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Cheban's blingy watch

Sirin Labs' Solarin isn't for pro-privacy bankers. It's for rich execs who want bling

El Reg got hands-on with the Solarin $14,000 ultra-high-end Android smartphone during a trip to Tel Aviv this week. As previously reported, the Solarin handset is an Android-based smartphone pitched at privacy-conscious executives and the ultra-wealthy. The smartphone comes with a 24 megapixel camera and integrated 3D audio …
John Leyden, 20 Jun 2016
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Shall we? Shan't we? Nutanix inches towards IPO

Background + Comment Nutanix has filed an updated pre-IPO document indicating it could IPO sooner rather than later this year. The hyper-converged systems market, in which single scale-out products combine server compute, storage, networking and hypervisor software in one orderable entity with virtual SAN capability, is hot. In recent weeks: …
Chris Mellor, 08 Apr 2016

Like those independent DevOps vendors? They might not be for long...

Enjoy those scrappy IOT and DevOps startups while you can, as many will not be able to resist the siren call of cash rich traditional vendors or the stock market this year, 451 Research has predicted. The analyst firm’s Tech M&A Outlook report has predicted “billions in investment” in a number of hotspot technology areas. This …
Joe Fay, 25 Feb 2016
No Sale

NO SALE: IBM won't cash in its chips with GlobalFoundries after all

IBM's hopes of unloading its loss-making semiconductor division to GlobalFoundries have reportedly been dashed, with GlobalFoundries refusing to budge on price. Word that Big Blue was planning to sell off its chips business first surfaced in February, when the company retained investment bankers Goldman Sachs to help it put a …
Neil McAllister, 25 Jul 2014

For-sale sign erected outside UK reseller titan Kelway's HQ

Venture capitalists and prospective trade buyers will get the chance to take a look under the hood of London-based mega reseller Kelway this week – when investment bankers metaphorically drive the biz onto the forecourt. US finance house William Blair is in charge of selling off Kelway. Our sources close to the company expect a …
Paul Kunert, 14 May 2014
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Don't tell the D-G! BBC-funded study says Beeb is 'too right wing'

A study funded by the BBC into editorial bias has concluded that it isn't Left Wing enough: it's too friendly to business, and far too hostile to the European Union. The "voice of the licence-fee payer", the BBC Trust, commissioned the study, and gave the job to academic Mike Berry of the Glasgow Media Group - the latter a …
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Sep 2013

BlackBerry pie sliced up: Nuke-plant OS, BBM chat app, etc sale mulled

Troubled mobe-maker BlackBerry has confirmed it is "exploring strategic alternatives" to remaining as one enormous company - confirming wire reports last week of a potential breakup. The firm formerly known as RIM said a "special committee" has been formed to examine options that "could include, among others, possible joint …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Aug 2013
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What a Liberty: Virgin Media in buyout talks with telecoms giant

Virgin Media confirmed this morning that it is in buyout talks with cable giant Liberty Global. In a brief statement to the City ahead of it full-year results tomorrow, Virgin Media announced: Virgin Media confirms that it is in discussions with Liberty Global, Inc., a leading international cable company, concerning a …
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Feb 2013

AMD said to hire JPMorgan Chase to explore its options

Updated Well, that didn't take very long. Reuters reports that chipmaker AMD is doing the old "exploring its options" routine, and has hired investment bankers at JP Morgan Chase to help it do that exploring. According to the report – which cites the usual "sources familiar with the situation," and in fact says it has three different …

So you wanna be a Wall Street techie? Or anyway, get paid a lot

For at least a couple of decades now, if you’ve been a technologist and wanted to get paid as highly as possible for your work, there’s been pretty much only one place to go: the financial industry. meeting_room_empty_chair Have a seat, chum... we'll be in shortly to pick up the questionnaire on the syntax of complicated and …
Dave Mandl, 19 Jun 2012
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Flipboard joins bubble brigade with US$200M valuation

Flipboard, a nifty app that assembles social media feeds into a nicely-presented iPad magazine, is on the funding hustings and looking to capitalise on the now-emerging tech bubble 2.0. According to Wall Street Journal blogger Kara Swisher, “sources close to” the fundraising effort – which could mean informed sources, wild …
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Larry Ellison to buy EMC?

Whimsical Wall Street analysts, eager investment bankers, and maybe a few pump-and-dumpers are presumably behind the chatter that Larry Ellison, who is synonymous with software powerhouse and server wannabe Oracle, is interested in buying disk-array giant and VMware owner EMC. That's a good one, right? Almost as good as …
DVD it in many colours

Could Oracle buy HP?

One way for Oracle to solve HP's CEO problems is for it to buy HP and re-install Mark Hurd as CEO. This isn't quite as off the wall as it sounds. The idea has been mentioned by Silicon Valley Watcher Tom Foremski. He suggests that an Oracle-HP combo would be strong enough to compete against "all of IBM." Umm, apart from the joy …
Chris Mellor, 09 Sep 2010
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Netezza, Symantec jump on takeover rumors

The global economy might not be on the mend as much as we would like, but there are plenty of IT behemoths sitting on big bags of cash, and tongues are a-wagging today about data warehousing appliance maker Netezza and security and systems software maker Symantec both being possible takeover targets. It's hard not to be …
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What does the Hurd mentality bring to Oracle?

