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VCE plunges syringe into its channel arm, prepares to fire in a shot

The Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) company will try to get entry level vBlocks shifting by relaunching a channel programme tomorrow with a fresh focus on mid-market sales partners. The four year-old borg created by an alliance between Cisco, EMC and VMware still has just four resellers, three tech alliance partners, three …
Paul Kunert, 16 Sep 2013

Blighty's IT support services to decline in 2013, 2014, 2015....

2013 will be a "make or break year" for some IT firms in the declining UK support services space, according to the venerable beancounters at TechMarketView. In TMV estimates, the UK IT support and maintenance market declined 3.5 per cent in 2012 to £1.76bn, is set to fall 3.5 per cent again this year and by 2.5 per cent in the …
Paul Kunert, 11 Mar 2013
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El Reg issues CIO scrapheap challenge

Dear reader, we are conducting an experiment in vox pop journalism, and that means we want to involve you, the man or woman on the IT street. We get to ask you a bunch of questions and synthesise your replies, votes and other feedback into a lovely impressionistic Reg-juicy article. We have the means, the writers, the forums …
Drew Cullen, 24 Feb 2012
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Getronics sharpens chopper, eyes 2,500 of its people

Dutch IT services provider Getronics is firing up to 2,500 staff to counter effects of the market slowdown in its homeland, but refused to be drawn on potential cuts to the UK workforce. Telco parent KPN has reported a drop in second calendar quarter results showing a near 2 per cent drop in sales to €3.29bn as EBITDA fell …
Paul Kunert, 27 Jul 2011

HDS drops the Ball at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium

Hitachi Data Systems' CEO Jack Domme kicked off yesterday's Information Forum for partners by inviting on stage UK managing director Stephen Ball just 24 hours after his appointment. This ends the near five-month search for a successor to previous incumbent Steve Murphy, poached by HP in January to become UK sales director, …
Paul Kunert, 03 Jun 2011
channel awards managed services deal to lucky dozen

Buying Solutions has announced that it has awarded a two-year IT managed services framework agreement to 12 suppliers. The government procurement agency said the contract, which includes the management of servers, PCs and laptops, is now live at public sector and associated organisations. "This framework agreement caters for …
Kable, 16 Aug 2010
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VeriSign SSL certs open to tampering, competitor warns

VeriSign and one of its partners have come under fire for publicly exposing webpages used to process customer security certificates, a practice a competitor claims puts some of the biggest names on the web at risk of serious targeted attacks. According to Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO of internet security firm Comodo, publicly …
Dan Goodin, 24 Jun 2010

UK jobs go at Getronics

IT services giant Getronics is cutting jobs in the UK after losing several contracts. A spokeswoman for the firm confirmed that revised customer requirements meant there was a need for restructuring. She refused to give details while negotiations were continuing. Insiders who have emailed The Register suggest that up to 100 …
John Oates, 15 Feb 2010
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2009 - Thomas the Tank's journey to IT Hell

As Sodor wakes to a new year, Thomas and his friends notice some very disturbing things... The end of the IT world train is arriving at platform one Cheaper hardware and software prices in 2009 means that IT becomes an increasingly throwaway business. We're there with printers, and other plug-ins: expect much the same with …
Cormac O'Reilly, 02 Jan 2009

Capita coughs up £13.6m for ABS Networks

Capita is beefing up its networking expertise by buying Crawley-based ABS Network Solutions Limited for £13.6m. ABSNet is a specialist in IP-based networking, service management and storage with strong Cisco links. The company turned over £17.1m in the year ended 31 December 2007 and made a profit, excluding "owner's …
John Oates, 15 Oct 2008
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Healy vacates top slot at Calyx

Maurice Healy has resigned as CEO of Calyx, the Anglo-Irish reseller group he navigated through a €104m MBO last year, reports. His replacement is Tara Brady, who joined the company from Getronics in June as chief operating officer. Healy remains a shareholder. Flag Ireland
Team Register, 15 Aug 2008
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Capgemini goes Dutch

Capgemini is paying €255m for a public sector applications division, Business Application Services BV, from Getronics PinkRoccade. BAS BV employs 2,200 people and turned over €300m in 2007. It makes 40 per cent of its revenues from the Dutch public sector. The deal is subject to the usual regulatory issues and needs to be …
Team Register, 25 Jul 2008

