trial on 1 February. A minimalist and obscurantist masterpiece of a press release released in Salt lake City, but carefully-crafted by the most …
Graham Lea, 11 Jan 2000
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Fear and loathing as TM card played for Red Hat Linux

Red Hat has caused a storm in the Linux community by demanding that the trademarked name Red Hat Linux only be used for boxed and unmodified software from Red Hat. So companies supplying the GPL version of Red Hat can no longer describe it as such, and it's not immediately clear what they should call it instead. The issue was …
John Lettice, 02 Sep 1999
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Intel claims IA64 will outperform Risc offerings

Intel Developer Forum Our busy day in Palm Springs yesterday finished off with a dinner with the Merced team. You might remember that at the Spring Intel Developer Forum (IDF), we took snaps of the Merced cartridge, which was then siliconless, courtesy of Steve Smith, GM of the Merced group. This time, everyone was advised to bring a camera and Smith …
Mike Magee, 01 Sep 1999
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Fujitsu, NEC fuel Japan Linux take-off

Linux seems poised for a breakthrough in Japan, according to reports over the weekend. According to the newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Fujitsu and NEC are poised to roll out Linux products for the networking market, while IBM Japan plans Linux notebooks and servers. NEC will be unveiling Linux servers aimed at ISPs next month, …
John Lettice, 15 Mar 1999