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Intel EOLs 3.06GHz Pentium 4

Intel has notified system builders that it is discontinuing its 3.06GHz Pentium 4 chip. The part, which operates across the ageing 533MHz frontside bus and is based on Intel's 130nm 'Northwood' core, will be phased out through the rest of the year, with the chip giant finally refusing to take orders for the part on 15 October …
Tony Smith, 18 Jun 2004
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Intel to update 90nm Mobile P4 core

Intel only began shipping 90nm Mobile Pentium 4 processors at the start of June, but it has already signalled its intention to upgrade the parts' core. Like the desktop 'Prescott' CPUs, the mobile versions are due to move from the current, 'D-0' core stepping to a new one, 'E-0', later this year. Intel will begin sampling E-0 …
Tony Smith, 18 Jun 2004
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Intel 'delays' Centrino 2 chipset to Q1 2005

Intel's 'Centrino 2' chipset, codenamed Alviso', has once again become the subject of schedule-slip allegations. This weekend, Reuters claimed the part will not surface until Q1 2005, citing "a person with knowledge of the delay". The chipset was originally scheduled for an "autumn" launch, according to Intel's mobile products …
Tony Smith, 19 Jul 2004
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Intel kills 64-bit Pentium 4s

Update Intel will stop shipping seven 64-bit Pentium 4 processors next November, company documents seen by The Register reveal. The list of discontinued products includes chips released as recently as January. Actually, Intel tells us that the parts haven't been discontinued, mereley renamed. So wht not say that in the document? The …
Tony Smith, 29 Apr 2005
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Intel to add NX security to Pentium 4 in Q4

Intel will add support for Microsoft's No Execute (NX) security technology to its P4 CPUs in Q4, reports suggest. Taiwanese motherboard maker sources cited by DigiTimes claim the chip giant will introduce support for NX from the end of Q3. A BIOS update will be all that's required to enable support at the mobo level, they add …
Tony Smith, 08 Jul 2004
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Intel cans Pentium II

It's amazing to see these things are still around, but this week Intel told its customers that it is to formally discontinue production of the Pentium II at 266, 333, 366 and 466MHz. Fortunately for fans of the old processor family, its end is a long way off. Documentation seen by The Register reveals that you'll be able to …
Tony Smith, 03 Dec 2004
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Intel Wi-Fi module trims Centrino prices

Updated Intel yesterday announced a pair of new 90nm Pentium M processors, this time extending the line downwards. The chip giant also brought in a host of Centrino bundles, not only based on the new PMs, but adding its 802.11b/g wireless adaptor to the 90nm PMs it launched in May this year. The PMs launched this week are the 715 and …
Tony Smith, 24 Jun 2004
Samsung S1 Mini

Samsung S1 Mini 1.8in external hard drive

Review We've just received what has to be one of the cutest little external hard drives we've ever seen: Samsung's new S1 Mini. Samsung S1 Mini Samsung's S1 Mini: not much larger than this picture The top of the S1 is all ultra-glossy black and smooth, but with a dotted texture under a clear plastic cover so it's not your average …
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2009
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Elitegroup lets slip 2.13GHz Pentium M details

Taiwan's Elitegroup has revealed that Intel is indeed planning to release a 2.13GHz Pentium M 770 processor this autumn - possibly as early as September 2004. Elitegroup ECS G220 The PC maker this week announced what it claims is the first notebook to offer an integrated 1.3 megapixel digicam. The ECS G220 is pitched at …
Tony Smith, 30 Jul 2004
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ROMs weren't burned in a day

Letters Nothing escapes the hive mind of the Register readership, and no wayward, single-cell microbe of an error escapes our readers' mulch. So welcome to the postbag, where you get to develop our stories into some useful compost. We're particularly grateful to our erudite readers for an extremely detailed account of why burning CD- …
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Jan 2002
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AMD share price soars, Intel relaxes…

Updated The news that AMD released its 750MHz Athlon processor caused its share price to top $30 in New York yesterday. The same news (probably, or perhaps even possibly), caused Intel's share price to slip around a point from $80 a share to $78 15/16. Now, we understand from sources close to Gateway, that the company might well back …
Mike Magee, 30 Nov 1999
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AMD still fab despite analyst downgrade

Financial analyst Ashok Kumar, of USB Piper Jaffray, downgraded AMD shares from buy status to neutral yesterday, while the firm's share price sank a few dollars more on Wall Street. But the decline in the firm's stock price has forced the firm to clarify its position on its fab capacity and the partnerships it has with IBM and …
Mike Magee, 09 Aug 2000

Red Hat intros 12 month only support on ‘consumer’ OSes

Microsoft comes under regular fire for its apparent eagerness to end-of-life its products, making them more difficult and expensive to support, and hence forcing users to upgrade to the next version. But without fanfare Red Hat has quietly introduced its own approach to end-of-life, and compared to this, Microsoft's idea of an …
John Lettice, 27 Jan 2003
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Red Hat pulls plugs on Red Hat Linux product line

Red Hat yesterday unveiled its answer to the vexed question of what it should do about its consumer line - dump it. This is not quite how CEO Matthew Szulik put it to The Register over lunch yesterday, nor indeed did he say flat out 'oh, by the way, we're shooting the Red Hat Linux distribution when North Carolina wakes up, bye …
John Lettice, 04 Nov 2003
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AMD fans fans' flames

Updated The lack of thermals - no, not Damart thermals* - in AMD boxed Athlon processors has drawn a flurry of emails from our beloved readers eager to put us right, put us wrong, or just put us down. And meanwhile AMD has confirmed price cuts are on Socket A, and not Slot A parts, which will vanish completely during the rest of this …
Mike Magee, 14 Aug 2000