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Prison window

Ha ha, fooled you! Shares tumble over G4S fake website profit warning

False rumours of a profit alert and executive dismissals put the skids under G4S shares on Wednesday. A bogus statement was emailed to journalists falsely stating that the security service firm had discovered accounting errors. The false warning (suggesting G4S profits would be restated) was sent out in an email containing a …
John Leyden, 13 Nov 2014

Twitter 'news' spreads faster than Ebola #FakeCures #Malware

Updated Social media has become a conduit for the spread of fake cures and treatments for Ebola. As if that weren't bad enough, confusion about the epidemic is also being harnessed to push malware and other cybercrime scams, security watchers warn. The hoaxes began in the Twittersphere with the spread of false ways to treat Ebola. Late …
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2014
Dropbox IOS

Dropbox outage was caused by 'buggy' upgrade: DDoS us? You hardly know us...

Pranksters latched onto an outage at Dropbox on Friday to push false rumours of a politically motivated hack. A group calling itself 1775Sec claimed that it had taken advantage of a vulnerability to knock out the widely used sync-and-share service. These claims were reported by sections of the media over the weekend. Dropbox …
John Leyden, 13 Jan 2014

China stuffs rag in mouth of biz-rumour web ring

A Chinese clampdown on online rumour-mongers has netted 27 staff at Shui Jun Shi Wan, a firm which specialises in seeding stories across its microblogging network of 220 million followers. Spreading false rumours is illegal in China, but has been big business for companies like Shui Jun Shi Wan, which hired out its Sina Weibo …
Bill Ray, 30 Aug 2013
Google's China: we welcome our new overlords

Google to show China what it's missing

Google could be set for another tense showdown with the Chinese government after changing its search experience for users in the People’s Republic in a way that will explicitly notify them when their searches are being blocked by the authorities. Senior vice president of knowledge, Alan Eustace, announced the changes in a blog …
Phil Muncaster, 01 Jun 2012
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'Fake Carla Bruni' Twitter account spreads Thatcher death rumour

A fake celebrity Twitter account posing as that of outgoing French first lady Carla Bruni has been used to spread false rumours that former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher had died. An update from the fake @CBruniOfficial Twitter account was retweeted without scrutiny by French news outlet @LesNews on Wednesday …
John Leyden, 10 May 2012
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Pfizer's Facebook page jacked by script kiddies

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer's Facebook page has been defaced by mischief makers. The rudimentary hack, carried out by a group calling itself The Script Kiddies, resulted in the dissemination of a message saying Pfizer should be stopped because "they're corrupt and the damage they create is senseless". The hack was captured by …
John Leyden, 22 Jul 2011
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Hi-tech mobile hack spreads rumour of Taliban chief's death

The Taliban has become the victim of a hi-tech disinformation campaign spreading false rumours that its leader, Mullah Omar, had died following a heart attack. Text messages spoofed so as to appear to have originated from phones used by Taliban spokesmen Zabihullah Mujahid and Qari Yousuf were used to spread the rumour. …
John Leyden, 20 Jul 2011
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Texan charged over multimillion pump-and-dump spam scam

A Texas man has been charged with using spam from compromised machines to hoodwink potential investors into buying virtually worthless stock. Christopher Rad, 42, of Cedar Park, Texas, was arrested over allegations that he acted as a middleman in a pump-and-dump stock scam involving unscrupulous investors, spam from botnets and …
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2011
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Hacked Twitter spreads false Tsunami warning

Tiresome miscreants broke into the Twitter account of an Indonesian government advisor on Thursday to spread false warnings of an impending Tsunami. Andi Arief, the Indonesian president disaster management advisor, has posted genuine warnings about earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions hitting the Asian country over recent …
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2010
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Frenchman cuffed for naughty lip-slip email to MEP

A Frenchman faces jail for sending a risqué email to a high-profile female politician. Glamourous MEP Rachida Dati complained to the police after an unnamed 40-year-old wrote to her asking for an "inflation", the Telegraph reports. The request was a reference to a recent, widely-reported Freudian slip by Dati, who confused the …
Team Register, 29 Oct 2010
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Hacked Axl Rose Twitter account spreads false tour news

Axl Rose's Twitter account was hacked on Sunday to spread false rumours that Guns N' Roses was cancelling an upcoming European tour. Fans retweeted the message, which remains as the most recent post in the verified but little used axlrose Twitter feed. However a spokesman for the group confirmed that the autumn tour remains very …
John Leyden, 17 Aug 2010
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'Anonymous' pwns Digital Camera Mag website

