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The top doc, the FBI, the Geek Squad informant – and the child porn pic that technically wasn't

Lawyers for a California doctor accused of hoarding child sex abuse images are challenging the legitimacy of crucial evidence a PC repairman handed to the FBI. While fixing top surgeon Mark Rettenmaier's HP Pavilion computer, a Best Buy technician found what was claimed to be an indecent photo of a child and passed it onto the …
Shaun Nichols, 12 Jan 2017
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Hey fanboi, is that an EXPLODING BATTERY in your MacBook Pro?

American electronics chain Best Buy has recalled a batch of 5,100 MacBook Pro* replacement batteries after they caught fire while charging up. One customer suffered a serious leg burn, and 12 others reported seeing their device burst into flames, we're told. Anyone who bought a black or white lithium-ion replacement battery, …
Jasper Hamill, 20 Jun 2013
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Auld Reekie folk 'spend most on tech prezzies'

Today's piece of blatant puffery masquerading as market research comes from Geek Squad the embarrassingly named in-store tech support oppos for Carphone Warehouse. GS/CW would like us to know that folk in Edinburgh will - on average - spend £126.60 on tech gifts this Christmas, the highest in the land apparently. The firm …
Hard Reg, 22 Dec 2011
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Best Buy slaps 'God Squad' priest with cease-and-desist order

Best Buy is pursuing an American god botherer who ripped off the company’s Geek Squad logo. Father Luke Strand at the Holy Family Parish in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, had his collar felt after he slapped a sticker carrying the name “God Squad” on his black Volkswagen Beetle. Best Buy sent a cease-and-desist letter to Strand …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Aug 2010
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Best Buy opens first UK store tomorrow

Best Buy is opening its first store in Thurrock, Essex tomorrow morning, but it will not have a working ecommerce site until autumn. The Essex shop is one of four due to open this year. It promises 50,000 square feet of floor space. But Best Buy will not have a functioning website ready until the autumn - a spokeswoman said …
John Oates, 29 Apr 2010
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Best Buy UK to flog electric cars, scooters and bikes

Best Buy is majoring on "Green Tech" in its first UK superstore. The Lakeside, Thurrock store opens on 30 April and will sell electric bicycles such as the GoCycle, Ultramotor, Metro and Moore & Large's iZip brands with prices starting at £399. Best Buy will also stock the Enertia electric motorbike from August and it will house …
Hard Reg, 23 Apr 2010

Virgin coughs up digital tech support for clueless users

Virgin Group has launched a tech help service that will compete with the likes of DSGi's Tech Guys in the UK. Virgin Digital Help is the company's first new UK consumer biz in three years. It was created in partnership with outsourcing outfit Sutherland Global Services, said Virgin. The service is pitched at clueless Blighty …
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Dec 2009

Cloud storage hits the High Street

Carphone Warehouse will offer its customers Geek Squad-branded online storage services by Trend Micro. The storage services will actually be provided by Spare Backup and will be embedded within a Trend Micro Internet Security PRO service, co-branded by TMI and Spare Backup as "Geek Squad". Spare Backup and Trend have signed a …
Chris Mellor, 25 Sep 2009

Carphone Warehouse plans for split after pre-tax loss

Carphone Warehouse boss Charles Dunstone has launched a "formal review of the group's corporate structure" which could lead to the breakup of the telecoms group. Dunstone confirmed a split was possible as the firm unveiled interim results which showed a pre-tax loss and "headline" profits falling across the company's businesses …
Bill Ray, 18 Nov 2008

Dell and Wal-Mart team on TV installations

Good idea? Bad idea? Not even Wal-Mart and Dell are sure. The two "low-cost providers" have teamed to experiment on Dallas natives with a range of technology services. Customers visiting local Wal-Marts will find "Solution Stations by Dell" where they can get help with "home television installation, PC set-up, wireless network …
Ashlee Vance, 16 Jul 2008

Best Buy eyes up Europe, buys into Carphone Warehouse

Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse have entered into a joint project to launch the US brand in Europe. But getting Best Buy into the UK isn't just about sticking a big yellow tag on everything. For £1.1bn Best Buy gets a 50 per cent share of CPW's high-street stores, along with its MVNO operations everywhere except France. CPW …
Bill Ray, 08 May 2008
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BestBuy blasts into UK with Carphone Warehouse buy

Carphone Warehouse is selling a 50 per cent stake in its mobile phone retail business to US electronics retailer BestBuy, setting the stage for a heavyweight fight in the UK's retail electronics market. The deal will bring CPW £1.1bn in cash, enough to sort out its debt problems and could leave enough in the till to buy …
John Oates, 08 May 2008

Google Android - a sneak preview

Google invited developers to its London office for one of three workshops - the others being in Munich and Tel Aviv to spread the word and teach developers how to write for their new OS. Another event will be held in Boston on February 23rd (check at the blog for an announcement). Here's what they told us. The mantra for Android …
Lance Davis, 02 Feb 2008

Best Buy kicks out misbehaving Geek Squaders

A number of porn-obsessed Geek Squaders have come unstuck following a US-wide internal investigation by computer retail giant Best Buy. The firm mounted the inquiry after the published a video sting operation which caught a Best Buy employee stealing nudie pictures and MP3s from their computer. Not liking the …
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Dec 2007

Resellers get shirty over FixITlocal

FixITlocal received a mixed reception at the Professional Computing Association's (PCA) annual conference, with IT channel resellers questioning how they could sell the new service to customers. The firm, created by BT reseller DMSL, is the latest in a long line of companies taking on the tricky computer repair business. It …
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Nov 2007
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Carphone Warehouse banks on US, iPhone to lift H2

