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Allchin backs away from Vista anti-virus claims

Outgoing Windows development chief Jim Allchin has apologised for the confusion he created in comments taken to mean Vista was so secure it might be possible to run the software without any anti-virus installed. Responding to questions from reporters about whether Vista would be more secure than Windows XP SP2, Allchin said his …
John Leyden, 13 Nov 2006

Allchin rallies the Windows Vista troops

Jim Allchin, outgoing Windows general, has rallied his Windows Vista troops one last time, 10 weeks before the over-hyped operating system hits "general" availability. Allchin, the co-president of platforms and services, has sent an email to Microsoft employees, seen by The Register, sayin that he admired their professionalism …
Gavin Clarke, 09 Nov 2006
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Allchin peers into crystal ball, sees Windows Vista future

Jim Allchin, Microsoft's outgoing Windows chief, has issued a rallying call to developers to Windows Vista, in an open letter emphasizing industry support for the delayed operating system. Allchin proclaimed "tremendous" opportunities await for those moving to its latest version of Windows. Developers whose applications are not …
Gavin Clarke, 21 Sep 2006
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Jim Allchin on the WinXP component question

Steve Ballmer's paranoid fantasies about how many zillions of versions of Windows there would have to be if the States got their way were one way of dealing with the issue of componentisations of Windows, but the deposition of fellow MS exec Jim Allchin seems to have covered the issue in a more rational way. We say "seems to," …
John Lettice, 11 Mar 2002
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Allchin confirms Longhorn delay

The next major update to Windows codenamed Longhorn, will not appear until the second half of 2004, Microsoft told attendees at the WinHEC this week. This confirms what we told you three weeks ago. But veep Jim Allchin vehemently denied that a Windows XP SE would appear in the interim. Which at least confirms that Microsoft is …
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Apr 2002
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VP Allchin says MS OSes worse than Win2k beta

The 'finished' operating systems Microsoft has been shipping for all those years are less stable than the beta of Windows 2000, says Microsoft senior VP Jim Allchin. Or at least, he's been telling people that Windows 2000 "beta 3 is more solid than any OS we've ever shipped." For example: "In our stress tests, it performs better …
John Lettice, 07 May 1999
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Kill Novell! Allchin fingers the real competition

MS on Trial Jim Allchin, whose job these days is to pilot Windows 2000 into harbour, was a key Microsoft figure in the Caldera case email chains, and was seriously worried about Novell. On 9 September 1991, he emailed Bill Gates: "We must slow down Novell. ... As you said Bill, it has to be dramatic ... We need to slaughter Novell before …
Graham Lea, 05 Nov 1999
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What Hailstorm did next: Allchin offers some pointers

Last month Microsoft pulled the plugs on Hailstorm, aka .NET My Services, after failing to find partners willing to trust the company with their data. Hailstorm was kind of important to the whole .NET strategy, and one could therefore wonder about what was left of the latter after the former was gone, but it wasn't gone as such …
John Lettice, 09 May 2002
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MS planned to keep secure music APIs secret – Allchin

A small section of Jim Allchin's deposition for the Microsoft trial we'd overlooked until now casts an interesting light on the way Microsoft had been planning to give itself an edge in secure music distribution. Jim tells us that in accordance with the commitments the company has made in the Revised Proposed Final Judgment ( …
John Lettice, 25 Mar 2002
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Allchin admits Win2001 code leak after Web slagfest

The strange escape of pre-beta code for Whistler, the proposed successor to Windows 2000, earlier this week was followed up by a bizarre flurry around the Web over the last 12 hours or so. Several sites seem to have seized on an apparent Microsoft claim that the whole thing was a fraud, and then retreated with their tails …
John Lettice, 24 Mar 2000
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Allchin lobbied Maritz to pull IE4 from Windows 98

If Jim Allchin hadn't had the problem of exploding demos to deal with this week, he would have been determinedly singing the integration tune from the official Microsoft songsheet. But could this Jim Allchin by some chance be related to the Jim Allchin who, in March 1997, was arguing strongly that the integrated browser be …
John Lettice, 04 Feb 1999
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Felten hits back at MS exec Allchin on integration

MS on Trial Computer scientist Edward Felten of Princeton was the last of the three rebuttal witnesses for the DoJ. Steve Holtzman of the Department of Justice took him through some of the contentious issues in the testimony of Microsoft vp Jim Allchin, which was described as "questionable". Allchin had said "Yes" in response to the …
Graham Lea, 15 Jun 1999
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Allchin named, as proof of MS email destruction policy is sought

