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Pope loses grip on Antarctica: Clergy withdraw from austral landmass

The Catholic Church is abandoning Antarctica as a faithless wasteland of pr0n-guzzling irredeemables – or, as the rest of the world knows them, scientists. The US National Science Foundation has asked the New Zealand diocese of Christchurch to abandon its foothold on the continent. The withdrawal will go ahead thanks to a …

Port of Hamburg to pave its roads with Cisco things

Cisco's scored a win for its Internet of Everything approach to running cities, with Hamburg Port Authority deciding to try out a “smart road”. Promising better traffic flow (and the resulting environmental benefits), the “smartROAD” will be built with a variety of environmental partners, and is Cisco's first such win in Europe …
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Tape rocks for storage - if you don't need to, um, access your data

Storagebod Watching the SpectraLogic announcements from afar and getting involved in a conversation about tape on Twitter has really brought home the ambivalent relationship I have with tape; it is a huge part of my professional life but if it could be expunged from my environment, I’d be more than happy. Ragging on the tape vendors does …
StorageBod, 14 Oct 2013
Apple is using entirely renewable energy for its data centers

Apple: Our data centers are green. The other 98% of what we do ...

After a vigorous campaign by Greenpeace to highlight the carbon-spewing computer halls of the cloud giants, Apple has announced it is feeding its data centers entirely with renewable energy. Apple's flagship Maiden, North Carolina data center is now supplied by 100 per cent renewable energy, with 42 million kWh coming from an …
Jack Clark, 21 Mar 2013

Storage crumblies, newbies race to push out flashiest gear

The flash storm among storage vendors is becoming more frenzied with a major announcement from HDS, the addition of iSCSI support by Pure Storage's flash arrays, and a performance guarantee from flash/disk hybrid iSCSI array startup NexGen, along with Veeam and vCenter support. HDS has developed its own flash storage …
Chris Mellor, 24 Aug 2012

Environmentalists greenmail Google, Dell

Cebit 09 Greenpeace has called out the tech industry on its environmental claims, challenging the likes of Google and Dell to start applying pressure on governments to adopt meaningful emissions reduction targets ahead of a crucial meeting on a replacement for the Kyoto protocol. The environmental pressure group has written to the …
Joe Fay, 03 Mar 2009

Tech industry still leaving dirty great footprints, says Greenpeace

Consumer electronic goods are a little bit greener than those sold a year ago, according to a new report from Greenpeace. However, the eco-hardliner pressure group has warned that the industry could still do a whole lot more to improve its environmental footprint. Greenpeace found that fewer electronic products on the market …
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Jan 2009
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US Army gets eco-conscious, preps mega solar plant

You know the "go green" push is reaching a zenith when the fuel-slurping US Army wants to get serious about having a daintier environmental footprint. The Army said it's enlisting several big new energy projects to promote less energy waste in local and overseas bases. Among its ambitions are rolling out a fleet of electric …
Austin Modine, 07 Oct 2008
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Sainsbury's and HP buddy up on recycling jamboree

HP and supermarket giant Sainsbury’s are asking Londoners to recycle IT kit they no longer use. Both firms want people to bring neglected desktops, laptops, fax machines, scanners and printers to Sainsbury’s Nine Elms store in Vauxhall, London this Saturday (6 September) between 11am and 4pm for recycling purposes. HP said it …
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Sep 2008

HP bids $1.6bn on Opsware, $214m on Neoware

Deep in the bowels of Hewlett-Packard's financial department, the person in charge of the company's checkbook has writer's cramp. The hardware maker has announced today the proposed purchase of not one, but two companies. Grabbing the spotlight is HP's $1.6bn bid on data center software company Opsware, followed by the somewhat …
Austin Modine, 23 Jul 2007
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How green is my vendor?

Environmental issues are becoming a big concern for those involved in managing IT and communications. You can tell this because just about every other supplier is touting their green credentials. Often they have only reduced their power consumption by a fraction of a megawatt, run an electric shuttle bus to their out of town …
Rob Bamforth, 26 Mar 2007

Gartner warns of environmental power struggles

Analyst house Gartner is warning technology bosses to take the twin issues of pollution and energy consumption seriously, because policy makers are starting to pay serious attention. Gartner research vice president Rakesh Kumar says, in both the US and the EU, legislation that will penalise organisations with large data centres …
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2006