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Dell accused of hiding incriminating evidence in defect case

Dell stands accused of deliberately hiding emails that showed its top executives in the mid-2000s knew the company was shipping millions of defective computers, one of its customers alleged in court filings Thursday. Web hosting provider Advanced Internet Technologies, which alleges Dell knowingly sold computers that contained …
Dan Goodin, 13 Aug 2010

Dell's fraud settlement explodes PC market myths

Analysis Even us jaded hacks, who think we've seen everything in the business, can find our chins hitting the trackpad. So it is with the Dell legal settlement last week. It may have a familiar ring to it, as it concerns a kind of business arrangement almost 20 years old - but don't let that fool you. It's the scale of the amounts …
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jul 2010
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Dell pays $100m to settle accounting fraud charges

Dell has agreed to pay $100 million to settle US Security and Exchange Commission charges that it failed to disclose information to investors and used fraudulent accounting practices to give the false impression it was meeting Wall Street earnings targets. Separately, Michael Dell – the company's founder, chairman, and CEO – …
Cade Metz, 22 Jul 2010

Michael Dell says: If I could do it all again...

Interview If Michael Dell were starting up in business today, it would be in storage and operate in China. At least that's what he he said in a briefing and interview session with journalists last week. He and Dell's EMEA President David Marmonti gave their views on aspects of Dell's business. The company is not out of the woods yet, …
Chris Mellor, 30 Sep 2008
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Michael Dell 'not involved' in accounting fraud

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers said Wednesday he was not involved in any of the accounting monkeyshines uncovered during an internal probe at the company. Dell's remarks at the Citigroup technology conference in New York is the first time he has publicly commented on his participation — or lack of participation — in the …
Austin Modine, 06 Sep 2007

Dell profit improves amid accounting woes

Dell posted healthy sales and profit for its fiscal second quarter, spurred by favorable market conditions, including higher average selling prices and lower component costs. Operating income for the quarter ended August 3 was $896m. Net income was $733m. The results took a hit big from $102m in expenses related to payments …
Austin Modine, 30 Aug 2007

Dell Ex-CEO Rollins to get $48 million cash

Former Dell CEO Kevin Rollins will be making bank after all. Despite receiving a pyrite parachute of a severance package to the tune of $5m, the ex-executive will receive an additional $48.5m in expired stock options that have been frozen because of an accounting investigation. Rollins, however, will have to tuck himself in …
Austin Modine, 09 Aug 2007

Dell to acquire ASAP

Computer maker Dell has entered into a £340m agreement to acquire software solutions and licensing services provider ASAP. If the deal, which is subject to regulatory conditions, gets the go ahead Dell said it expects to see the software arm of its business grow with a little bit of help from ASAP's "expertise" in licensing, …
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Aug 2007

CEO Dell: We're losing our religion

Dell today leaked a memo to the press, hoping to prove that it's serious about making a strong comeback. CEO Michael Dell penned the memo that went out first to employees and then shortly thereafter to the Wall Street Journal, once Dell's PR team gave the all clear. The e-mail made ample use of broad statements and rhetoric to …
Ashlee Vance, 28 Apr 2007

AMD's CEO doesn't have Intel to kick around anymore

Comment After hearing about AMD's first quarter bloodbath, Carly Fiorina and Kevin Rollins must wonder what's wrong with Wall Street. No analyst has yet to place the call for Hector Ruiz's head. AMD's Q1 blows away anything faced by HP ex Fiorina or Dell ex Rollins. The chipmaker lost $611m as processor sales collapsed by 38 per cent. …
Ashlee Vance, 23 Apr 2007

Evidence of accounting chicanery at Dell

Dell says an audit committee convened to probe its bookkeeping has found evidence of misconduct and accounting errors that may result in restatements to previous financial results. The preliminary finding, which also disclosed potential deficiencies in the company's financial controls, is the latest announcement to raise doubts …
Dan Goodin, 29 Mar 2007
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Dell woos Yahoo! and Amazon with cloud making service

Dell's "evolution" apparently includes the growth of fins, scales, and a tail, because the vendor has started swimming upstream with a new custom server and storage design service aimed at the hungriest data center customers. The company has dubbed its latest effort the Dell Cloud Computing Solution, although constructing …
Ashlee Vance, 28 Mar 2007

Dell ends 2006 horror with $1bn drop in PC sales

A sedate Dell posted fourth quarter results that didn't horrify investors even though its PC and notebook sales fell in dramatic fashion. Dell reported $14.4bn in revenue – down from $15.2bn in the same period last year. The company's net income came in at $673m, which marks quite the fall from last year's haul of $1bn. …
Ashlee Vance, 01 Mar 2007