Evidence of a Microsoft corporate policy to destroy sensitive or incriminating emails is being sought by a US Court. Last week Judge Frederick Motz of Baltimore District Court ordered Microsoft to search backup tapes for evidence that in 2000 Jim Allchin instructed employees to destroy emails relating to the company's …
John Lettice, 24 May 2004
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Allchin quizzed on ‘secret’ MS protocols and APIs

In court yesterday Microsoft VP Jim Allchin defended the security exception to disclosure in the proposed Microsoft-DoJ settlement, which is derided by opponents as "security by obscurity," but under cross-examination by States' attorney Kevin Hodges he went some way toward defining the protocols and APIs that Microsoft would …
John Lettice, 08 May 2002
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Windows Vista man channels Neil Diamond with debut album

Where do you go after you've given the world Windows Vista? Music, apparently. Former Windows chief Jim Allchin has eschewed the post-Redmond path trodden by other ex-Microsoft executives. He has dumped IT entirely, having capped his 17 years with Microsoft by delivering Windows Vista in 2006. Allchin has done this by returning …
Gavin Clarke, 10 Feb 2009
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Allchin takes a beating over video

We conclude the story of last week's dramatic events when Microsoft was caught faking a demonstration to the court. (Full Video Transcript) Jim Allchin, bruised by David Boies' relentless cross examination, went into a rehearsed redirect examination from Stephen Holley. Allchin probably had a poor lunch, since he had spent most …
Graham Lea, 08 Feb 1999

Vaunted Windows 8 RTM updates 'actually featured from Win2000'

Has Microsoft’s Windows chief Steven Sinofsky gone too far in stating the brilliance of his team's work on Windows 8? “Yes,” say some ex-Microsofties, who reckon Sinofsky is taking credit for something that’s not new on Windows 8, due on Thursday. What’s got them riled is a 10 October Sinofsky blog where he boasted Windows 8 …
Gavin Clarke, 25 Oct 2012

Sinofsky OFFSKI: Is Windows 9 now codenamed 'Defenestrate'?

So Microsoft's Windows 8 chief Steve Sinofsky is offski. Was it corporate politics, modest Surface RT sales, or some hippie desire to find himself that made him quit? Whatever the reason, the news of his departure - just three weeks after Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 and said it was its most significant launch since Windows 95 …
Gavin Clarke, 13 Nov 2012
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Apple intoxicated with ex-Vista chief's musical stylings

Apple is smitten by the admittedly strong guitar stylings of Jim Allchin, the former Windows chief who gave up a life of programming after Vista to pursue his love of music. Allchin's debut album, Enigma, has snagged honors on the iTune's store as one of Apple's "What We're Listening To" recommendations. Microsoft and Apple may …
Austin Modine, 18 Mar 2009

Windows XP and iPod: A tale of two birthdays

This week is remarkable for two 10-year computing anniversaries: that of the Apple iPod and of Microsoft's Windows XP. Both should be celebrated for their success and impact on consumers and tech sector. But while Apple's iPod will be celebrated in the history of its creator and – no doubt – the annals of computing history as a …
Gavin Clarke, 27 Oct 2011
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Ballmer backs away from 'Vista Capable' legal row

Steve Ballmer has distanced himself from the ongoing “Vista Capable” legal spat by claiming he had no direct involvement in Microsoft’s marketing campaign for the operating system. In a document (pdf courtesy of SeattlePI) filed last Friday, the software giant’s CEO effectively exonerated himself in the Windows Vista Capable …
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Oct 2008
Bill Gates' 1970s' mug shot

Windows 8: An awful lot of change for a single release

Microsoft released Windows 1.0 on 20 November, 1985, a year later than first promised. Now, nearly 27 years on, Windows 8 is on the shelves. The operating system was chugging away full-steam ahead as Windows XP established itself - then it jumped the tracks at Vista. Where is Microsoft's OS going now and where did it come from …
Tim Anderson, 23 Oct 2012
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January 30: Window Vista's date with destiny

Microsoft has confirmed "broad" availability for Windows Vista on January 30, with only business customers on volume contracts receiving product before hand. Jim Allchin, co-president for platforms and services, today told press that Windows Vista is feature-complete and ready to ship. OEMs will get code in advance of Microsoft …
Gavin Clarke, 08 Nov 2006

Microsoft services chief to spend more time with his family

Rick Devenuti, chief of Microsoft's fledgling managed services operation is the latest high-ranking manager to leave the company. Devenuti, senior vieep of services and IT, leaves at the end of year after 19 years at the company. He will spend more time with his family and "consider his next challenge," Microsoft said. A …
Gavin Clarke, 12 Oct 2006

Core Windows architect crawls clear of Vista

One of the architects of Windows Vista is leaving Microsoft weeks after it emerged he would be re-assigned once the delayed operating system is launched. Brian Valentine, the vice president for Microsoft's core operating system division, is reportedly leaving Microsoft after 19 years to join internet retailer Amazon. His exit …
Gavin Clarke, 06 Sep 2006
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Microsoft sharpening axe for marketing heads - report

