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Broker DP Data Systems calls time on selling grey imports

Manchester-based broker DP Data Systems will no longer trade in “grey” market tech, according to its boss. Of course, this will only be the case once a new home is found for existing inventory already in the warehouse. The company told us it has just “ceased” buying grey market kit, which IT vendors term as any product …
Paul Kunert, 07 Mar 2016

China Mobile pushes Jobs for Sino-flava 4G iPhone

China Mobile has 7.44 million iPhones on its network, despite not selling them or even offering a 3G network, so there's huge potential if it can get the iPhone 4 speaking Chinese. And that is the plan, according to China Mobile's chairman, who told investors that he had met with Steve Jobs to talk about an iPhone 4 model …
Bill Ray, 19 Aug 2011

Europe-wide ecommerce laws ahoy!

Any European citizen buying from any website within Europe will be protected by the same consumer rights on prices, delivery and returns. The EU-wide law was passed by the European Parliament this morning. It means punters will have a two-week cooling off period after receiving goods and must be given precise information on …
John Oates, 23 Jun 2011
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Sky loses pub footy case

Sky has no legal right to stop people using cheaper non-UK decoders, according to a European legal opinion. This is not a binding opinion, but it deals a blow to Sky's desire to license its content country-by-country within the EU. Karen Murphy, a pub landlady from Portsmouth, faced £8,000 in fines and costs for using a Greek …
John Oates, 03 Feb 2011
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Grey marketing is great - if you're the importer...

Opinion Let's face it: those of us who are in the distribution channel (and that means the distribution channel for absolutely anything, not just tech goods) are in a bit of a bind when we start to discuss grey or parallel imports. For we're absolutely outraged at the idea that anyone might try to bring in cheaper versions from other …
Tim Worstall, 13 Dec 2010
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Chinese Kindles hop firewall to freedom

Kindle users in China are able to surf the internet unimpeded by the Great Firewall, as the authorities have yet to recognise the threat the e-book reader represents. The Kindle isn't officially available in China yet, though grey imports are bought and sold on local auction sites. Once activated, it has emerged, the Kindle's …
Bill Ray, 03 Nov 2010
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Ofcom enacts Ultrawide Band

UK regulator Ofcom has set out the regulations under which Ultrawide Band radio connections can be used, despite the fact that no-one seems very interested in deploying UWB right now. Ofcom's considered response is in stark contrast to the initial legalisation, which was rushed through against the fear of grey imports flooding …
Bill Ray, 21 Sep 2009
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Ofcom exempts wall-piercing tech

Ofcom has published new proposals for the use of Ultra Wideband equipment, updating the measures which were rushed through to prevent the flood of grey imports from the USA. The regulator's new proposals increase the transmission power for all UWB equipment, and also permit the use of UWB in cars and trains in addition to …
Bill Ray, 02 Jul 2009
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L'Oreal appeals eBay ruling

French slap and shampoo concern L'Oreal is to appeal a recent ruling that eBay is not responsible for counterfeit or grey import goods which are available on its site. L'Oreal sued eBay both in France and the UK and lost both cases. It is the French ruling that L'Oreal is appealing today, although presumably we can expect a …
John Oates, 24 Jun 2009
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eBay not obliged to protect trade marks, says High Court

Online auction site eBay has "no legal duty" to protect other companies' trade marks or stop its sellers from infringing them, the High Court has said. Cosmetics company L'Oréal has failed to show that eBay was jointly liable with the sellers of fakes and illegally imported goods and had "participated in a common design" to …
OUT-LAW.COM, 27 May 2009
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USB goes Wireless

The first devices submitted for Wireless USB certification have been approved, and four of them will be in US shops by the end of the summer. Laptops from Dell and Lenovo, as well as hubs (and adapters) from IO Gear and D-Link, are the first devices to receive Wireless USB certification: ensuring that they'll work properly …
Bill Ray, 24 Jul 2007
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Europe beams out UWB roadmap

The European Commission has taken the first steps towards an EU-wide license for Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio communications, by agreeing that such an approach is necessary and laying down the basic pattern of adoption. UWB has enormous potential as a cable-replacement technology. It offers huge amounts of bandwidth over very …
Bill Ray, 22 Feb 2007
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Consumer demand will drive UWB regulation

3GSM The European regulatory confusion surrounding Ultra Wide Band, and thus Wireless USB, will be solved by pressure from consumers once they see what the Americans, Chinese and Japanese can do with the technology, members of the consortium said today. Wireless USB offers high-speed connections over short range, fast enough to run …
Bill Ray, 12 Feb 2007

HP crosses out parallel trader

HP has wrapped up one of three lawsuits it has filed against channel firms in the last 18 months for "grey market" trading. It also imposed more red tape on its official partners, requiring them to "track product serial numbers on all sales and delivery documentation" so it can tell easily if they have been selling grey goods …
Mark Ballard, 31 May 2006

Grey marketing rubbed out at SCC

Specialist Computer Holdings has closed its grey market broker, Global Distribution, to keep HP sweet. The official word from SCC is as much a sign of how the times have changed as is the closure of Global Dis. "The Group has made a strategic decision to focus on its vendor relationships through its core businesses. This …
Mark Ballard, 15 Mar 2006
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CPUs smarter than 'every human brain combined' by 2060

Computers will be able to out-think the entire world population put together within the next 60 years, the head of Lucent's research division has forecast. First, though, phones will be able to tell how their owners smell, Jeong Kim, Bell Labs' president told reporters in Seoul yesterday. Kim's comments, conveyed by local …
Tony Smith, 15 Sep 2005