Dell gets new Euro head

Dell has appointed David Marmonti as its new European boss. Marmonti, now senior vice president and president of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, was most recently running public sector sales for Dell. He is replacing Paul Bell who is returning to the US. The shake up follows the return of Michael Dell to the top of the …
John Oates, 28 Feb 2007
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Dell hits Rollins with $5m slap to the face

Dell's executive compensation committee has proved the cruelest of masters, handing ex-CEO Kevin Rollins a piddling $5m on his way out of Round Rock. The company today revealed the embarrassing payout in a SEC filing, detailing its parting of ways from Rollins. The former CEO will stay on until May 4 as an advisor and continue …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Feb 2007
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Dell snakes Motorola's mobile man

Dell has done some Zandr poaching, grabbing Motorola's handset chief to run its consumer products unit. Ron Garriques worked at Motorola for nearly ten years, most recently as SVP and president of mobile devices. Now he'll report straight to Michael Dell as head of Dell's consumer goods. The latest executive move keeps Dell's …
Ashlee Vance, 16 Feb 2007

Michael calls in Michael to sort out Dell

Battered Dell has moved to get its act together by drafing in a tech manufacturing veteran to oversee its global operations. The vendor has had a terrible year, what with exploding laptops, service complaints, HP taking the number one PC spot, and Michael Dell having to jump back into the CEO seat. Michael Dell is looking to …
Joe Fay, 15 Feb 2007
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Dell saves nation from bird flu

It's been a difficult week in the UK - a letter bomber with no staying power, alleged terrorists arrested, strange white stuff falling from the sky and destroying rail and tube networks, and the arrival of the dreaded bird 'flu on a turkey farm in Suffolk. Fortunately, help is at hand. We received the following round-robin …
John Oates, 09 Feb 2007

Dell sued for chip kickbacks

Dell shareholders are suing the computer maker over allegations it took kickbacks from Intel to maintain an exclusive relationship with the chipmaker. The class action suit alleges Dell's profits were inflated by as much as $800m a year by the payments. The money was paid as long as Dell rejected chips from rival supplier AMD. …
John Oates, 05 Feb 2007
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Dell's CEO Rollins evicted from brass box

Comment Dell's siamese twin management experiment has ended with only the brand name baby surviving the surgeon's slice. Back in 2004 when Kevin Rollins took over the CEO gig from founder Michael Dell, company officials talked up the close bonds between the two executives. The comrades shared an office, working in a so-called two-in-a- …
Ashlee Vance, 01 Feb 2007

Michael Dell ousts Rollins, back in charge

After 30 months at the helm, Kevin Rollins is leaving Dell, following years of decline that might rival the great fall of the Roman empire. The disclosure came as the company said its fourth-quarter results fell below analysts' consensus estimates. Michael Dell - the visionary who as a college student conceived the idea of …
Dan Goodin, 31 Jan 2007

Dell calls in EDS man to head up services

Dell has named Steve Schuckenbrock, late of EDS, as the new head of its global services division. Schuckenbrock was one of two chief operating officers at EDS - he left the company in May. EDS joined forces with Dell, and other hardware companies, in late 2004 to form the Agility Alliance whereby EDS provided services on top of …
John Oates, 13 Dec 2006
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Dell Q3 already in ruin – analyst

Dell's moves to lower prices, hire more understandable customer service reps and stop product fires do not appear to be helping its immediate fortunes. Think Equity analyst Eric Ross warned today that channel checks in Asia show Dell's PC sales "declining rapidly below expectations". Dell will likely struggle to correct the …
Ashlee Vance, 20 Sep 2006

Dell 4 EMC 4 eva?

Dell gets to keep pretending to be an enterprise storage player with a new extension of its deal to rebadge low-end EMC kit. The arrangement, which began in 2001, will now run until 2011. It's an important deal for both players - Dell accounted for about $360m of EMC's Q2 revenues, or around 14 per cent. Analyst house TBR …
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Dell's profit evaporates as AMD love swells

Banish any thoughts of Dell suffering from a short-term stumble. The Dell juggernaut has veered far off the tracks and doesn't look set to recover anytime soon. Dell today tossed out weak second quarter results, marking the third time in the last four quarters that the company has displayed lackluster sales. Revenue for the …
Ashlee Vance, 17 Aug 2006

