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Azlan inserts temporary head at HP biz unit

Azlan has made John Ward the caretaker of its HP business unit as a search for a permanent head continues. The enterprise distribution arm of Basingstoke-based Computer 2000 went through a restructure some weeks ago and parted with some senior heads including Mark Walker, director of the converged infrastructure unit. The …
Paul Kunert, 02 Dec 2011
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Patent attack hits Apple, RIM, AT&T, Moto...

Apple, Research in Motion, and a gaggle of other deep-pocket firms have been slapped with a wide-ranging patent infringment suit by an obscure Texas firm. The suit alleges that Apple and RIM - plus AT&T, Insight Enterprises, LG Electronics, Motorola, Pantech Wireless, Samsung and Sanyo - are in violation of one or more of …
Rik Myslewski, 11 Mar 2010
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3Com welcome to join Cisco-Huawei dispute

A US court has granted 3Com's motion to get involved in patent violation dispute between Cisco Systems and 3Com's joint venture partner Huawei. 3Com has welcomed US District Court Judge T. John Ward's ruling that it is "entitled to intervene" in the closely watched case, which centres on accusation by Cisco that Chinese vendor …
John Leyden, 09 Jul 2003
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3Com stokes Cisco Huawei fire

3Com has asked a Federal judge to rule that products created as part of the joint venture between 3Com and China's Huawei Technologies are outside the scope of a legal dispute between Huawei and Cisco. Lawyers for 3Com have filed a motion with the US Court for the Eastern District of Texas in Marshall seeking legal assurances …
John Leyden, 11 Jun 2003
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Intel loses Itanium patent infringement case

The "sword of Damocles" hangs over Itanic after a US judge yesterday passed an order - which he suspended immediately - preventing Intel from making or selling its most powerful line of server processors. The injunction, suspended until November 29, will only come into effect if Intel fails to reverse the decision. The company …
John Leyden, 31 Oct 2002
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Intel to appeal $150m Itanium patent ruling

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Intel Corp is to appeal a judge's ruling yesterday that its Itanium processors infringe on patents owned by Intergraph Corp, risking an additional $100m payout on top of the $150m it has already agreed to pay Intergraph, Kevin Murphy writes Texas District Court Judge John Ward ruled …
ComputerWire, 11 Oct 2002