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Huawei-Symantec sneaks out of US back door

Huawei-Symantec, the joint venture between Huawei and Symantec, has effectively stopped trading and is leaving the United States. This follows the US government's blockade of several of its acquisitions, including parent Huawei's deal to snap up 3Leaf Systems, which it sought to acquire in May 2010 for $2m and its attempted …
Chris Mellor, 6 Feb 2012

Huawei-Symantec takes big step with Force10

Huawei-Symantec is now selling storage in North America in partnership with Force10 Networks. Huawei-Symantec (H-S) is a joint venture between data protection and information management software vendor Symantec and Chinese IT giant Huawei, which says it has over 1,000 customers in more than 40 countries. Huawei builds a line …
Chris Mellor, 1 Mar 2011
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Symantec adds file resource management

Symantec has developed a specific file resource management product to help users weed out inactive and orphan files from the onrushing flood of unstructured file data heading their way. Dan Lamorena, a Symantec product marketing director, quotes Gartner claims that organisations face 800 per cent data growth over the next five …
Chris Mellor, 15 Dec 2010

Symantec dips toe into hardware water

Symantec is almost in the hardware business; the Huawei-Symantec joint-venture is launching one networking and two storage boxes today. Huawei-Symantec (HS) was set up in 2008 and has established a presence in north America. General manager for their North American operations, Jane Li, said: "We are committed to helping North …
Chris Mellor, 11 Oct 2010

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