Sony may go after PSP sellers

Sony may take further legal action against other retailers and websites which are selling mobile Playstations ahead of the delayed UK launch in September. Sony took one-man reseller ElectricBirdLand to court on Monday to seek a temporary injunction to stop the site selling PSPs. But similar machines and accessories are …
John Oates, 29 Jun 2005
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Sony UK denies grey PSP confiscation claims

Sony's European PlayStation division, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has denied it has any plans to grab PlayStation Portables from UK punters who bought their consoles from unofficial importers. "We're absolutely not going after consumers - that's not our objective at all," an SCEE spokesman said yesterday, …
Tony Smith, 24 Jun 2005
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AMD CPUs to sport anti-fake holograms

AMD has become the latest chip maker to stamp its wares with a holographic stamp in a bid to beat processor pirates. The move, announced yesterday, follows the seizure two weeks ago of 60,000 dud AMD chips, originally due for destruction but rebadged without the company's permission in order that they might be sold as fully …
Tony Smith, 11 Jan 2005

Trouble in Paradise

BDO Stoy Hayward has been appointed administrator of Paradise Computers. As revealed by El Reg last week the firm got into difficulties following a dispute with HP over trademark infringement and grey importing. In August HP issued a £2.2m High Court writ against the reseller, it has promised to take tougher action over grey …
John Oates, 20 Sep 2004
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ABIT debuts holo ID stickers for mobos

Mobo maker ABIT is to stamp credit card-style holographic ID stickers on its products, the company said today, in a bid to end unauthorised, 'grey' imports of its motherboards. And the company is considering a move that will see owners of boards without said stickers no longer bring provided with support. From today, all ABIT …
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2004
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HP gets tough with grey market dealers

HP EMEA is turning detective in its attempts to stamp out the unauthorised sale of imports. As of yesterday HP is running reseller spot checks and distie audits to stamp out the grey market in the region. And it won’t hesitate to use the law courts against resellers who “violate contractual terms”. The company says it is taking …
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2003
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Grey IT broking worth $40bn a year

The global grey market for IT goods is worth $40bn a year, resulting in lost vendor profits of $5bn a year, a KPMG study reveals. To the Anti-Gray Market Alliance which, we assume, commissioned the KPMG study, the grey market is defined as: "Branded products diverted from authorized distribution channels or imported into …
Drew Cullen, 20 Feb 2003
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MS anti-piracy crew puts Suffolk dealer in the stocks

Pity Russell Simpson, joint owner of Suffolk-based resellers Greengage Computer Products, who has not only forked out an undisclosed sum in compensation for unwittingly flogging counterfeit copies of Microsoft software, but sentenced to the stocks too. For Simpson has been dragooned into supplying warning words in a Microsoft …
John Leyden, 18 Nov 2002
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Europe hits Nintendo with €168m fine for fixing game prices

Nintendo and several of its distributors have been hit by the European Commission for total fines of €167.8 million for "colluding to prevent trade in low-priced products." And to the slight shock of The Register, these low-priced products seem to have been in the UK, with Nintendo and friends acting to block their export to …
John Lettice, 30 Oct 2002
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Vendors seek grey market whistleblowers

The Anti-Gray Market Alliance, an association of mostly IT hardware vendors, has introduced a web drop for snitches, where "consumers and business customers can now quickly report incidences of suspected fraudulent sales, illegal brokering or counterfeit goods". This is a most peculiar definition of the grey market, the …
Drew Cullen, 15 Aug 2002
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Grey matter

Re: Software Imports - A Grey Area? see also... Grey software is not black and white This is what Microsoft said about grey imports in 1998 The Tesco ruling - what does it mean for grey MS software? I continue to read The Register with interest. Of late I read your article "Software Imports - A Grey Area", it brings to …
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Dec 2001
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Texan grits, True Brits and Seattle disowns Redmond

Letters Christmas is coming - the mailbag's getting fat. Topic of the week here, it seems is last week's ruling about grey imports. Read all about that here. There's a good bellyache about developing for the Mac too but it'll have to wait until next week. Now onto the trivia. The Ziff-Davis Guide To Britishers (and other foreigners …
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Nov 2001
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This is what Microsoft said about grey imports in 1998

This article was published on The Register in March 1998. Last year, Levi Strauss & Co refused to allow UK supermarket chain Tesco to stock its denims. The jeans manufacturer had spent years and millions of pounds persuading the Great British public to stump up £50 for a pair for the privilege of wearing the brand. And it saw …
Drew Cullen, 27 Nov 2001
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Korea gets Xbox – in Oct 2002

Korean gamers won't get their hands on Microsoft's Xbox until the second half of next year, sources close to the software giant's Korean operation claim. Xbox launched in the US last week. Having initially promised to ship the console globally on day one, Microsoft more recently delayed the Japanese launch to February 2002. …
Tony Smith, 19 Nov 2001
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UK games industry angry over govt grey import plans

The computer games industry has hit out at the government over plans to legalise grey imports. The European Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) says the plan, unveiled by secretary of state for trade and industry Stephen Byers, threatens games developers and publishers in the UK. Last month Byers announced a joint …
Linda Harrison, 31 May 2001
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Hurrah for grey trading

Opinion This article first appeared in September 1998 Multinational vendors are uncommonly fond of restrictive distribution practices. By dictating who can sell what to whom, vendors can exploit price differentials in different markets and maximise their profits. Although restrictive distribution is supposed to be banned by the European …
Drew Cullen, 28 Aug 1999