Updated The website of Digital Camera Magazine was taken offline on Wednesday morning following an attack by denizens of 4chan. Malefactors subverted the DC forum admin to send an abusive message. Members of the 4chan image board have been responsible for formulating and popularising internet memes such as lolcats and rickrolling. The …
John Leyden, 28 Jan 2009
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Pump and dump scam hacker banged up

An Indian man convicted of hacking into internet brokerage accounts to manipulate stock prices has been jailed in the US for two years. Thirugnanam Ramanathan, 35, originally of Chennai, India, broke into customer investment accounts held with brokerages including TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and E*Trade. He dumped existing holdings …
John Leyden, 10 Sep 2008
Flag Russia

Russian crackers spread nuclear panic

Russian crackers attacked the websites of a local nuclear power plant last week shortly after planting false rumours of an accident at the facility. Internet forums were buzzing with bogus reports of "radioactive emissions" emanating from the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant near St Petersburg and an evacuation of locals at the …
John Leyden, 28 May 2008
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FSA acts as rumours send bank shares crashing

The Financial Services Authority is combing through share transactions today as it investigates whether anyone was manipulating the market on Wednesday when rumours about Halifax Bank of Scotland sent its shares crashing down. HBOS shares fell more than 17 per cent in early trading yesterday and took other bank shares down …
John Oates, 20 Mar 2008

Apple gets go ahead for iPhone launch

Apple's iPhone has been given the green light to take a bite out of the US handset market as the firm bit back at false rumours that sent shares plummeting. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given its seal of approval to Apple's iPhone, clearing the way for the handset to hit the US market next month. "The …
Emmet Ryan, 21 May 2007

SEC sues over stock market spam scam

A US couple have been charged over an allegation they made $1m via a stock market pump-and-dump scam, promoted using spam emails. Jeffrey Stone, 42, of Greenwich, Connecticut, and his missus Janette Diller Stone face a civil lawsuit from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over their alleged use of junk mail tactics to …
John Leyden, 21 Aug 2006
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China snoops on text messages

China has extended its hard-line stand against human rights and personal freedom by introducing new rules to monitor and censor the use of text messages. According to state media, by way of AFP, the "Self-Discipline Standards on Content in Mobile Short Messaging Services" have been brought in to tackle porn, fraud and other …
Tim Richardson, 02 Jul 2004
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Reg hacks face gallows

Readers Letters Readers Letters 'You are a blackard of the first water' Elizabeth the Queen Mother is dead According to reader Paul Kerriage, our earlier coverage of a premature story on the death of the Queen Mum may have landed us in deep water with the Windsors. Your correspondent is clearly unaware that it's spelt "Blackguard". Also, …
Linda Harrison, 17 Aug 2001
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UMC to sell off chip kit after Q2 loss

United Microelectronics Corp (UMC) has posted net losses of NT$1.9 billion ($46.1 million) for Q2 and warned of choppier waters ahead. Losses at the Taiwanese chipmaker compared to a NT$12.1 billion profit for the same period in 2000. Sales dropped 39 per cent to NT$15 billion. UMC also said it would sell chip-making equipment …
Linda Harrison, 31 Jul 2001
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AMD to buy back ‘undervalued shares’

AMD is to buy back up to $300 million worth of shares to "assist in offsetting dilution from stock issuances under our employee equity incentive". The company reckons that its shares are undervalued (it certainly trades at a massive discount to the multiples afforded Intel) and says the buyback "represents a sound investment at …
Drew Cullen, 29 Jan 2001
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Email tax a ‘hoax’ claims US Postal Service

The US Postal Service has branded as "completely false" rumours circulating by email that the US government is planning to levy a surcharge on email usage. The email claims the per-message fee would be donated to the Postal Service to cover the $230 million in revenue it has lost as people send letters electronically rather than …
Tony Smith, 29 Jun 1999
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Memsolve bounces back after Customs raid

Memsolve, the Widnes-based components distie, is trading as usual, following a raid by HM Customs & Excise. Customs officials were joined by Intel and Microsoft representatives in the raiding party on 4 November. VAT-related paperwork, and a small quantity of CPUs -- "less than 20", according to Memsolve -- were taken away for …
Drew Cullen, 09 Nov 1998