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Google car We want Britannia's mobe-enabled cars to rule the roads

Whatever Apple and Google might be doing with smart cars, the UK government wants Britain to be involved in the industry and so announced its support for the emerging industry at a conference last week. Yet the government – and more importantly, the car industry – has a huge amount to learn before their shared vision of the UK …
Simon Rockman, 07 Apr 2015
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5-4-3-2-1. Way to Go, Infineon!

Infineon, the European semiconductor giant, today issued a new statement of strategic goals, under the banner Agenda 5-to-1. The marketing bunnies have been working overtime, as the opening paragraph demonstrates (the bolded words are Infineon's own). "Today, Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE: IFX) presented its "Agenda 5-to-1" …
Drew Cullen, 20 Sep 2002
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UMC to pay up to $130m for Infineon fab JV share

UMC will pay Infineon $100-130 million to buy the memory maker's 30 per cent stake in their Singapore-based 300m wafer fab joint venture. So says an unnamed UMC source, cited by Dow Jones. The payment follows Infineon's decision, announced last week, to quit the JV. At the same time, the company said it would be working with …
Tony Smith, 11 Aug 2003
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Infineon snaps up Ardent

Chip giant Infineon Technologies is to buy California circuit company Ardent Technologies in a $42 million share deal. The Munich-based semiconductor maker said today the acquisition of Ardent, which specialises in high-bandwidth integrated circuits for LAN switching systems, would give it a leg up in the communications chips …
Linda Harrison, 14 Oct 2000
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Infineon touts 1GB DDR part

Infineon today announced the release of engineering samples of 1GB DDR SDRAM modules. The company also says it has demonstrated working 2GB DIMMS last month at the Intel Developer's Forum. And it's giving another showing to the 2GB beast, running on Intel's Plumas/Prestonia platform, at JEDEX this week in Santa Clara. The new …
Drew Cullen, 25 Mar 2002
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Infineon damages slashed

Rambus vs Infineon Infineon will get a mere ten per cent of the punitive damages granted it by the jury in the case brought against the manufacturer by Rambus. Instead of $3.5 million, the chip maker will receive just $350,000. Having heard the trial judge, Robert Payne, throw out all of Rambus' 57 allegations that Infineon infringed the memory …
Tony Smith, 21 May 2001
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Infineon and Toshiba close to DRAM deal

Infineon and Toshiba are a spit and a handshake away from merging their DRAM production operations. The official line, following Infineon's admission a month or so back that it's talking to Toshiba, is that they are still talking. But sources close to the German semiconductor company have told EBN/I> that the two are on the …
Tony Smith, 17 Oct 2001
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Infineon IPO to fund US Net acquisitions

Siemens said today it will use the money it makes flogging off Infineon, the spin-off company formed from its semiconductor division, to buy US Internet companies. The company didn't say which Net businesses it had its corporate eye on, but if it makes as much out out Infineon as analysts expect, it should end up with up to $9 …
Tony Smith, 07 Jul 1999
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Infineon demands $105m damages

Rambus vs Infineon Infineon wants $105 million from Rambus for all the trouble the memory technology developer has caused it, the company asked a jury yesterday. That's in addition to the $560,000 it wants to cover its legal expenses. The demand for damages followed the presentation of Infineon's case, presented to the jury sitting in Rambus' …
Tony Smith, 09 May 2001
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Rambus, Infineon trial delayed

Rambus' legal battle with memory chip maker Infineon has been rescheduled - yet again. Last week it was put back to 10 April, this week it was delayed until the 17th. Now, we learn, we'll have to wait until the 23rd of this month before Rambus can try to prove how Infineon infringed its SDRAM patents, the basis for its claim …
Tony Smith, 12 Apr 2001
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Infineon confirms memory biz spin-off

Infineon's supervisory board yesterday voted to split the company in two and create a separate, independent company out of its troubled memory products division. This will see the DRAM operation become a legally independent entity on 1 July 2006. It will not go public immediately, Infineon said, although an IPO remains the …
Tony Smith, 18 Nov 2005
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Infineon makes profit shock

Siemens' spun-off semiconductor operation Infineon scored itself a $22.75 million profit for its latest fiscal quarter, ended 30 June. The division recorded sales of $1.25 billion. And Infineon is now set for a February/March 2000 IPO, according to Siemens CFO Heinz-Joachim Neuberger. Infineon has been well known for its overall …
Tony Smith, 26 Jul 1999
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Infineon posts Q3 loss

