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via leeds police. yes really. inflatable penis costume

Leeds cops issue appeal for man-sized todger

West Yorkshire police are seeking a giant penis who may have witnessed a serious assault in Leeds city centre in April. via yorkshire police. yes really. inflatable penis costume An image helpfully supplied by West Yorkshire police - almost certainly of a person modelling the costume rather than the alleged witness In the …
John Oates, 17 May 2017
Wi-Fi  on the streets of leeds

AQL looks for Ofcom approval, maybe more blue hotspots to come?

Regional telco AQL is looking to get Electronic Communications Code (ECC) approval for installing its services, including free Wi-Fi around Leeds, mobile data services, and very, very fast fibre in the ground. The company has one customer wired up at 100Gbps, lots at 10Gbps and hundreds at 1Gbps, and has applied to Ofcom to …
Simon Rockman, 1 Jun 2015

Irish distie grabs Advent

Irish distributor DCC has bought Advent Data Limited – the Leeds-based office consumables supplier. Advent employs 111 people and made a profit in 2010 of €4.5m on turnover of €150.1m. Advent flogs printer cartridges and other office supplies; it claims to more than £10m in stock at its Elland warehouse. DCC, made up of five …
John Oates, 9 Mar 2011

Virgin Media downed by thick Leeds 'copper' crooks

Virgin Media customers in Leeds are suffering their second major outage in a few days as a result of witless thieves ripping cables out in the belief they are made of valuable copper. Instead, the raiders have made off with lengths of comparatively worthless glass fibre. Engineers are currently working to repair the damage, …
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Hospital loses vital cancer research to thieves

Police in Leeds are appealing for help tracking down a man suspected of stealing a computer containing developmental cancer research software that hadn't been backed up. The HP desktop unit - described as containing "vital" original software - and a laptop were taken from the Bexley Wing of St James' Hospital at about 7.30pm …

EU battery rule may zap iPhone, blow away MacBook Air

The EU is readying a new set of directives that could spell trouble for Apple's iPhone and any other gadget that lacks an easily removable power pack. A new, draft batteries directive mandates that power cells inside electronic devices must be "readily removable" for replacement and safe disposal. This isn't the case with the …
Jan Libbenga, 7 Oct 2008
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Leeds thieves target Ford Focus chips

Police in Leeds have issued a warning to Ford Focus owners that thieves are targeting their vehicles in order to get their mitts on an allegedly magical chip from the car's stereo, the Yorkshire Evening Post reports. Detective Inspector Nick Wallen from North East Leeds Division explained: "There has been an ongoing rumour for …
Lester Haines, 23 Jun 2008
Warning Stop

Man barred from posting crimes on YouTube

An Englishman has been ordered to stop bragging about his criminal behavior on the internet after an extensive video library of his misdemeanors was spotted on YouTube by local authorities. Andrew Kellett, 23, was served yesterday with an interim anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) at Leeds Magistrates' Court that bans him …
Austin Modine, 21 May 2008

Set-top box modders sent to prison

Two men have been sentenced for a total of 15 months for advising people how to bypass security settings on their set-top boxes. Carl Morgan Davison of Llanfechell in Amlwch and Mark Taylor from Leeds got ten and five months respectively. The two were moderators of a site called Davison used the aliases "Hairy …
John Oates, 12 May 2008
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When flash mobs go bad

An open invitation on Facebook to hold a massive water fight in Leeds has resulted in thousands of pounds worth of damage to its prize winning public garden. Leeds City Council claims about 350 people with water pistols, buckets and water balloons trashed the Millennium Square garden on Bank Holiday Monday. The destructive …
Austin Modine, 9 May 2008

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