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Pan-eurozone distie Exclusive Group sets eyes on €1bn prize

Exclusive Networks, a pan-European IT distie, has announced fat revenue growth of 30 percent in its annual report for 2012. The French company said its revenue of €279m (£240m) for the year gone beat expectations, and claimed it was up a third on 2011's revenue of €214m (£184m). Yearly profits were said to be up by 22 percent …
Anna Leach, 13 Feb 2013

Are you delivering IT and creating wiggle room?

Workshop According to Freeform Dynamics research, many IT departments are seeking to become better aligned with business needs and are looking to ensure that systems and IT resources are being deployed more dynamically to support fluctuating business goals. One of the critical success factors will be investing in up–to-date, and …
Tony Lock, 23 Sep 2010

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