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Facebook: 'Outrageous, wanton, reckless, callous, disgraceful, wilful'

QuotW This was the week when 70,000 stalkers/just friendly guys were left without a a way to cyber-search out the ladies. iOS app Girls Around Me, which used Foursquare and Facebook APIs to spot females in the immediate area, was booted off amid cries of "Stalker!" But the app maker, I Free, insisted it was an innocent socialising …
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Bada Bing tickles UK fancies

Microsoft's Bing is slowly but surely being rolled out to interweb surfers throughout the world - and those who can already get their sticky hands on the new search engine are finding hardcore porno videos are now just two clicks away. The Blighty version of the site, which has replaced Redmond’s clunky old Live Search, is now …
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Jun 2009
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AOL, News Corp, private equity firms all have hots for Yahoo!

AOL, News Corp and a number of private equity outfits are reportedly circling Yahoo! in possible bids to buy the web portal. The Wall Street Journal cites “people familiar with the matter” who claimed that Silver Lake Partners and Blackstone Group LP are mulling a plan to help AOL purchase the Carol-Bartz-run firm. They are …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Oct 2010
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Satanic blob beast menaces North Carolina

Those of who who've just eaten or are generally of a nervous disposition are advised to look away now, because here is some sewercam footage captured under Raleigh, North Carolina, and which has been horrifying interweb citizens for the last couple of days: Quite disturbing, we're sure you'll agree. Mercifully, we can now …
Lester Haines, 02 Jul 2009

Seagate brewing bizarre Flash/Platter chimera

A Greek website is reporting that a combined solid state and spinning disk drive may be on the way from Seagate. The hw box story says the hybrid Momentus XT will combine a 4GB solid state drive (SSD) with a 7200rpm rotating hard disk offering 250, 320 or 500GB of capacity. There will be a 32MB cache, a 3Gbit/s SATA interface, …
Chris Mellor, 17 May 2010
Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook

Ultrabooks vs tablets: tablet demise greatly exaggerated

If you read stories on the interweb, almost all of them sourced from a DigiTimes article, that tablet sales will be whammed next year by Ultrabooks, consider. The claim is primarily made by Acer VP Scott Lin who, not at all coincidentally, announced Acer's Aspire S3 Ultrabook in Taiwan the day before the Digitimes article …
Tony Smith, 29 Sep 2011
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Chinese domain crackdown targets smut sites

Chinese regulators have started to request business licences and paperwork before allowing future .cn domain registrations. The move by registrars at the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has been welcomed by security researchers, such as Mikko Hypponen at F-Secure (here), because it is likely to make life more …
John Leyden, 15 Dec 2009

Sony posts 'Daily Edition' e-book reader teaser

Updated Sony has begun teasing e-book reader buffs with a backside glance at a new version of its Reader - the 'Daily Edition'. Sony e-book Readers Sony's e-book reader range: wireless Daily Edition on its way? Update The word over the interweb from Sony's launch even is that the Daily Reader has a 7in screen, 3G connectivity and a $ …
Tony Smith, 25 Aug 2009

Routing instability causes net traffic chaos

Surfers experienced problems accessing parts of the internet Monday, following the flare-up of router instability problems. Security watchers pinned the problem on "garbage" being thrown into global BGP (Border Gateway Routing) lookup tables, causing entries to become unnecessarily long. Some backbone routers with older software …
John Leyden, 17 Feb 2009
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'Most powerful person in search' calls time on Yahoo!

In the war for internet supremacy, one veteran has retired from the battle while another has new marching orders: Yahoo! trailblazer Srinija Srinivasan has bowed out while Google vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra has reportedly been tapped to head up Mountain View's anti-Facebook offensive. "I'm proud to announce my …
Rik Myslewski, 04 Aug 2010

Jolly rogered

Something for the Weekend, Sir? I note with dismay that the recent High Court ruling to force some ISPs to ban access to The Pirate Bay has been hijacked by lobbyists who are confused about what the interweb does. A classic example was heard on Radio 4's Today on Tuesday, which devoted eight minutes to John Humphrys inexpertly tying himself into a mesh of …
Alistair Dabbs, 04 May 2012
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HTTP-on-steroids busts out of Google

Strangeloop – a Vancouver-based outfit offering an online service for accelerating website load times – has embraced Google's SPDY project, a new application-layer protocol designed to significantly improve the speed of good ol' HTTP. The Canadian company claims that it's the first outfit to offer a commercial product to let you …
Cade Metz, 13 Jun 2011