Dell warns of Q2 earnings bloodbath

Rather than pointing a finger at itself, Dell has blamed a weakening global economy for its second quarter profit warning issued today. Dell sees second quarter revenue coming in at $14bn and predicts a Q2 earnings per share figure between 21 cents and 23 cents. It's that EPS range that's the real tragedy for investors. …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Jul 2006

Dell rejigs US units

Dell has reorganised its US consumer and business units to focus on growth. Ro Parra has been put in charge of Dell's consumer and small business unit. Joe Marengi is now running its US corporate business. The changes were made several weeks ago but have only just been made public. Dell CEO Kevin Rollins told the FT the …
John Oates, 29 Jun 2006

Dell: 'We'll cut prices and ... er, cut prices'

Following one of its worst quarters in memory, Dell has vowed to enact a process of renewal. The company will overhaul its products and customer support services, while at the same time cutting prices in a bid to attract more business in the long-term. As promised, Dell delivered first quarter results well below the company's …
Ashlee Vance, 19 May 2006
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Dell knocks out North Carolina taxpayers in court

Dell has won the first round of a legal slugfest disputing close to $300m in incentives awarded to the computer maker by North Carolina. Judge Robert Hobgood of the Wake County Superior Court today tossed out a lawsuit backed by the non-profit North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law (NCICL). The organization has been …
Ashlee Vance, 11 May 2006

Dell lowers Q1 revenue and investor confidence

Dell today cut its first quarter revenue forecast, and pledged that price cuts would revive sales. Dell now expects first quarter revenue to come in at $14.2bn, which is at the lowest possible end of a previous forecast of between $14.2bn and $14.6bn in revenue. The earnings miss comes as a result of price cuts that will " …
Ashlee Vance, 08 May 2006
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Notebooks deliver Q4 boost at Dell

Dell greased the squeaky wheel during its fourth quarter and corrected a six-month slowdown. The hardware assembler pushed revenue higher 13 per cent to $15.2bn and pumped out a 52 per cent year-over-year gain in net income to $1.0bn. The results, however, did little to impress investors who frowned on Dell's forecast of single- …
Ashlee Vance, 16 Feb 2006

Dell refreshes AMD chip rumor with 'possibility' upgrade

Why should 2006 be any different from 2005, 2004 or 2003? That's right. It's Dell using AMD chips rumor time once again. It took less than two weeks for 2006 to be pumped full of the same rampant speculation that has followed the Dell and AMD non-relationship. As usual, Chairman Michael Dell lands at the center of the rumor …
Ashlee Vance, 10 Jan 2006

Dell slows down in third quarter

Dell waddled through a sticky third quarter in which the company met lowered revenue totals and coughed up hundreds of millions for faulty products and layoffs. In its worst quarter in recent memory, Dell posted revenue of $13.9bn - an 11 per cent year-over-year rise. The hardware maker once suggested that revenue for the …
Ashlee Vance, 11 Nov 2005

Gloomy Q3 outlook clouds Dell's Q2

Dell stunned investors Thursday with an uncharacteristic dose of pessimism as it released second quarter results. As usual, Dell's revenue and profits rose during the second quarter. Dell posted revenue of $13.4bn - a 15 per cent increase over the $11.7bn reported last year. Earnings hit $1.02bn - up 32 per cent from $799m one …
Ashlee Vance, 11 Aug 2005
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First the terrorists, now the GOP. Why IT is against me

And ninethly We bought the son of a bitch and then he didn't stay bought - Henry Clay Frick Desperation doesn't begin to describe my state. When the first bombing blog hit on July 7, I ran to Emergency Chamber 3 with incredible speed. Sadly, I realized a number of essentials were not present in in the Chamber - an oversight from the last …
Otto Z. Stern, 27 Jul 2005

Dell sucks another $7m out of North Carolina

After pumping North Carolina for more than $270m, Dell decided it wasn't done yet. Actually pay for the land its new factory will sit on? Hell, no! In a confusing exchange deal, Dell will "pay" the city of Winston-Salem $7m for land in return for $7m worth of roads and grants from the city to Dell, so it gains the 200-acre …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Jul 2005
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Gates backs Dell iPod skepticism

Are players in the Wintel alliance ganging against Apple Computer's iPod in the battle for control of the MP3 business? Seems that way. Bill Gates has predicted the demise of stand-alone MP3 players like Apple's iPod at the hands of mobile phones that combine functionality and - presumably - run Windows. To drive home the …
Gavin Clarke, 13 May 2005
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Dell keeps double-digit growth groove going in Q1

