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Linux holding up Windows

Microsoft has made SQL Server for Linux. Repeat, Microsoft has made SQL Server 2016 for Linux

Microsoft has ported its SQL Server software to Linux and has promised to release it in full by next year. From today, the Windows giant, which once likened Linux to cancer, will show off to a lucky few a preview of its SQL database's core engine for the open-source operating system. The full SQL Server 2016 for Linux will be …
Chris Williams, 07 Mar 2016
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Microsoft seals up Windows zero-day flaw in April Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released six bulletins on Tuesday to fix a total of 11 vulnerabilities, one of which has become the target of active attacks against unpatched applications. One of the four critical patches in the batch – MS12-027 – addresses an Active X issue that impacts numerous application and creates a mechanism to drop malware …
John Leyden, 11 Apr 2012

Cobol cabal will take over THE WORLD Australia

The old advice was “Go west, young man”... but it seems the new one should be “Learn Cobol, youngster”. That at least is the implication of a report from Australia on the languages and environments that are heavily used. The Sydney-based Object Consulting has released a paper detailing those languages which will no longer be …
Tim Worstall, 20 Feb 2011

Ptable: It’s all about the interface

With no insult to El Reg’s skilled and resourceful interblag guru Murray Walker, I have recently run across potentially the coolest and most useful site currently available on the web. It’s called ptable. It is everything you ever wanted to know about the periodic table of elements presented in an easy to navigate format and it’ …
Trevor Pott, 07 Jan 2011
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Microsoft trips on Visual Studio Lightswitch

Review Microsoft's Visual Studio LightSwitch, just released to beta, is a new edition of Visual Studio 2010 and will become the next step up from the free Express. In other words, it will be paid-for but cost less than the existing Professional version. Do not be fooled though: although this is a low-end tool it is one with high …
Tim Anderson, 26 Aug 2010
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Bumper MS patch batch spells client-side misery

Microsoft issued eight updates on Tuesday - two more than expected - as part of its Patch Tuesday update cycle. Redmond classifies six of the octet as critical, while independent security watchers reckon they all make the highest security grade. Worst of the bunch is an update for ActiveX controls that affects Visual Basic 6.0's …
John Leyden, 10 Dec 2008
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Get stuck in to Visual Studio 2008

Review Visual Studio is more than an integrated development environment. It is a strategic tool intended to promote the Microsoft platform. As such, the latest version of this IDE - released to MSDN subscribers late last month and due for widespread availability next February - draws together several different themes. One is Windows …
Tim Anderson, 18 Dec 2007
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Vintage Databases

To save time and bandwidth, can I just point out in one place that we are, of course, aware of Adabas, IMS, IDMS, Pick, Mumps, Nomad, Teradata, UniVerse, Foxpro and many other very fine vintage and not-so-vintage database technologies. Some of us were around when they appeared, some of us have actually used some of them - and we …
David Norfolk, 29 Dec 2006
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When Borland got shirty

Database myths and legends (Part 4) In the second myths and legends story we related how the knights of the Good King Bill were accused of stealing secrets from Borland at a conference way back in 1992. In fact, the knights involved turned out to be most courtly and honourable; the accusations demonstrably and provably false. However, another myth surrounds …
Mark Whitehorn, 12 Oct 2006
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Sesame Software: going against the flow

Comment Is the accepted way of doing things always the best way to do things? Intuitively, one would have to answer 'no' to that question. One company that certainly thinks so is Sesame Software. Sesame offers two products: 'Relational Junction for Salesforce' and 'Relational Junction ETL Manager'. Neither of these products fits the …
Philip Howard, 12 Dec 2005

Database developers get tooled up

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Visual FoxPro 9.0 for developers making applications for databases. The set of tools allows developers to create apps for desktop, client-server or web environments. The new version has improved SQL language capabilities More info from Microsoft here. In more database …
John Oates, 15 Mar 2005
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MS issues Visual FoxPro OS statement …

Microsoft has issued a statement designed to stop developers from running one of its development tools on Linux. The controversy kicked off earlier this month when Microsoft executives warned software developer Whil Hentzen, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, against demonstrating how to run Microsoft's Visual FoxPro (VFP) on Linux …
John Leyden, 28 Apr 2003

MS legal threat derails Foxpro on Linux demo

Microsoft has enraged the developer community after a Redmond executive last week threatened a software developer to prevent him from demonstrating a Microsoft application running on Linux. Whil Hentzen, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was to have presented a seminar showing how to run Microsoft's Visual FoxPro on Linux at the Bay …
John Leyden, 17 Apr 2003
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So who is this Schmalensee guy anyway?

Dean Richard Schmalensee of the MIT Sloan School of Management freely admits "my 1978 article on the ready-to-eat breakfast cereal industry is probably my best known" so what a pity that it's software this time around for Microsoft's expert economist. In common with many US academics, Schmalensee has a sesquipedalian (OK, foot …
Graham Lea, 19 Jan 1999
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Microsoft, IBM sued over Y2K non compliance

US reports said that class action suits have been taken out against both IBM and Microsoft for alleged problems over the Millennium Bug. The suit against Software Stan alleges that both Visual FoxPro and FoxPro have problems with dates clicking over into the year 2000 properly. And IBM has received a lawyer's writ because of …