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Hard disk with salt shaker

Which storage technologies and vendors will fly in 2011?

Questions At this turning point of the year, as Dell wraps up Compellent and InSite One, and Atrato slides under the waves, it's timely to look ahead at the storage world in 2011 and ask que sera? Data growth and storage demand is seemingly unstoppable, and new storage tech has advanced quite a bit in 2010. Things are looking good for …
Chris Mellor, 24 Dec 2010

Dell buys Big Blue-based health cloud piccy firm

Dell is buying InSite One, a SaaS (Storage-as-a-Service) for the US health market, and getting a cloud storage services platform extensible to other markets. Dell already has its UCA (Unified Clinical Archive) product, which it plugs as a way for healthcare organisations to archive PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication …
Chris Mellor, 23 Dec 2010