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Swiss cops BAN MASKS at meeting of rebellious United Nations IP staff

Around 150 UN staff met yesterday evening to protest over a continued lack of transparency at the UN's intellectual property agency WIPO and the sacking of its head of the staff council, Moncef Kateb. Originally the gathering was to be held outside the main building, and frightened staff were offered masks. But an email sent …
John Oates, 23 Sep 2014

Cameron pledges public access to list of who REALLY owns firms

UK Prime Minister David Cameron will announce today that a register of the real owners of companies will be opened to the public as part of the government's efforts to stop tax evasion. Campaigners pushed the G8 heads of government summit in June to consider a register of beneficial owners so that people could see who actually …
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Congress puts PIPA and SOPA on back burner

Political leaders have cancelled plans to vote on the SOPA and PIPA legislation currently before Congress, saying more time is needed to examine the issue. Nevada senator Harry Reid, who is shepherding PIPA through the Senate, announced that he would postpone a vote on the bill that was scheduled for next week “in light of …
Iain Thomson, 20 Jan 2012

Protect online retail, says eBay

eBay is undertaking a fully-fledged media campaign in Australia, securing an interview with the prestigious ABC Lateline Business programme. The online auctioneer-and-budding-mall has used the platform – and an extraordinarily soft interview – to call for Australia’s competition regulator to intervene in online retail in …
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BAE Systems faces 'debarment' from exporting US war-tech

US-centred but UK-headquartered arms globocorp BAE Systems may soon face serious restrictions on its operations imposed by the US government. The Financial Times reports today that the BAE Systems plc, the London-based umbrella corporation for BAE's worldwide operations, is "braced for the imposition of strict curbs" by the US …
Lewis Page, 07 Mar 2011
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MPs shown 'email evidence' of wider NotW snooping

A committee of MPs was presented evidence on Tuesday that several News of the World journalists were involved in illegal mobile phone hacks, piling further pressure on News International which maintains that only one rogue reporter was involved. Appearing before the Commons committee on culture, media and sport, Guardian …
John Leyden, 15 Jul 2009
Pirates ahoy!

Microsoft struggles to rid US shores of pesky pirates

Microsoft yesterday confirmed that it has filed 21 civil lawsuits for software piracy in US federal courts against resellers in 14 states. The tech multinational has slung its latest round of sue balls at resellers, claiming they have used a crafty technique that it likes to refer to as “hard-disk loading”. It said that the …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jun 2008
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Online recruitment rogue stripped of £20,000

The man behind an UK-based online employment agency has been found guilty of ripping off workers and ordered to pay £20,000. Adrian Farmer's lawyers say he may have to sell his house to pay the penalties. Farmer was found guilty of charging workers £124 each for falsely claiming that he was able to find them work abroad. He did …
OUT-LAW.COM, 24 Feb 2007
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Parliament won't debate school fingerprinting

The question of whether it's necessary or desirable to take school children's fingerprints has not made it on the agenda for Parliament. Greg Mulholland, MP for Leeds North West and the Liberal Democrat schools spokesman, requested a Parliamentary debate on school fingerprinting last Thursday. "Legal opinion, including that of …
Mark Ballard, 29 Jan 2007
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Verizon takes legal action over phone spam

Verizon Wireless is taking legal action against two US companies for allegedly bombarding its customers with automated telemarketing calls. In two separate lawsuits filed earlier this week, Verizon Wireless is seeking injunctions against Intelligent Alternatives of San Diego, California, and Resort Marketing Trends of Coral …
Tim Richardson, 02 Sep 2005
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US prosecutors challenge P2P companies

P2P software companies have been told to clean up their act and do more to protect their users from the seedier side of the file-sharing scene - or risk facing legal action. The call comes from US attorneys general from 45 states, the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands in an open letter to the P2P software industry …
Tony Smith, 06 Aug 2004
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180solutions answers pop-up charges

Letter Our recent story Pop-up goes the commission reported on allegations that 180solutions' permission-based search assistant application Zango may have been dowloading itself onto users' computers without their knowledge. We further reported on allegations that 180solutions "violated the policies of two affiliate marketing networks …
Team Register, 30 Jul 2004
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DoJ to cut MS ‘sellout’ deal without States' blessing?

As the cries of 'sellout' over the DoJ's proposed antitrust settlement with Microsoft grow louder, it looks increasingly likely that the 18 US States that have been party to the action will refuse to sign up for the deal, and peel off. The judge's deadline for a negotiated deal falls today, 2nd November, but the most the States …
John Lettice, 02 Nov 2001
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EU weighs into MS dominance again

The European Commission is expanding its antitrust probe into Microsoft and whether its Media Player is illegally tied into Windows. The EU watchdog is also opening a new investigation into whether Microsoft has used illegal methods to dominate the low-end file and print server market. The commission suggests these methods …
Robert Blincoe, 30 Aug 2001
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Is another MS antitrust case brewing in Japan?

A strange article in the Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal today tries to make the case that "criticisms of Microsoft are no more warranted in Japan than in the US". The opinion piece is by Shigeki Kusunoki, currently at the School of Law at Kyoto University, but also an associate of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in …
Graham Lea, 14 Feb 2000
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World trade body declares MS profits illegal

Microsoft has benefited by what could be several billion dollars from export subsidies on profits that have now been declared illegal by the World Trade Organisation, at the request of the European Union. The US government has allowed Foreign Sales Corporations (FSCs) to benefit from what the EU says amounts to export subsidies …
Graham Lea, 29 Jul 1999
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Killing OS/2 by quotas – how MS Win95 deals stifle rivals

MS on Trial MS attorney Pepperman tried to establish that Microsoft did not make efforts to kill OS/2, but the story that emerged was more about how Microsoft set about achieving this indirectly. There were some semantic issues examined, but nothing further emerged about any IBM executive decisions concerning OS/2. The suspicion still lurks …
Graham Lea, 12 Jun 1999
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DoJ subpoenas Gates' former girlfriend over Vobis

Stefanie Reichel, a former Microsoft manager who, according to Wendy Goldman Rohm's book The Microsoft File was once Bill Gates' girlfriend (and then Microsoft general counsel Bill Neukom's), made a deposition in the Caldera versus Microsoft case which is wending its way through the Salt Lake City district court. The DoJ has now …
Graham Lea, 09 Nov 1998