Strong sales of storage systems and laptops carried Dell to a solid first quarter. The hardware maker posted revenue of $13.4bn - a 16 per cent year-over-year rise - in the period. Dell also reported a 28 percent rise in net income to $934m up from the $731m reported one year earlier. "We are pleased with our performance this …
Ashlee Vance, 12 May 2005

Dell ready to go on India hiring binge

Dell's India staff will swell to more than 10,000 workers by year end, as the company fills out call center and software development roles. To hit the 10,000 mark, Delli will need to hire between 2,000 and 3,000 workers over the next 8 months, CEO Kevin Rollins told reporters in Bangalore, according to numerous media reports. …
Ashlee Vance, 29 Apr 2005
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Rare Dell critics spotted circling over Austin

For the first time in ages, the famed "Dell model" has come into question. Analysts have started wondering if Dell can surge from $49bn in annual sales to $80bn within three or four years. Such a jump would require solid results from Dell's computer business and far above average growth from its server, storage, services and …
Ashlee Vance, 08 Apr 2005
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Dell projects more revenue growth

Dell has announced that it expects to meets its forecast for the first quarter 2005 with revenues of $13.4bn, up 16 per cent from a year ago. The PC manufacturer also reiterated its aim to grow the business over the next three to four years. Dell said that it is expects earnings per share and cash flow from operations to …
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Bars hold iPod nights for iDrunk DJs

Most of the Mormons we know aren't terribly fond of the sauce, but someone needs to buy Dell CEO Kevin Rollins a beer before it's too late. Rollins recently dubbed Apple's iPod a "fad," and he may well miss out on the iParty if he doesn't get down to the iBar quick. Pubs and clubs around the globe have started holding iPod …
Ashlee Vance, 23 Feb 2005
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Dell rejects idea of AMD defection

Dell will not pick up AMD as a second chip supplier despite increased chatter in recent months that such a move could be in the works. Dell's CEO Kevin Rollins today told a group of financial analysts that Intel appears to have corrected numerous problems affecting its chip product over the past year. The close Dell partner has …
Ashlee Vance, 23 Feb 2005
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Dell sets $80bn goal

Dell, the world's biggest PC maker, yesterday proclaimed its intention to become an $80bn a year business. In a conference call to accompany its Q4 FY05 results, CEO Kevin Rollins said he wants to reach the target within the "next several years". Dell has some way to go: for the most recent financial year ended January 28, it …
Drew Cullen, 11 Feb 2005
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Dell 'to add' AMD CPUs to product line - CEO

Getting a little chilly down there, Satan? Yes, infernal ice-skating may soon become possible, following Dell CEO Kevin Rollins' admission that the computer giant is close to signing up AMD as a processor supplier. Speaking in an Infoworld interview, Rollins said: "My guess is we're going to want to add that [AMD] product line …
Tony Smith, 12 Nov 2004
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Dell booms in record Q3

Dell's third quarter earnings results proved duller than its products. The company produced record revenues yet again. Dell bagged $12.5bn worth of gross revenue in the period - an 18 percent rise over the same quarter a year ago. Dell's net income came in at $846m in the third quarter, beating out the $677m reported last year …
Ashlee Vance, 12 Nov 2004

Dell dances past the IT sector with strong Q2

While numerous rivals flounder around it, Dell continues to produce solid results with its most recent success coming in the second quarter. Dell today reported $11.7bn in revenue - a company record for the second quarter and a total 20 percent higher than that posted in the same quarter last year. Dell's net income came in at …
Ashlee Vance, 12 Aug 2004
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Dell boosts Q2 earnings on tax break

Kevin Rollins began his first day as Dell's CEO with a bang, giving the all clear for the company to raise its second quarter earnings forecast. Dell is now looking to post per-share earnings of 31 cents. This is 2 cents higher than previous expectations and 29 percent higher the the earnings per share posted in the same …
Ashlee Vance, 16 Jul 2004
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Dell's Rollins turns on ink-dealing HP

Dell chief operating officer and CEO-in-waiting, Kevin Rollins has been telling the San Francisco Chronicle what he thinks of HP's business model. Rollins told the paper that HP was selling computers at a loss just to get punters hooked on its evil ink cartridge refills. Rollins believes HP is selling computers at a loss …
John Oates, 24 May 2004
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Dell beat itself in the first quarter

Dell today posted strong first quarter results, showing gains across all product lines and geographies. Dell's performance has started to become a bit ho-hum with the company consistently growing faster than rivals. For the first quarter, Dell reported revenue of $11.5bn - a 21 percent year-over-year gain. This total beat out …
Ashlee Vance, 13 May 2004