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Kogan hits 'net-on-TV', Android, Ubuntu markets all at once

Serial stirrer Ruslan Kogan has decided that Gerry Harvey is too boring a target, and wants to stick his thumbs in Steve Jobs' eye instead. To that end, the latest release list from the upstart vendor includes a 7" Android tablet starting at $139 (£99). The latest Kogan Technologies lineup also includes an internet-on-TV service …

Kogan turns consumers into working capital

When everyone is selling the same things, made in the same Chinese factories, how can a retailer manage to gain an edge? That's the problem that Kogan Technologies had: and its solution is, to be fair, pretty cute. Kogan is already Australia's largest online retailer of consumer electronics, so it was obviously doing something …
Tim Worstall, 22 Feb 2011
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Australian firewall wobbles under pressure from all sides

The future of the great Australian firewall is beginning to look decidedly shaky, as electoral calculations and widespread condemnation from politicians and industry alike begin to take their toll. That's the analysis from Greens communications spokesman Scott Ludlam, who believes the proposed internet filter is now on the …
Jane Fae , 21 Jun 2010