Infineon Technologies today posted a loss of 371 million euros ($322.58 million) for the third quarter, warning it would stay in the red for the rest of its fiscal year. The loss for the three months ended June 30 compared to a profit of 266 million euros ($231.29 million) for the same period the previous year. Sales at the …
Linda Harrison, 23 Jul 2001
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Infineon pegged for October IPO

Siemens' semiconductor operation, Infineon, is now ready to launch its IPO, company executives said yesterday. The timing of the issue is yet to be decided, but Infineon finance director Peter Fischl said the company is geared up to make its IPO in October. That would follow the end of the company's first fiscal year as a spin- …
Tony Smith, 07 Jul 1999
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Siemens slashes Infineon stake

Siemens has cut its stake in Infineon, its erstwhile semiconductor division, to under 50 per cent, paving the way for the chip maker's independence. Siemens made the cut by selling Infineon shares on the open market. In addition to 13.5 per cent of the chip maker owned by Siemens' pension fund, the German industrial giant held …
Tony Smith, 06 Dec 2001
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Infineon lets Rambus retain SDRAM patents

Infineon does not want a Federal Judge to invalidate Rambus' SDRAM patents. It's an interesting reversal. After the jury sitting in Rambus' patent violation action against Infineon sided with the chip maker that Rambus had indeed committed fraud, Infineon said it would ask for Rambus' patents to be declared unenforceable. …
Tony Smith, 04 Jun 2001
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EC launches Infineon state aid probe

The European Commission has launched as "in-depth probe" into financial aid the Portuguese government plans to provide to a local DRAM plan owned by an Infineon subsidiary, the Commission said this week. The investigation will focus on a proposed &euro:76.8 million ($87.4 million) grant from the Portuguese government to …
Tony Smith, 11 Jul 2003

Four Infineon execs heading to jail on price-fixing charges

Four Infineon executives will serve jail time after pleading guilty to being part of an "international conspiracy" to fix the price of computer memory, the US Department of Justice announced today. Heinrich Florian, Günter Hefner, Peter Schaefer, and T. Rudd Corwin will serve between four and six months in the clink and pay $ …
Ashlee Vance, 02 Dec 2004
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Infineon Q3 sales slump 30%

Infineon expects to report a pre-tax loss as high as $512 million (600 million euros) for its Q3. Chip price crashes, excess inventories, and slow mobile-phone sales have caused its sales to fall by 30 per cent in the quarter ending 30 June. Infineon will slash capital expenditure by one billion euros ($850 million) in its …
Robert Blincoe, 20 Jun 2001
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Infineon, Toshiba merger on the rocks?

Infineon's interest in Taiwanese memory makers is a sign that its proposed merger with Toshiba's DRAM division may now never take place, a source close to the two companies' talks claims. Infineon and Toshiba had planned to have a draft merger agreement completed by the end of October, the source said, according to an EBN …
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2001
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Micron, Infineon battle for second place in DRAM chart

While Samsung continues to rule the RAM roost, the real cock-fight is for the number two position, with Micron coming increasingly under pressure from Infineon, according to the latest data from DRAM market watcher Semico. For the first six months of 2003, Micron held 21.2 per cent of the market. Infineon took 18.5 per cent. …
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2003
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Infineon cops unexpected loss

Europe's second-largest chipmaker, Infineon, has posted an unexpected loss after making provisions for a US anti-trust lawsuit that targets memory chip makers. The Munich-based company said that in its fiscal third quarter, its net loss came to €56m, or €0.08 a share, compared to €116m, or €0.16 a share, in the same period a …
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Rambus-Infineon legal spat delayed

Legal rottweiler Rambus' pending court case against Infineon has been postponed due to the judge being promoted. The court in Mannheim, Germany has rescheduled the case, originally set for 22 December, to May next year due to the judge originally assigned to hear the patent infringement suit being promoted to the appeals court …
Andrew Thomas, 11 Dec 2000
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AMD, Infineon to spend $200m on nanotech know-how

AMD and Infineon are to spend €170m ($200m) to build a nanotech research facility. According to Bloomberg, the R&D centre will be located in Dresden, Germany, probably not far from the chip fabs the two partners run there, and their jointly funded Advanced Mask Technology Centre. Local government will pump in a further €80m ($ …
Tony Smith, 07 Sep 2004
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Infineon predicts Q3 profit surge