Another year and another shake-up is coming to Microsoft. A restructuring of the team responsible for how Redmond is perceived and sells itself will be announced in the next 30 days, Bloomberg reports. "Hundreds" of staffers in Microsoft's Central Marketing Group (CMG) may find themselves on the business end of an axe wielded by …
Gavin Clarke, 12 Jan 2012
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PC buyers fail to prove MS deceived in Vista 'Capable' suit

The judge in the ongoing Vista Capable row has denied PC buyers a motion for partial summary judgment in a lawsuit against Microsoft, citing a lack of evidence to show the company had hoodwinked customers. The issue will be decided in a forthcoming trial instead, ruled US District Judge Marsha Pechman late on Wednesday. The …
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Mar 2009

MS to omit anti-virus from Vista

Microsoft will omit anti-virus protection in Vista, the next version of Windows, which it plans to ship late this year. As with previous versions of Windows dating back to Windows 2000 at least, Redmond is promoting Vista as a landmark improvement in Windows security. Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft's platform products …
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2006
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Microsoft Vista final beta released

Microsoft is making the last trial version of Vista available to developers and beta testers before it releases the finished product. RC2 version of Vista can be downloaded by TechNet and Microsoft developer network members. A letter from Jim Allchin, platform and services co-president at Microsoft, posted on a Microsoft forum …
John Oates, 09 Oct 2006

Big cheeses rolled into Vista-Incapable lawsuit

You can leave the job, but willl the job leave you? Jim Allchin, Microsoft's Windows mastermind emeritus, is the sole human being to be subpoenaed by plaintiffs in the Microsoft Vista Capable Marketing program class action. Microsoft PC partners, such as Dell, HP and IBM, big resellers such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Costco and Fry's …
Drew Cullen, 26 Mar 2008
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Windows Update to trumpet Vista Capable debacle?

Little did Microsoft executives realize when they blessed the seemingly brilliant wheeze of "Windows Vista Capable" as a way of flogging the operating system that the idea could turn into a bitter pill their company might have to swallow. But there's the very real possibility Microsoft's very own Windows Update and MSN could be …
Gavin Clarke, 06 Oct 2008
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MSWorld® – An Orwellian vision of the future

Open Source 'stifles' innovation We reckon that Malcolm Moore was having one of those days when he read Lucy's recent piece. It seems unlikely that Jim Allchin is on his Xmas card list: I enjoyed your article on Jim Allchin's view on the 'American Way'. Perhaps you should take the theme further and try to imagine a MSWorld® …
Lester Haines, 23 Feb 2001
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Microsoft to end 64-bit Windows endurance test in one month

IDF Spring 05 After years of delays, Microsoft will deliver a pair of 64-bit operating systems within the next month. Honest. Jim Allchin, Microsoft's SVP of platforms, promised to ship the Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition operating systems "in about a month." These operating systems - one for …
Ashlee Vance, 02 Mar 2005
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Open Source ‘stifles’ innovation

A Microsoft bigwig has gone on record today claiming that open source code will stifle innovation. He said that the threat from open source needs to be taken on board by legislators. Can this possibly be right? It sounds like he just got hold of the oppositions' script and changed a few words around. Isn't this what Linux fans …
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Feb 2001
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IE uninstall witness makes MS trial comeback

MS on Trial The next stage of the Microsoft trial, the rebuttal phase, due to commence next week, will see a rematch between Edward Felten, he of the IE uninstaller, and MS VP Jim Allchin. Attempts by Allchin to undermine Felten's program last time around resulted in one of the most spectacular Microsoft own-goals of the trial. Felten had …
John Lettice, 26 May 1999
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Tech bubble banker banned for life

Tech bubble banker Frank Quattrone, who in September was sentenced to 18 months jail time for obstructing a grand jury, obstructing federal regulators and witness tampering, won't be the go-to guy when he gets back. The industry's self-regulator, the NASD, imposed a lifetime ban on him yesterday, overturning an earlier ban and $ …
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Nov 2004

Microsoft details Windows anti-virus pricing

Users running Windows will be charged almost $50 each year for having their PCs protected by Microsoft against attacks from hackers. Microsoft's Windows OneCare Live program will be launched in June and made available online and via retailers for an annual fee of $49.95 on up to three machines. Customers who beta test Windows …
Gavin Clarke, 08 Feb 2006
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MSN chief leaves as consumer platform efforts downscaled