Comment It's going to be a long time before Oracle can take on the likes of HP and IBM for the IT-market crown. But before he retires, you can bet Larry Ellison's last billion bucks that he most surely wants to become the dominant systems supplier in the data center. This goal is not as unattainable as it might seem, especially now …

Hitachi GST: Sale or IPO?

Opinion Hitachi is reported to be considering an IPO or sale of Hitachi GST, its disk drive operation, ranked third in the industry behind Seagate and Western Digital. How much is it worth? Who would want to buy it? IPO Hitach GST had revenues of $4.8bn in 2009. We can look at the annual revenues of Seagate and Western Digital and …
Chris Mellor, 06 Sep 2010
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Phorm man tipped to head Project Cartel

The Guardian reckons former Ofcom chief policy officer Kip Meek is due to be announced as chief executive of the BBC-led Project Cartel Canvas. But should he get the job, the former McKinsey man has a bit of baggage he may want to sling overboard. In December 2008, beleaguered Phorm appointed Meek to its Board, along with …
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Jul 2010
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How to follow the World Cup from your desk

The world and its dog are beaming World Cup insight and inanities into the web sphere. Here are our picks for insight. For fixtures, results, interviews, player information, statistics, ticketing info, venue info and more you'd be a fool not to go straight for Fifa's site and its Twitter feed. It's also got a decent amount of …
Robert Blincoe, 15 Jun 2010
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Lord Lamont joins Phorm board

Four directors have left controversial ISP adware firm Phorm, including chairman of three months Stephen Heyer. Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont is among their replacements. Heyer, a former Coca-Cola executive, was appointed non-executive chairman only in August. He replaced Ertugrul, who until then had combined …

Oracle assures financiers they're not that important after all

Oracle comforted distraught investment bankers yesterday by delivering better-than-expected first quarter profits and pointing out it really doesn’t do that much business in the financial services sector. The database giant turned in revenues up 18 per cent to $5.3bn for the quarter ending August 31, producing a net profit of $1 …
Joe Fay, 19 Sep 2008
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VCs navigate cash vs. carnage scenario with green tech

Over the past four years, venture capitalists have tossed huge amounts of cash at "green-tech" startups. The green, er, field has become saturated with speculative funding, rivaling even the two mainstays of Valley vulture capitalists: IT and life sciences. What was once the domain of well meaning, but ultimately dirt poor …
Austin Modine, 01 Feb 2008
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IPTV/VoD: The fall of content's kingdom

Industry comment The textbook says content is king, and that saying is something every telco and ISP worldwide is contemplating after realising that if they throw enough technical people at the IPTV infrastructure problem they can put a TV network together. But putting the wires in doesn't make people flock to your service like broadband or …
Alex Cameron, 24 Jun 2006
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IPTV/VoD: The open fourth platform

Industry comment Just when you thought the days of the digital TV "walled garden" were over, this week Sky released its new Sky Net platform, which is almost as imaginatively titled as the new service to be released by the start-up Aggregator this year. It seems the world is taking a giant leap backward to the days of web portals and brand …
Alex Cameron, 05 May 2006
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'Pentagon hacker' wants to see Bush's John Hancock

Alleged Pentagon Hacker Gary McKinnon was told in court today that the US Embassy would write a letter to help him avoid the full wrath of presidential anti-terror laws, if he were extradited for prosecution. McKinnon (aka Solo) was facing extradition proceedings in Bow Street Magistrates Court this morning so that he could be …
Mark Ballard, 15 Feb 2006
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TechScape: When will things get better?

It's now been something over twenty quarters that technology CEOs, CTOs, VCs, investment bankers, tech analysts, pundits and anyone even slightly associated with the Technology sector has been whistling in the dark, keeping a stiff upper lip and exercising a kind of irrational optimism about the economy turning around. “Next …
Team Register, 13 Nov 2005
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Danon takes senior job with JP Morgan

Pierre Danon - the former head of BT Retail and until recently COO of Capgemini - has got a new job. He's been named as a "senior advisor" with investment bankers JP Morgan offering advice to companies in the telecoms, media and tech sectors. In particular, his views of the industry will be sought as the sector goes through a …
Tim Richardson, 07 Nov 2005
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TechScape: Friends Reunited and the embarrassment of riches

Rant It is a sweet concept, isn't it? Rekindling old friendships. Rejoining old flames. Reconnecting people who used to care about each other so much. We simply must have a place to go to find long-lost pals, for without such a place our lives will be meaningless and hollow. It's all so 90s sensitive, so warm and fuzzy, and so …
Team Register, 28 Sep 2005
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Phones4U seeking buyer?

