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Goldman Sachs slapped over iPad price-cut call

Apple is unlikely to slash the price of its fondleslab this Christmas as margins are too low, despite a warning from Goldman Sachs that the premium is out of kilter with hard-pressed consumers and sales could suffer this Xmas. Investment analyst Bill Shope has warned clients to think the unthinkable and closely monitor unit …
Paul Kunert, 16 Nov 2011

Thai flood ripples set to impact entire world PC market

The Thai floods have dampened Goldman Sachs outlook for global PC sales forcing it to downgrade forecasts for this quarter and next. The devastation to the disk drive industry, particularly WD and Toshiba, is starting to feed through into the supply chain with PC vendors already confirming price rises and warning of shortages …
Paul Kunert, 10 Nov 2011
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HP recruits Goldman Sachs to grapple activist investors

HP has rented the services of Goldman Sachs Group to fend off any potential activist investors seeking to rock the boat. The WSJ says the investment bank will man the battlements against corporate raiders that could exploit the fallen share price – down by a fifth last month after HP made public its PSG review, canned WebOS …
Paul Kunert, 29 Sep 2011
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Facebook fever prices social network at $70bn

Doomsayers who believe the Internet is looking like a bubble again will be out in force, following GSV Capital’s decision to tip $US6.6 million into Facebook. The dollar value is trivially small, but GVC is only buying 225,000 shares, putting a notional valuation of $US70bn on the social network site. Even that number is …
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Facebook tagged with $60bn valuation

Facebook is considering allowing its staff to sell up to $1bn of their shares to institutional investors, after the company got slapped with a $60bn valuation. According to All Things Digital, which cites sources close to the situation, Facebook's estimated valuation rocketed another $10bn yesterday. Brokerage Goldman Sachs …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Feb 2011
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$50bn-valued Facebook goes public about going public

Facebook finally confirmed on Friday that it had indeed raised $1.5bn courtesy of brokerage Goldman Sachs and Russian investor Digital Sky Technologies. Reports that the Mark Zuckerberg-run social networking website had been valued at $50bn – that’s almost as much as dominant UK retail monster Tesco ($54bn) – surfaced earlier …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Jan 2011
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Investors fight to buy secret special-offer Facebook equity

Goldman Sachs is to reportedly end soliciting interest in Facebook shares from wealthy investors later today. According to the Wall Street Journal, which cited people familiar with the situation, the brokerage has been inundated with orders of "several billion dollars" after the deal emerged over the weekend. Goldman Sachs …
Kelly Fiveash, 6 Jan 2011
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Facebook sells equity: Reportedly valued same as Tesco

Cash-loaded Goldman Sachs clients with more than $2m to wave around were told over the weekend that they would soon have the opportunity to invest in Facebook. According to a report in the New York Times, the brokerage plans to offer its clients up to $1.5bn in Facebook Inc equity. Goldman Sachs said in an email to would-be …
Kelly Fiveash, 4 Jan 2011

Goldman Sachs wants clouds, tablets and divis from Microsoft

Microsoft has another tough year ahead, a Goldman Sachs tech analyst has warned. Sarah Friar said at the weekend that 2011 would be a big challenge for Steve Ballmer's software company, principally because Microsoft will be attempting to play catch-up with Apple and Google on tablet computers and mobile phones. The analyst …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Dec 2010

Ballmer, Gates won't slice up Microsoft

Microsoft held its annual shareholders' meeting in Redmond yesterday, where the company’s boss Steve Ballmer once again rejected the idea – first touted by Goldman Sachs – to split the software vendor up. "I obviously don’t think it is time,” he told shareholders, according to Todd Bishop at TechFlash. “I don’t think it would …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Nov 2010
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IT buyers will keep purses shut till New Year

IT spending will likely return to growth next year, although it will be modest - about four per cent worldwide for the whole year. This will be partly driven by pent-up demand - purchases and upgrades which have been delayed by recession fears this year. The survey, from Goldman Sachs, found businesses expecting to increase …
John Oates, 26 Nov 2009

Fortune 1000 in Cisco California rush

Are the big companies that Cisco Systems is targeting ready to seriously consider the networking giant as a server provider for their data centers? Apparently so, if you believe the results of a recent survey of Fortune 1000 customers done by investment bank Goldman Sachs. As part of its launch of the C-Series rack-mounted x64 …
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Goldman Sachs threatens blogger over demonic domain name

A blogger has taken legal action to defend his right to criticise bailed-out investment bank Goldman Sachs. The bank has threatened to sue over trade mark infringement, but the blogger has launched his own legal campaign to defend himself. Goldman Sachs was bailed out with $10 billion of US public money last year under the …
OUT-LAW.COM, 14 Apr 2009
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Goldman Sachs seeks Goldman sucks site suit

Goldman Sachs certainly has its share of troubles these days but it's not about give up the little things that make life sweet. For instance, hiring a major Wall Street law firm to take down a blogger who may sully its sterling reputation. The Manhattan investment bank - which is struggling amidst a massive global recession, …
Austin Modine, 10 Apr 2009

Vultures circle over IT jobs

Big IT firms are likely to do better from the credit crunch than smaller suppliers, as greater economies of scale allow them to offer cheaper prices. Overall IT budgets are stabilising after recording big falls in December and April. Goldman Sachs, which surveyed 100 CIOs at Fortune 1000 firms, warned that there is a risk of …
John Oates, 22 Jul 2008
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Yahoo! talks! to! Time! Warner?

Yahoo! spent the holiday weekend locked in talks with Time Warner. The two are looking for a way to split Yahoo! up in order to fend off Microsoft's takeover attempt. The idea is to find a way to merge AOL with Yahoo! in order to fend off both Microsoft and activist shareholder Carl Icahn. The firms spent the time in talks …
John Oates, 7 Jul 2008

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