Veteran Microsoft exec Brad Chase has moved into the Redmond out tray, after having his job more or less shot out from under him in last week's reorganisation. Chase, who once upon a time was general manager of MS-DOS, has resigned from his post as VP at MSN, is on holiday, and is reportedly talking to Steve Ballmer about other …
John Lettice, 11 Apr 2001
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MS had plans of its own for an IE uninstaller for Win98

Could Microsoft have been considering an uninstall procedure for IE4 in Windows 98? Some evidence suggesting this appears to have been missed by the DoJ, the Princeton puppies (Felten & Co), and the media generally. Remember, you first saw it in The Register first. There is a very interesting clue in an exhibit consisting of …
Graham Lea, 04 Feb 1999
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Ballmer's big regret at 10: Losing the interwebs

Steve Ballmer's biggest regret of the past ten years? Impatience. Ten years after taking over as Microsoft president - and eight years after replacing Bill Gates as chief exec - Ballmer has told The Wall St Journal that impatience prevented Microsoft from pursuing a Google-like paid search business back in 1999. According to …
Gavin Clarke, 16 Jan 2009
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DoJ says MS exec misled in his deposition

The Department of Justice has asked the court to allow it to re-interview Microsoft senior VP Jim Allchin, saying that it was misled when Allchin gave his original deposition in September. It also wants to see Microsoft's analysis of Edward Felten's program for the removal of IE from Windows 98. According to the DoJ, Allchin …
John Lettice, 23 Dec 1998
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Microsoft's 'ordinary Joe' promises Windows 7 bliss

Windows chief Steven Sinofsky has wheeled in an "ordinary" developer to re-assure folks that Microsoft won't repeat the mistakes of Windows Vista in Windows 7. Microsoft employee Larry Osterman has been brought out to say Windows 7 won't slip, and it won't contain the kinds of bugs that dogged Windows Vista with hardware and …
Gavin Clarke, 17 Oct 2008
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Microsoft won't open up Office till January

Microsoft Vista developers spending Christmas trying to finally finish the product will now have a little company from their colleagues in the Office division. A day after confirming Vista will not now appear until January 2007, Microsoft has confirmed that its applications suite will also not hit general availability until the …
Joe Fay, 24 Mar 2006
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DoJ skewers MS exec over falsified video

Microsoft's defence took a potentially fatal hit today in court, as the DoJ demonstrated that a video demonstration had been 'massaged,' and forced Microsoft senior VP Jim Allchin to concede "they filmed the wrong system." Basically, Allchin is in big trouble, and his evidence is toast. The video had been played by Microsoft's …
John Lettice, 02 Feb 1999

Microsoft and Iowa dream up settlement

Microsoft has settled a lawsuit alleging it exploited its dominant position to overcharge Iowa state consumers $453m in the last 12 years. In a standard settlement deal, local schools are set to benefit with Microsoft providing funds to low-income institutions for the purchase PCs and software - probably Windows. Litigants in …
Gavin Clarke, 14 Feb 2007
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‘Slow’ machine in test video was running MS Office

Microsoft senior VP Jim Allchin retreated in disorder yesterday as the case of the edited video rattled through the courtroom. Government attorney David Boies had forced an admission by Allchin that Microsoft's video demonstration had been tampered with DoJ skewers exec over falsified video, and then proceeded to use this to …
John Lettice, 03 Feb 1999
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Windows 95 to Windows 7: How Microsoft lost its vision

Comment Much better than Vista, and the best Windows yet. That seems to be the consensus view on Windows 7, and after two and a half months with the final build, I more or less agree - despite the niggling voice that says behind the new taskbar it is not really so different from Windows Vista. Nevertheless, Windows 7 on its launch today …
Tim Anderson, 22 Oct 2009

Microsoft deals out round two of executive shuffle

A month after radically overhauling its business and reporting structure, re-organizational spasms are still being felt through Microsoft's corporate body. Bob Muglia was on Thursday named senior vice president of Windows server and tools, taking over from veteran Eric Rudder. Muglia, previously senior vice president of the …
Gavin Clarke, 27 Oct 2005
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Real sues Microsoft, seeks $1bn damages

Emboldened by its reception before the European Commission in Brussels last month, RealNetworks is to sue Microsoft for alleged anti-competitive behavior. "We believe our business would be substantially larger today if Microsoft were playing by the rules," said Real's founder and former Microsoft executive Rob Glaser in a …
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Dec 2003
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Windows ME on target for mid-June completion

Windows ME, aka Millennium Edition, has reached Release Candidate 1 stage, and is expected to RTM (Release to Manufacture) in the middle of June. Windows-watching sites are variously reporting the intended RTM as the 13th or the 14th, so presumably it's a 'push the button at midnight' job. According to Paul Thurrott at Wininfo …
John Lettice, 24 May 2000