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McAfee embraces managed services providers

McAfee is to unwrap a hosted channel programme in Q3, 2012, the IT security vendor told a press briefing in Marbella today. McAfee's global channel boss Gavin Struthers said the company currently works with Managed Services Providers on a bespoke basis; the new programme is intended to bring all hosted channel initiatives …
Drew Cullen, 12 Jun 2012

Mission critical computing for the masses

The provisioning highly-available IT service, once the sole province of large enterprises, is today available to everyone. Consider the ftServer line from Stratus. These servers contain numerous redundant components, are equipped with dozens of sensors and are shipped with “uptime assurance” software monitored by Stratus as a …
Trevor Pott, 10 Jun 2011
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Hosted security: necessary, evil or necessary evil?

Mini Poll From previous conversations with Reg readers, we know that security is something that is often best left to others – many organisations lack either the expertise or the time to really do justice to securing their IT systems. One possible answer is to get others to manage it – for example, by using hosted security services from …
Team Register, 22 Jun 2010
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But is that really cloud?

Reader Mini-Poll Cloud computing is one of the most talked about topics in the industry at the moment. One of the difficulties, however, is that it is sometimes hard to work out exactly what people mean by it. Different vendors and service providers use the term in relation to some quite different types of offering. Various well-meaning …
Dale Vile, 16 Apr 2010
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A day in the life of an email manager

White papers And so to the Reg Library for our occasional plunder of the Whitepaper shelves. Today we are diving into the perennially popular topics of email management and security and have selected three vendor papers for your perusal. Registration is, as per, required. Email continuity. You don't know what you've got til it's gone This …
Team Register, 8 Sep 2009

Will cloud put traditional hosters out of business?

It sometimes seems as if the whole world has gone cloud crazy - well at least most of the vendors, pundits and many in the media. If we listen to the evangelists, the days of the enterprise data centre are numbered and players like Google, Amazon and Microsoft will inherit the earth. Even David Cameron, the illustrious leader of …
Dale Vile, 4 Aug 2009
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Microsoft expands hosted services waistline

Microsoft has confirmed that its online services package for businesses will touch down in Europe, Japan and New Zealand next month. The company said that trial versions of Microsoft’s biz software for email, collaboration and online meetings would be made available in 19 countries, including Finland, Italy, Germany, France, …
Kelly Fiveash, 2 Mar 2009
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CherryPal launches $249 mini PC into ad-backed cloud

Start-up CherryPal is taking pre-orders today for its partly cloudy "desktop" that mashes web-hosted computing, going green, open source, and social networking into a 10 ounce box. The (self-titled) CherryPal systems are $249, and surprisingly won't require a monthly subscription despite the fact that most of its storage …
Austin Modine, 21 Jul 2008

EMC and SAP plan a romp in the clouds

EMC may partner with German software giant SAP to develop a suite of web hosted storage and application services. In an interview with Reuters, SAP executive Doug Merritt said the two companies are in early-stage talks to add SAP's business applications to EMC's burgeoning software-as-a-service (SaaS) storage platform. Both …
Austin Modine, 16 Feb 2008

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