Microsoft waves updated Maps, Hotmail at customers

Microsoft yesterday updated its Windows Live versions of Hotmail and Maps, in its latest attempt to appear relevant in the online world. The proprietary software giant hasn’t rolled out the tweaks made to Hotmail to everyone yet. Most peeps will have to wait a few more weeks, but a few lucky non-Googlemail individuals can …
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Sep 2008
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Anti-Sec spoof threatens s'kiddie mayhem

Pranksters have latched onto Anti-Sec's quixotic crusade against full disclosure of security vulnerabilities by impersonating the group in a threat to unleash an OpenSSH exploit. The impersonators threatened to release details of an unpatched vulnerability in OpenSSH, followed by worm code hours later. A post on a full …
John Leyden, 20 Jul 2009
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Developers to get Windows 7 pre beta next month

Microsoft will be showboating Windows Vista, mark two 7 at its forthcoming Professional Developer Conference (PDC) event next month, where developers will be able to get their mitts on a pre-beta build of the operating system. Meanwhile, the yawnfest surrounding speculation about what the OS will (or won’t) come loaded with …
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Sep 2008
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Vote now for your worst net neologism

Reader poll It's the traditional ta very much to all of you who responded to our call for nominations for the worst net neologism - Mephistophelean vocab so hideous in countenance that it must be viewed only as a reflection in a bronze shield lest the reader be turned immediately to stone. With that in mind, you're advised to approach the …
Lester Haines, 12 Dec 2008
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Apple iOS 4 update frustrates iPhone 3G owners

Updated Unsurprisingly, there are reports of woes among iPhone users when upgrading to iOS 4 and we even have first hand experience of this here at Reg Hardware. On a 3GS, the upgrade was the "easiest yet" for our esteemed leader, yet in the foothills, there’s a rather sickly 16GB iPhone 3G that won’t run any of third party apps or sync …
Bob Dormon, 22 Jun 2010
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Australian Senate censors print link to cartoon

Questions were being asked in Australia last week as to just how far the moral majority was prepared to go to protect the ordinary voter from interweb nastiness. First we had the clampdown by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) on a range of material that was not illegal, but clearly too controversial for …
Jane Fae , 25 Jul 2010
Cthulu iOS game icon

Ten... top iOS games

App of the Week Special Reg Hardware Mobile Week Love 'em or hate 'em, iDevices - iPad, iPod and iPhone - are now serious players in handheld gaming. We love the new PlayStation Vita, but we can see why some folk would want to game on a gadget they're already carrying with them. And the bigger screen play offered by Apple's tablet can be a real joy …
Cliff Joseph, 01 Mar 2012
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Jeery Jerry loves Vista, y'know

Microsoft has called on American comedian Jerry Seinfeld to big up Vista in its next Windows ad campaign. The software giant is keeping quiet on the details, even though world+dog have nicely spun out the firm’s plans over the past 24 hours. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is spending $300m on the ad crusade …
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Aug 2008
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Sims 3 leaked two weeks before release

The newest addition to Electronic Arts' mega-franchise The Sims has reportedly been leaked online two weeks before the video game's official release. It certainly didn't take long for EA's The Sims 3, one of the game publisher's flagship titles for 2009, to be shanghaied by interweb pirates. We've identified a number of trackers …
Austin Modine, 18 May 2009

Antarctica frozen out of internet revolution

North America and Europe still dominate the internet, despite Asia's economic furnaces in China and India. Research by clumsily-named geolocation outfit IPligence found the US racked up more than 55 per cent of total global IP addresses. Europe tails it with about 21 per cent, while Asia, by far the biggest and most populous …
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Google network and data center chief departs

Vijay Gill – who spent three years overseeing Google's famously distributed backend infrastructure – has left the company, according to his LinkedIn profile. Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But Gill's LinkedIn profile indicates he left Google last month, and his current job is listed as "Engineering …
Cade Metz, 03 Jun 2011
Laptop accessories

Ten... laptop accessories

Product round-up Those of you with laptops will undoubtedly agree that even with all convenience of portable computing, there remain compromises aplenty. Yet add a gadget here and there and mobile working can be improved tremendously. Whether it's a tool to keep it cool, a way to boost the audio or simply better ways to keep the darn thing …
Caleb Cox, 18 Jan 2012
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Bryan Adams pulls a Prince on fan sites

