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Germans give peeking Google one in the eye

The town of Molfsee near Kiel in the north-western German state of Schleswig-Holstein doesn't want to be filmed by Google for its Street View program, a service that provides 360-degrees street level images via Google Maps. The leader of the Christian Democratic Union on the town council told the Lübecker Nachrichten that "we …
Jan Libbenga, 30 Sep 2008
Pirates ahoy!

Microsoft struggles to rid US shores of pesky pirates

Microsoft yesterday confirmed that it has filed 21 civil lawsuits for software piracy in US federal courts against resellers in 14 states. The tech multinational has slung its latest round of sue balls at resellers, claiming they have used a crafty technique that it likes to refer to as “hard-disk loading”. It said that the …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jun 2008

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