Carphone Warehouse shrugged off any taint of economic gloom this morning as it predicted its second half will be buoyed by US expansion and the launch of new products like the iPhone in the UK. The mobile phone chain/operator/broadband provider struck its bullish stance as it unveiled first half results that showed revenues of £ …
Joe Fay, 08 Nov 2007

Microsoft throws a party for MUC as AC/DC chucks filth off its website

Microsoft was in good spirits this week at the launch of its long-awaited "Microsoft unified communications software" in San Francisco, officially announced by chairman Bill Gates, business division president Jeff Raikes, and a guitarist in a red velvet jacket. Now that's rock and roll, especially as the guitarist was playing …
Billy MacInnes, 18 Oct 2007

DMSL punts local IT support to

BT reseller DMSL has created a IT repair service that will compete with the likes of the Geek Squad and PC World's Tech Guys by offering support services for home users and small businesses across the UK. But unlike its competitors, which have engineers working out of central locations, DMSL has come over all touchy-feely by …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Oct 2007
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Geeks and Nerds caught on film lacking geeky nerdiness

Canada was shocked to its honest-to-goodness core this week by the news that the country's PC repairmen are undermining its sweet as maple syrup image. Canadian TV show CBC Marketplace did a hidden camera investigation into computer repair firms to see how many technicians could correctly fix a hardware problem. Of the 10 …
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Oct 2007
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'Law and Order' cop accused of child porn possession

Headshot of Albert Insinnia The actor who played a hard-nosed cop who cracked down on sexual deviants on prime-time TV has pleaded not guilty after authorities said they found 180 images of child porn on his PC. The offensive photos were allegedly found after the actor, Albert Insinnia, took his PC to a Best Buy in New …
Dan Goodin, 16 Aug 2007
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Geek Squader gets fruity with customer porn

Best Buy Geek Squad workers are a caring, sharing, diligent bunch. In fact some Geek Squaders are so meticulous they will even take a backup of your nudie photos and MP3s while repairing your home PC, without being asked. According to, which carried out what it described as a "three-month sting operation", …
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Jul 2007
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Comet goes head-to-head with Geek Squad

Comet has bumped up its eagerness to offer IT support to UK home users and small businesses, with the nationwide launch today of its "Comet On Call" service. The electrical retailer, which has 250 stores throughout Britain, has been quietly operating the service since March 2007 in Bristol, Oxford, Banbury and Hereford. But …
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Jun 2007
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Carphone Warehouse mounts US invasion

Carphone Warehouse will crash into the US mobile market this year, with a big expansion of its Best Buy Mobile joint venture. The firm has been taking tentative steps in mobile stateside with a five month trial in a few of the retail behemoth's outlets. Up to 200 Best Buy stores will now play host to Carphone Warehouse-run " …
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Woman claims Geek Squader tried to film her in the shower

An engineer from Geek Squad apparently managed to leave his mobile phone in the bathroom while his customer took a shower, and would have got away with it if she hadn't spotted the handset blinking at her from the basin. Geek Squad - Best Buy's installation and repair arm - sent an engineer to the customer's house to fix her …
Bill Ray, 12 Apr 2007

Channel looks on the bright side, Woolies goes soft and Cisco aims small

Let the good times roll Let's start with the good news. According to a survey of European channel distributors and resellers (that means you), 2007 will be a year of strong sales growth and rises in revenue. The ETech 2007 survey found 70 per cent of channel distributors and resellers were confident about their business …
Billy MacInnes, 05 Apr 2007
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Tech support costs Carphone dear

Carphone Warehouse (CPW) revealed it expects to spend between £10m and £15m more than expected on supporting broadband customers when it released Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to the London Stock Exchange today. It showed an eight per cent increase in total connections to 2.41 million. The company has 2.27 million broadband …
John Oates, 02 Apr 2007
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Busy day at DSG HQ

Electrical retailing giant DSG said it has identified "a significant fraud operation" at its Paris-based Fotovista warehouse. French police are investigating what DSG has described as "an isolated incident", and several arrests at the warehouse have already been made. DSG, which is Europe's biggest electrical retailer and …
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Mar 2007

Geek Squad rides into town

Carphone Warehouse has moved into the home PC support market with a version of Best Buy's Geek Squad service. The Geek Squad website sports a tagline that reads "in cahoots with Carphone Warehouse". However, a CWH spokesperson was reluctant to comment on the new service and told The Reg, "officially we haven't launched yet …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Mar 2007
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Best Buy and Microsoft target SMBs

Microsoft and Best Buy have announced a partnership to meet the needs of small business customers who would like to establish a web presence but are reluctant to create sites on their own. Best Buy for Business will enable small businesses to purchase subscription cards for Microsoft Office Live services - designed to help …
Lawrence Dietz, 08 Mar 2007
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Carphone Warehouse ships out to US

Carphone Warehouse is set to try its luck in the US with the help of local chain Best Buy. The deal has two parts, according to reports. Firstly Carphone Warehouse will offer UK and European customers the chance to get technical support by offering a version of Best Buy's the Geek Squad service. CPW's recently launched …
John Oates, 25 Sep 2006
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WGA, NPfIT and 'rude' councillors polarise readers

Letters Last week's coverage of new and exciting cock-ups in the NHS's NPfIT attracted its usual wide variety of readers, including some folks over at Connecting for Health. They wrote to us to explain that we'd got it all wrong, guv. (NpfIT responds to Reg criticism). Far from being a waste of public resources, the £19m of taxpayers …
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Jun 2006
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Geeks agree - 'We need to dress better'

Stern response I've been so pleased with the reaction to my piece last month entitled CEOs should follow NBA and make geeks wear real clothes. It's very rewarding to have your public justify insightful positions by heaping praise. I'll admit that not everyone saw the raw genius in my proposal, and in the spirit of open dialogue, I'll print …
Otto Z. Stern, 04 Nov 2005