Euro chip company and Siemens spin-off Infineon yesterday predicted a "significant" rise in its Q3 income, pushing its profits for the quarter way above the E300 million ($281 million) it had been expecting. The company cited increased demand for memory chips and the rise in prices that that demand has generated as the key …
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2000
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Infineon ponders makes 5000 job cuts

Updated Infineon has confirmed earlier reports that it plans to cut up to 15 per cent of the company's workforce - 5000 staff in total. The scheme was discussed at a supervisory board meeting yesterday. Infineon's goal is to save one billion euro ($882 million) over the next 18 months. The move follows the company's Q3 figures, …
Tony Smith, 26 Jul 2001
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Infineon back in the black in Q4

Infineon returned to profitability during its fourth quarter, the chip maker said today, bringing a nine-quarter losing streak to an end. During the three months to 30 September, Infineon garnered sales totalling €1.76 billion, a 37 per cent increase year on year and 19 per cent higher than the previous quarter's figure. Net …
Tony Smith, 10 Nov 2003
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Infineon freed from future Rambus DDR lawsuits

Rambus may never pursue Infineon for further alleged infringement of its DDR SDRAM patents, a US court has ruled. Judge Robert Payne issued the permanent injunction against Rambus in response to a request from Infineon. Judge Payne presided over Rambus' legal assault on Infineon in the Virginia District Court earlier this year …
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2001
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Infineon to start churning out 300mm wafers in second half

Infineon Technologies has finished building its fab in Dresden, which will churn out memory products using 300mm technology. Production equipment will now be installed in the plant, which the German company started building last May. The first products using the 300mm technology are expected to roll off the production lines in …
Linda Harrison, 23 Apr 2001

Infineon issues profit warning

Infineon expects first quarter revenues and earnings to fall below market expectations. In a profit warning yesterday, the German chipmaker blames client inventory build-up, which aggravated by the sharp decline of the US dollar. The German chipmaker now anticipates earnings before tax and interest of €211m and revenues of …
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Infineon loss narrows during Q3

Infineon saw sales remain flat during its third quarter, the chip maker said yesterday, which led to its ninth consecutive loss-making period. The company lost €116 million ($131 million) on sales of €1.47 billion, the latter much the same as Q2 but 11 per cent up on the Q3 2002. It's loss narrowed 64.6 per cent year-on-year, …
Tony Smith, 23 Jul 2003
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Infineon to sample DDR 3 'in 2006'

Infineon expects to sample DDR 3 memory chips in 18 months' time, the memory maker said at Intel Developer Forum Taiwan this week. It may not be the first to do so. Samsung has already claimed to have produced the world's first DDR 3 part, a 512Mb chip, so is likely to be the first company to sample the next generation of …
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2005
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Rambus must pay Infineon $7.12m

Rambus must pay Infineon $7.12 million in legal fees, the US District Court of Virginia ruled late last week. That goes some way to making up to Infineon the loss of $3.5 million in damages, awarded by the jury after it won its claim that Rambus had committed fraud. That figure was later cut to just $350,000 to meet the …
Tony Smith, 13 Aug 2001
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Infineon loss widens on DRAM slump

Infineon's loss grew to 523 million euros ($466 million) during its Q4, 41 per cent worse than the previous three-month period. This time last year, the memory maker posted a profit of 581 million euros. For 2000 as a whole, Infineon earned 1.3 billion euros. This time round, it reported an operating loss of 931 million euros. …
Tony Smith, 13 Nov 2001
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Rambus tried to deceive patent office – Infineon

Infineon will attempt to prove that Rambus has not only tried to hoodwink the chip industry's standards body, JEDEC, but used similar tactics on the US Patent and Trademark Office. The case finally comes to court later today after various delays. The Siemens spin-off's allegation comes in its final pre-trial case summary and …
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2001
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Europe to probe Infineon aid package

European Commission investigators are to take a close look at the $194 million handout granted to chip maker Infineon by the German government. The financial package may have broken EC competition rules. Certainly that's the EC probe's starting point. "The Commission doubts the aid is compatible with the EC treaty," the …
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2001
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Infineon to sell shares to raise investment cash, pay off debt

German chipmaker Infineon has laid plans to sell shares in the US in order to fund investments during a time of deeply declining DRAM prices. Infineon has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to allow it to conduct a public offering in the US. The amount of shares to be sold and …
John Leyden, 06 Jun 2001
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Infineon climbs into bed with Nanya