Canadian soft rocker Bryan Adams is the latest star to grumble at fans for plastering his name and face on unofficial websites. The crinkly Eighties star and sometime number one slot hogger has enlisted the help of Web Sheriff to convince the likes of, and to play nice and agree to …
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Oct 2008
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Channel 4 in Heathrow Playmobil reconstruction shocker

It's come to our attention that a trailer for Channel 4's Dispatches - which will next week ask "if the sun is setting" on British Airways - features some rather fetching Playmobil scenes set inside Heathrow's acclaimed Terminal 5. Well, what a very entertaining idea. So entertaining in fact that after El Reg first unleashed the …
Lester Haines, 10 Oct 2008
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Microsoft gives Windows Live launch a Web 2.0 scrub-up

Microsoft is giving its Windows Live services a social networking makeover in the hope of being a contender in the ulcerative Web 2.0 world. The firm gave its somewhat unwieldy Windows Live services the red carpet treatment late yesterday, placing a big emphasis on how it plans to make its online offerings more “in sync” with …
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Nov 2008
Valentine's gift

Ten... Valentine's Day gifts for him

Product round-up Reg Hardware Sex Week Valentine's Day is all about sharing, and while you can show your affection in many ways that won't cost a penny, it's also an opportunity to enhance your other half's lifestyle. Whether it's brightening up a dreary flat or indulging a passion, the choice is yours and so here are are ten treats that may …
Caleb Cox, 13 Feb 2012

Intel will flush Xeon line with six-core Dunny

Rarely the rebel, Intel looks to shake up the processor game with a six-core chip. Some Intel slideware leaked onto the interweb shows the "Dunnington" version of Xeon arriving in the second half of this year with 6 cores. To date, the major chip makers have done two- and four-core processors, while Sun has an eight-core chip …
Ashlee Vance, 25 Feb 2008
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Blogger to plead guilty for Guns N' Roses leak?

The 27-year-old American blogger who was arrested by the FBI in August for leaking some unreleased Guns N' Roses tunes to the interweb has reportedly agreed to plead guilty to one federal count of copyright infringement. According to Wired, Kevin Cogill – the man at the centre of the G N’ R storm – is required to appear in the …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Nov 2008
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EU tells members to get ready for disaster

The EU is pushing the development of a strategy to protect Europe from cyber-attacks and disruptions. The guidelines - which amount to a disaster recovery procedures for nations instead of individual corporate entities - are designed to cover incidences such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, hackers, rupture of submarine …
John Leyden, 31 Mar 2009

P2P pushes IPv6 surge

IPv6 traffic levels surged over the last 12 months, with the 15-fold increase down to just one application and one ISP, according to a study by Arbor Networks. Support for IPv6 in µTorrent version 1.8, a version of the world's most popular BitTorrent client released in August 2008, had a huge effect. "The introduction of IPv6 …
John Leyden, 10 Sep 2009

Microsoft rolls out online Exchange and Sharepoint for the US

Microsoft added another rung to its online rope ladder yesterday with the general release of its web-based Sharepoint and Exchange products aimed at business customers in the US. Sharepoint Online and Exchange Online had been available in beta since early March as part of Microsoft’s long-winded hosted collaboration effort. …
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Nov 2008

Safari 3.2 update leaves Mac fanboys' balls in a spin

Mac fans have given the latest version of Apple’s Safari browser a frosty reception after complaining that the update is causing frequent crashes. Apple quietly released Safari 3.2 last week. It comes loaded with improved anti-phishing protection and the latest security updates. It’s available for download both for Mac OS X …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Nov 2008
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Student's brilliant idea: A peer-to-peer social network

Comment Benjamin Birt, a CompSci student at the University of St Andrews, has announced a new type of social network, which he calls PeerBook. We note that there are some folks in Hamburg who might want to chat to him about the name and an international academic working group who might like a quiet word about this being a whole new …
Liam Proven, 25 Jun 2010

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face

Updated Firefox 3 Download Day began with a PR fiasco. For almost two hours after it was supposed to kick off servers were down and Mozilla Foundation websites either unavailable or publishing html error messages. The Mozilla Foundation had called on the world to start downloading the latest version of the browser at 10am PDT today - …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Jun 2008
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Cyber security minister ridiculed over s'kiddie hire plan

Security experts have strongly criticised suggestions by a government minister that former hackers might play a key role in Britain's newly announced cybersecurity strategy. Lord West, the Home Office security minster, made the controversial suggestion that the government had recruited former hackers to work in its new Cyber …
John Leyden, 29 Jun 2009
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Malware infects Merriam-Webster

