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Fasthosts says sorry

Hosting firm Fasthosts has apologized to customers who lost web servers held by the company because a denial of service attack. The company offers a range of website and email hosting and other server hosting services. In a statement sent to the Register Fasthosts said: "Just prior to 11:00am today we detected intermittent …
John Oates, 09 Jan 2007
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Fasthosts floored by Telewest cable cut

Fasthosts - which describes itself as the "UK's number 1 web host" and "home to more websites than any other provider" - has blamed Telewest's network blackout yesterday for its service going titsup for around 10 hours. But in a move to prevent such an outage hitting the firm again it announced plans to carry out a network …
Tim Richardson, 26 Jun 2006
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German ISP snaps up UK's Fasthosts

Fasthosts - the Gloucestershire-based internet firm that brags that it's the "UK's number 1 web host " - is to be snapped up by German outfit United Internet AG. The all-cash takeover values Fasthosts at £61.5m. In a statement United Internet - which provides "premium" net services to home users and SMEs - is part of the firm' …
Tim Richardson, 10 May 2006

Fasthosts ups reseller programme

Hosting provider Fasthosts is re-launching its reseller programme and hopes to increase indirect partner numbers by 50 per cent. The bundle consists of domain registering, email and website hosting and providing broadband and dialup access. All this is run through a webpage. Mark Snape, CEO of Novate (a Fasthosts reseller), …
John Oates, 19 Apr 2006
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Nominet loses all three EGM votes

The extraordinary general meeting of UK registry owner Nominet this morning, which hoped to pass three restructuring resolutions, turned out to be just that - extraordinary. Proposed changes to Nominet's Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association were designed to give the company greater freedom in the internet …
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Mar 2006
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Firms 'invisible' to online shoppers

Nearly half of small businesses could be missing out on their share of the growing online market due to poor knowledge of search engines. A new report from Fasthosts shows that 49 per cent of small firms fail to submit their company’s websites to search engines. Two-thirds of internet users told researchers that they only look …, 07 Mar 2006
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Anti-Blair site sparks real-world row

A satire site mocking Tony Blair has become the centre of a bizarre row that has pitched Labour councillors against militant bloggers and seen wild accusations thrown at both the Labour party and one of the country's biggest ISPs. Backing Blair, which we linked to last week, was apparently pulled offline on Monday by its ISP, …
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Feb 2005
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Fasthosts mum over ad watchdog complaint

Fasthosts - which claims to be "market leader in the provision of innovative hosted services" - has been kicked up the backside by the Advertising Watchdog. It seems someone objected to a magazine ad in which the Web hosting outfit boasted: "...120 Mbits BANDWIDTH NOW OFFERING MORE BANDWIDTH THAN ANY OTHER PROVIDER...". …
Tim Richardson, 14 Nov 2002
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Fasthosts email system collapses

Fasthosts, The UK's largest web hosting company, has had a complete email failure, leaving hundreds of companies which run their Web sites on its servers fuming. One in particular, Skyco International Food Club - a company which specialises in American food - says it has lost thousands of pounds worth of orders over …
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Nov 2001
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Fasthosts redundancy redundant

Users of hosting service Fasthosts are complaining the service was unavailable again today - just days after an extended outage last week. A director of a web design agency told us Fasthosts' service, which he described as being "up and down like a tarts" knickers, was down again this morning leaving 30 of his clients without …
John Leyden, 04 Jun 2001
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Fasthosts outage outrage

BT and hosting firm Fasthosts are at loggerheads about which is to blame for a 36-hour service outage. Fasthosts, which hosts 500,000 Web sites (mainly run by small businesses), accuses BT of failing to provide a timely fix for a problem which made almost all the Web sites it hosts unavailable and left its customers unable to …
John Leyden, 31 May 2001
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Russian credit card scam looks bigger than we thought

Yesterday The Register reported that some customers of Web host Fasthosts, were unlawfuly having small amounts of Russian roubles charged to their credit cards. All the money was apparently going to a Moscow-based company called Incomtel. Since the initial story, Fasthosts has issued a statement, which we will print in full. …
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Nov 2000
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Russian credit card scam hits Brit Web host customers

Fifteen customers of a small British Web hosting company have had small amounts of money unlawfully charged to their credit card accounts. The money has nominally been paid to a Russian company called Incomtel. The amounts taken are between £5 and £10. All the accounts were charged in Russian roubles. All fifteen customers had …
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Nov 2000