Infineon has signed a memory manufacturing and technology sharing deal with Nanya. The duo are to build new plant in Taiwan, committing €550m each to the project, until 2005. The deal will see 1,300 new jobs created and a total investment commitment of €2.2bn. The first chips will roll off the production line in late 2003 and …
Drew Cullen, 13 Nov 2002
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Micron, Infineon to win big with Fujitsu

Following its decision to cut back on its own DRAM production last year, Fujitsu is in talks with Micron and Infineon to secure memory supplies. According to reports, Fujitsu is saying that negotiations are on-going and that no deals have yet been struck. NEC is also understood to be talking to Micron and Infineon for the very …
Sean Fleming, 15 Sep 1999
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Infineon, Toshiba close to merger

Infineon and Toshiba have at long last decided how they can bring their two DRAM operations together - all they have to decide now is whether they want the merger to take place. The decision is in the hands of both companies' boards, an Infineon spokeswoman said. Each company must approve the merger before a final plan can be …
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2001
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Infineon pulls 12-incher out of plants

Infineon, the former semiconductor wing of Siemens which was spun off earlier this month, said today it will build a 12-inch (300mm) wafer module at its existing plant in Dresden. The firm will plough over €1 billion into the plant over the next three years, and the additional fab facilities will create over 1000 additional jobs …
Mike Magee, 31 Mar 2000
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Agere, Infineon pool WLAN development

Wireless LAN specialist Agere and chip maker Infineon are to jointly develop high-speed 802.11a/g wireless LAN technology. The two companies will pool expertise in developing WLAN chipsets, software and reference designs, and aim to have product ready for sampling by the second quarter of next year. Agere will provide its WLAN …
John Leyden, 15 Oct 2002
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Intel to plunge $250 million into Infineon

German financial news service Handelsblatt is reporting that chip giant Intel will take a one per cent share in Infineon, a Siemens subsidiary, when the company floats on the Frankfurt Dax market. The shares are set to float on the 13th of March next, and the investment is not the first Intel has made in a semiconductor memory …
Mike Magee, 22 Feb 2000
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Infineon out to block all Rambus action against it

Infineon is seeking protection from future legal action that might be launched by Rambus alleging violation of the memory designer's DDR SDRAM patents. The German memory maker last week heard that it is safe from such action centring on Rambus' single data rate SDRAM patents. US District Judge Robert Payne ruled that Rambus can …
Tony Smith, 20 Aug 2001
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Toshiba, Infineon form FRAM fraternity

Toshiba is to team up with Infineon to fund the development and production of Ferroelectric RAM - FRAM - chips for next-generation cellphones. Both companies will together pump $60 million and contribute 50 engineers to the programme, which is expected to result in shipping product by the end of 2002, initially 32Mb chips, with …
Tony Smith, 21 Dec 2000
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Infineon demos nano-scale transistor

Researchers at Infineon say they have built the first power semiconductor made from nanotubes. Nano scale parts were thought to be too weak to withstand the high voltages and currents used in power applications, but the team has demonstrated a nanotube switch that can control LEDs or electric motors. Power semiconductors are …
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Feb 2004
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Infineon workers called out on ‘warning’ strike

Infineon employees in Bavaria who belong to the IG Metall trade union participated in a warning strike today over pay. IG Metall also called on workers at Siemens and Epcos in the state to join in. In total 9,400 workers from the three companies took part in the walk-out over pay. The union wants 6.5 per cent pay rises for its …
Drew Cullen, 12 Apr 2002
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Rambus changed RDRAM patent to include SDRAM – Infineon

Rambus vs Infineon Rambus' alleged attempts to manipulate its patents to give it control of SDRAM technology went right to the top of the company, chip maker Infineon claimed yesterday. The Siemens spin-off made the claim during an opening statement as it prepares to defend itself against Rambus' charge that it ripped off the memory developer's …
Tony Smith, 24 Apr 2001
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Infineon countersues Rambus

Rambus has found itself 'Rambushed' by Germany's Infineon Technologies - even as the Direct DRAM company withdrew its patent infringement complaint against Hyundai, sort of. Infineon has accused Rambus of violating its patents - the same charge Rambus earlier made against the former Siemens subsidiary. Rambus' claim against …
Tony Smith, 10 Oct 2000
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Infineon defines ‘very fast’ data transfer speed

And this week's Scientific Precision Award goes to our chums at former Siemens subsidiary, Infineon, who today unveiled their "very fast" infra-red connectivity system. After years of wondering how fast "very fast" was, we now, thanks to Infineon, know it to be 16Mb per second. At least that's the speed of the company's Very …
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2000