IBM: Treasure Island Revisited

Comment If ever there was proof that the financial community does not understand the basics of a legacy IT company, the euphoria over yesterday's IBM results preview said it all. News of IBM's profit sent the technology sector up,which in turn drove up the broader markets, confusing many IT observers. IBM a stellar performer - I don't …
Cormac O'Reilly, 16 Jan 2008
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KPN completes Getronics takeover

Netherlands telco KPN has completed its takeover of Getronics, following successful public offers for the Dutch service provider's ordinary shares and convertible bonds. KPN also announced a new Getronics management lineup. Erik van der Meijden will hold the position of CEO of Getronics and Steven van Schilfgaarde the …
Lewis Page, 23 Oct 2007

Kill the CIO!

It's budgeting season, and this year is no exception for big corporate IT departments, and the big IT industry players who feed on them. Pressure is yet again on reducing IT costs, and especially costly IT people. And as in most recent years, cost reduction ripples will spread across the IT pond, with the major IT industry …
Cormac O'Reilly, 16 Oct 2007
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Dutch telecoms firm to bid for Getronics

Dutch telecommunications company KPN says it intends to launch a €766m bid for struggling IT services company Getronics NV. Last year, merger discussions between KPN and Getronics led nowhere. Instead, Getronics shedded businesses in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and China, and majority stakes in its French and Japanese operations. …
Jan Libbenga, 30 Jul 2007
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Fujitsu results: good mid-table performance

Fujitsu Services posted a good increase in revenue profits and claimed a record forward order book of £6.6bn, up from £6.5bn last year. For the year ended 31 March 2007, Fujitsu made a profit before tax of £172m, up 11.5 per cent on last year, and increased turnover by 7.5 per cent to £2,465m. CEO David Courtley said the …
John Oates, 13 Jun 2007
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Channel rumours round-up

Atos Origin and Getronics are the targets of rumoured takeovers this morning sending shares in both soaring. Dutch company Getronics was up five per cent late last week on rumours that KPN, the Dutch telco, was lining it up for a takeover. Getronics shares were steady this morning. Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf said the …
John Oates, 19 Mar 2007
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Getronics hands apps development to India

Dutch IT services giant Getronics has handed its software application business over to an Indian outsourcer, allowing it to move its developers into its expanding consulting division. MindTree Consulting, a $100m mid-tier outsourcing firm based in Bangalore, India, already has 100 people working on applications business …
Mark Ballard, 30 Jan 2007
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Dell swallows reseller minnow

Dell has bought a small Scottish reseller for an undisclosed sum in order to get hold of its consultants. The $57bn PC giant has snapped up ACS, a minnow that turned over £11.6m last year. The deal marks a big change for Dell which doesn't usually make such acquisitions. Analysts said Dell had resorted to acquisitions in …
Mark Ballard, 15 Nov 2006
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Taking a punt on Vonage IPO

Opinion Last week, analysts on Wall Street castigated the Vonage IPO, effectively driving the price down from $17 a share, to under $14 in three days. The price is now recovering a little despite their broadside. The analysts' highly televised arguments were around Wall Street's judgement that Vonage had the wrong technology (VoIP), …
Cormac O'Reilly, 30 May 2006

How much is that Apple in the Windows?

Comment As everyone knows, I'm a great fan of Apple Computer. In fact, while running the Texas internal consulting office at Schlumberger in 1984, I bought and evaluated one of the first Apple Macs and was blown away by its power and simplicity. Instead of buying my own Mac at that time, I bought Apple stock, the value of which quickly …
Cormac O'Reilly, 07 Apr 2006

Getronics buys PinkRoccade

Getronics, the Dutch computer services firm. has bought PinkRoccade, also Dutch, for €355m. Post-acquisition, Getronics is the biggest computer services business in its home country and it also becomes a more significant player in the UK, where it doubles in size. The enlarged group claims pro forma annual revenues of €3bn and …
Drew Cullen, 01 Mar 2005

Apple of IBM's eye?