Worshippers at the altar of Jobs rejoice: Merriam-Webster's latest edition of its Collegiate Dictionary has embraced fanboys among more than 100 new entries gracing its updated pages. Interestingly, Merriam-Webster has identified the first fanboy in an English language publication as far back as 1919, albeit in the sense of "boy …
Lester Haines, 08 Jul 2008
The Register breaking news pays $750,000 over deceptive emails has paid $750,000 in penalties to New York and Texas after the states accused the social networking outfit of abusing its members' contact lists and spamming millions with deceptive promotional emails. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said on Monday his office reached an agreement with to pay $500,000 in " …
Austin Modine, 10 Nov 2009
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Project managers: fall-guys or heroes?

Project management Most project managers do a difficult job, but what are they really like? From my experience, a few essential facts about PMs: • PMs do it in the right order, standing in front of complicated charts • PMs take the blame if the project goes bad; it's in their job description • PMs aren't more important than the project, but bad …
Ken Young, 08 Nov 2010
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Right: Which one of you lot invented 'tw*tdangle', eh?

Ok, here's the deal: We at the Vulture Central Neologism Soviet want the name and personal details of whoever it was who invented the term "twatdangle", and we want them now. The reason? Well, no one-way ticket to the Gulag for the individual responsible, rather a congratulatory free shirt from El Reg's merchandising tentacle …
Lester Haines, 26 Sep 2008

VMware catches Foedus

Foedus? Yeah, we wondered the same thing. You might not have heard of this small virtualization shop, but VMware thought enough of the outfit to buy it. VMware polished off the acquisition earlier this month, grabbing Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based Foedus and 30 employees for an undisclosed sum. Maybe you're very …
Ashlee Vance, 11 Jan 2008
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Big Blue Google cloud injected with $5m

The US National Science Foundation has tossed $5 million at Google's effort to educate the country's university students in the ways of Big Data. Back in the fall 2007, Google teamed with IBM to provide various universities with access to a dedicated compute cluster where students could explore the sort of mega-data-crunching …
Cade Metz, 23 Apr 2009
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Facebook checks for Cambridge applicants

Somewhat behind the rush, it seems that at least some Oxbridge academics are getting wise to the Facebook phenomenon. The Guardian reports today that Dr Richard Barnes, admissions tutor at Cambridge's Emmanuel College, recently admitted as much. "This has been the year in which I joined Facebook," commented Barnes, speaking …
Lewis Page, 11 Jan 2008
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Becta says Web 2.0 motivates schoolkids

Over half of teachers in UK schools believe that Web 2.0 apps should be used in lessons, even though the majority of them have never used such resources in the classroom. Blighty’s education technology agency, Becta, spoke to 2,600 students aged 11 to 16 studying in 27 schools between August 2007 and May this year, many of …
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Oct 2008
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Windows patching abysmal, and getting worse

Fewer than one in 50 Windows PCs are fully patched, according to stats from users of Secunia's new patching tool, which suggest surfers are becoming even more slipshod with applying patches over the last year. The final version of Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) was released last week after 17 months in development. …
John Leyden, 03 Dec 2008
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Prince stomps on unofficial websites

Prince Rogers Nelson has threatened to throw a sue ball at a number of unofficial websites that carry images, lyrics and album covers of the preened, pint-sized 1980s star. The artist formerly known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince formerly known as a wonky symbol has been stomping around making all kinds of legal noises …
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Nov 2007
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Prince and fan sites could unite

Prince is said to be in talks with three unofficial fan websites which could lead to a settlement over an ongoing copyright dispute. In what has been seen by many as an aggressive campaign to clamp down on the unauthorised use of his image and music all over the pesky interweb, the pint-sized warbling funkster has kept himself …
Kelly Fiveash, 19 Nov 2007

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices

Updated Microsoft has admitted it is investigating reports that a recent Windows Vista security update causes havoc with some USB devices, but the software giant has yet to provide a fix for the cock-up. The Windows Vista SP1 pre-requisite KB938371 update was released last week, but some unfortunate Vista customers have claimed that …
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Apr 2008
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Fake Vint Cerf tweets link spam on Twitter

A Twitter account in the name of internet luminary Vint Cerf has been suspended after miscreants abused it to send link spam. The @cerf account Cerf himself established with the micro blogging service last month was used to push auction search sites, according to a ZDNet security blog story. Really? Actually no - it's a fake …
John Leyden, 10 Dec 2008