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Citrix adds failover to Hyper-V partitions

Citrix has delivered a key feature of the Essentials stack of management tools for Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor for Windows platforms and pledged to bring the high availability tool, called StorageLink Site Recovery, to its own XenServer hypervisor next year. You heard that right. Citrix is getting its virtual machine …
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Citrix chases VMware with Hyper-V deal

Citrix Systems wants to sell anything it can into shops using VMware server and desktop virtualization tools, but it doesn't want to discount XenServer, XenDesktop, and XenApp licenses. What's a vendor to do? Give away free services and training to customers looking to migrate from VMware, of course. The upstart virtualization …
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VMware goes into hyper-drive with vSphere 4.0

Ahead of the four-day VMworld extravaganza in San Francisco next week, server virtualization juggernaut VMware wanted to toss out some numbers to show that its vSphere 4.0 virtualization stack is getting great traction in the market. And because Microsoft can't stand being number two or three in any market, it started throwing …
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Citrix: Novell's only option for virtualization marriage

What is commercial Linux distributor Novell going to do about server and desktop virtualization? It's a good question, and one that the company's top brass has not really addressed. In July 2006, with the launch of SUSE Linux 10, Novell was the first commercial Linux vendor to ship a Xen hypervisor tuned for Linux. And it is …
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Citrix gives away more virtual goodies

At Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference on Monday, server-virtualisation challenger Citrix Systems will up the ante - or more precisely, lower the price-barrier to entry - for virtualisation tools to manage virtual Windows machines. It will launch a freebie version of its Citrix Essentials virtualisation tool set that …

Citrix ships XenServer 5.5

Citrix Systems today announced that its XenServer 5.5 hypervisor for servers and its related tools for managing virtual machines are now shipping. Let the battle for whatever budget dollars are available for x64 server virtualization projects begin. Microsoft, VMware, and XenServer are going to be engaged in a price war that …
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Citrix XenServer 5.5 cleared for June landing

VMware and Citrix seem to be in a match to see who can talk most about products that are not yet shipping. Citrix tried to spoil VMware's vSphere launch when it announced its partnership with Microsoft and its radically reduced pricing for the XenServer stack back on February 23. That was the day before VMworld Europe started …

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