Opinion As the IT world digests the fact that IBM has, according to the New York Times, put its PC division up for sale, another set of speculation revs up. No, not the fact that the rumored potential buyer is Chinese company Lenovo, nor the cruel related joke that many old IBMers caught in the sold PC division would quickly will …
Cormac O'Reilly, 06 Dec 2004
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Getronics snaffles PinkRoccade

Brief The two biggest Dutch ICT service companies - Getronics and PinkRoccade - are to merge. Getronics will buy the outstanding shares of PinkRoccade, listed on Euronext Amsterdam, for €338m. The management board will be chaired by Klaas Wagenaar, existing chairman and CEO of Getronics. The companies believe that the new combination …
Jan Libbenga, 01 Nov 2004
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Numbers don't add up for Telcos

Opinion This week Verizon, the local New England telephone company, reported lower revenues and of lower associated profits. The cause was the flight of their customers from conventional telephone lines and long distance calls. Verizon’s stock fell, as did other regional US telephone companies on the news and I think this wrong number …
Cormac O'Reilly, 30 Sep 2003
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Atos Origin: tough turnaround for Sema

The $1.5 billion acquisition of most of SchlumbergerSema will help Atos Origin to expand in the lucrative outsourcing and government sectors, and gain the size it needs to compete against larger, international rivals. But the integration of the business will be the biggest challenge that Atos Origin's management team has faced …
Datamonitor, 24 Sep 2003
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The incredible shrinking IT industry

Opinion It's taken me ages to get it. The IT industry, at least as I knew it, is fast disappearing before my very eyes. It took the speculation that Sun and Apple would team up to jog me out of my IT industry's trance. When I thought about the real business logic of such a relationship, the idea was just silly. Forget all that …
Cormac O'Reilly, 27 Aug 2003
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‘C’ word use shocks IT industry

Opinion As the "C" word creeps into everyday IT conversation, the confused get scared, and the squeamish, squirm. Of course we are talking commoditization, which not only heralds the end of big margins for the IT establishment, but ultimately the demise of the in-business IT community. Let's look at the IT establishment, and the rush …
Cormac O'Reilly, 08 Aug 2003

IBM dominates network consultancy market

IBM Global Services has reasserted itself as the number one player in the services industry this week, courtesy of some good old fashioned bean counting at IDC. The analyst has completed its assessment of the Network Consulting and Integration Services vendors and IBM's ever growing, shrinking teams of consultants has taken the …
IT-Analysis, 09 Sep 2002
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Bull flogs Irish reseller to management

Bull has sold its Irish reseller subsidiary, Cara, to a management team backed by Hibernia Capital Partners. Once upon a time, Cara was Ireland's biggest corporate reseller. Then it got bought by Bull, and now it's and "IT solutions company which, in the Irish market specialises in securely transforming an organisation’s IT …
Drew Cullen, 02 Mar 2001
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Microsoft hacker fired

The hacker who made Microsoft look foolish in November by breaking into its servers through a known security hole has been fired by his company Getronics. He was fired yesterday after a court case. Getronics terminated Dimitri Van de Glessen's one-year contract but there is no Netherlands law that allows a company to fire …
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Jan 2001
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IDC: will Europe leapfrog US in e-business?

Analysis There's trouble brewing when American market researchers make pronouncements about the behaviour of Europan Internet markets without having any real appreciation of the cultural issues. There's still a great tendency for them to regard Europe as one market, when in reality multilingual countries like Belgium and Switzerland …
Graham Lea, 18 Sep 2000
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Channel Flannel Extra

Update: Haven't got time to read this week's Computer Reseller News or MicroScope? Don't worry, we've read 'em for you. Here's our round-up of some of the channel weeklies' best stories. Computer Reseller News Ingram has launched an online auction for surplus stock. The distributor will primarily use the service to sell return-to-vendor …
Linda Harrison, 08 Mar 2000
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DoJ appoints financial remedies advisor

MS on Trial The Department of Justice has appointed Greenhill & Co, a New York firm specialising in mergers and acquisitions, to advise it on the Microsoft case. A DoJ spokeswoman blocked questions as to whether this reflected well or badly on the mediation effort, saying that "the firm's advice will be useful in ongoing processes". No …
Graham Lea, 03 Dec 1999
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Wang goes Dutch in $1.36 billion deal

One of Dell’s key service partners, Wang, has been bought by Dutch services giant Getronics. The deal is worth around $1.36 billion, with the combined company worth an estimated $5 billion. Wang is the world’s number five IT services company and this deal saw its shares valued at more than 14 per cent more than the closing …
Sean Fleming, 04 May 1999