The founder of high-street phone retailer Phones4U has reportedly called in financial advisers to find a buyer for the company. Phones4U has so far refused to comment on the speculation, but according to The Telegraph John Caudwell has appointed investment bankers NM Rothschild to look into a sale. A spokesman for Phones4U …
Lucy Sherriff, 23 Aug 2005
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Couple defeats Merrill Lynch's stock rating system

The case doesn't have the big name analysts, damaging documents or internet stocks. But a dispute between a pair of small-time investors and Merrill Lynch does have the same allegations of hyping shares that surrounded a high-profile settlement between major brokerage houses and the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commmission) …
Ashlee Vance, 01 Mar 2005
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Merrill Lynch analyst deemed too close to Tyco

Another one of Merrill Lynch's elite analysts has been placed among the fallen by a U.S. regulator angered over dealings with troubled Tyco International. On Wednesday, NASD charged former research analyst Phua Young with publishing misleading reports on Tyco and with accepting freebies from the company. The alleged misconduct …
Ashlee Vance, 29 May 2003
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Why Wall Street's tech swindlers don't go to jail

Letters In one of many very funny moments in Bowling For Columbine, Michael Moore's film about fear, Moore asks the producer of Fox TV's tacky Cops show (the one where cameras follow the police as they go around arresting black people) how he might make a show about white collar crime televisually appealing. "Maybe if they took their …
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Jan 2003
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Clash of the Sandbags : Carly, Walter go to court

Even in her dotage, we suspect, Carly Fiorina will feel some trepidation before answering the doorbell. Instead of the regular Meals on Wheels guy, or the home help, there will be Walter B Hewlett delivering a severed horse's head. Hewlett Jr tacitly accepts that it lost the SirCam merger vote, but only by a whisker. …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Apr 2002
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PayPal's first day pop

I was dreamin' when I wrote this So sue me if I go too fast But life is just a party And parties weren't meant to last    --Prince "1999" Email payment service PayPal went public Friday and enjoyed the sort of first-day pop we haven't seen since the neurotic-joy days of 1999, when investment bankers got rich cashing out …
Thomas C Greene, 18 Feb 2002
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Wanted: XXX movie models

More than 250 people bent over backwards to apply for a starring role as a porn star before the job ad was pulled by prudish e-recruitment outfit, - more known for finding more sober positions for secretaries and accountants - ran the saucy £45,000-a-year job on its "free ads" section on its Web site. …
Tim Richardson, 16 Mar 2001
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Boxman cancels IPO, Dressmart ponders existence

Q. What do all these companies have in common:;;; A. They are or were all B2C Web businesses founded by Swedes. At the height of the dotcom madness - you remember, it was only March - newspapers and new media rags were full of irrational guff about Sweden, and what a marvellous …
Drew Cullen, 04 Aug 2000

MS, DoJ, States, Jackson: the arguments in full

MS on Trial With tape recorders being forbidden, and shorthand-writing becoming as rare as Algol coding, it's not easy to analyse the significance of what happened in Judge Jackson's courtroom on Wednesday without the transcript. With more than the usual number of errors in some wire service and newspaper reports circulating Thursday, it's …
Graham Lea, 30 May 2000
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Could Linux IPOs be a better bet than Web ones?

With the coming to the market of a number of Linux companies - VA Linux Systems debuts this week - day traders are beginning to realise that Linux IPOs may turn out to be hotter and possibly more reliable than Internet ones. This is good in that venture capitalists and investment bankers could do more for Linux development than …
Graham Lea, 07 Dec 1999
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Squatter mounting bike defence against Morgan Stanley

Sau Wong, a chip engineer in Silicon Valley and a cybersquatter who registers variants of the names of investment bankers, has been challenged over because Morgan Stanley Dean Witter wanted the name for its online service (which is at the less-intuitive MSDW didn't like it, the New York Times …
Graham Lea, 25 Oct 1999
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Baratz swaps place in the Sun for investment bank

Alan Baratz, who two months ago was appointed president of Sun's software division, is leaving to go to Warburg Pincus & Co, the private investment bankers, in mid-August where he will be managing director of an affiliate. Ed Zander, Sun's president and COO said that Jon Kannegaard will assume Baritz' role on an acting basis, …
Graham Lea, 05 Aug 1999
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DoJ prepares to demand break-up of Microsoft

MS on Trial Against expectations, the DoJ has been asking investment bankers how Microsoft could be split up. It had been thought that only the states, co-plaintiffs in the case, wanted this solution. However, it would be wrong to assume that just because the DoJ has made some enquiries, that break-up is the favoured course of action. In a …
Graham Lea, 30 Jul 1999
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Adobe spurns Quark love-tryst

This could get nasty. Adobe, the down-at-heel developer of publishing software, is in play, following an unwelcome bid from its smaller rival Quark. In an opportunistic move, Quark has gone public after its “friendly” deal to acquire a “significant” slug of Adobe stock at a substantial premium was rejected by its bigger rival. …
Drew Cullen, 26 Aug 1998