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Healy vacates top slot at Calyx

Maurice Healy has resigned as CEO of Calyx, the Anglo-Irish reseller group he navigated through a €104m MBO last year, reports. His replacement is Tara Brady, who joined the company from Getronics in June as chief operating officer. Healy remains a shareholder. Flag Ireland
Team Register, 15 Aug 2008

Salesforce nears one million milestone

On-demand software provider is set to reach its one million subscription milestone later in December. The firm, which has become somewhat of a poster child for software-as-a-service advocates, said it will sign up its one millionth paying subscriber to its service - including the Platform and …
Ciara O'Brien, 06 Dec 2007
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New mobile app to track carbon footprints

Irish mobile operators have welcomed the introduction of a new application to allow mobile users to track their own carbon footprint. The new application, called mobGAS, has been developed by scientists working for the European Commission. The application is available in 21 European languages and allows users to see how their …
Emmet Ryan, 03 Dec 2007

EU tunes in to DVB-H

Mobile TV has moved one step nearer to widespread roll-out as the European Commission officially selects DVB-H as the standard for Europe. Despite opposition from some countries, DVB-H is to be added to the official list of standards whose use all 27 EU Member States have to actively support and encourage. The move gives …
Charlie Taylor, 30 Nov 2007
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Mobile growth outpaces fixed lines

Mobile phone use within the EU is continuing to rise as reliance on fixed lines eases off, according to EU statistics agency Eurostat. Use of mobile devices has surged in recent years, increasing almost 14-fold over the period between 1996 and 2005. In 1996, when mobile phones were less common and accessible than at present, …
Ciara O'Brien, 29 Nov 2007
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Firms fear disgruntled staff: report

Who do Irish organisations consider the biggest threat to their finances? Possibly you, according to a new survey from Citrix. The study from the software giant found that 49 per cent of IT specialists said people, or more precisely disgruntled staff, are a major financial threat to Irish businesses. The survey found that …
Emmet Ryan, 27 Nov 2007
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Google opens Maps for editing

Google has brought the idea of user-generated content a step further with its plans to allow users to edit Google Maps to make it more accurate. The new functionality will allow those with a Google account to make changes to markers, which indicate business or residential listings on Google's local maps service, dragging them …
Ciara O'Brien, 22 Nov 2007

Consumers not confident about web security

The risk of identity theft is a serious concern for users of internet services, with 70 per cent of adults saying it has changed their online behaviour. This is one of the findings of a new survey which interviewed 2,000 people across the UK about online security. Almost two thirds of those spoken to said they believed …
Stephen Errity, 21 Nov 2007
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EU fines videotape manufacturers for alleged cartel

The European Commission has fined videotape manufacturers Sony, Fuji and Maxell a total of €74.8m for alleged cartel activity in the videotape market. In a statement, the commission said the three companies, which have a combined share of 85 per cent of the professional videotape market, managed to "raise or otherwise control …
Stephen Errity, 21 Nov 2007

Q3 revenues looking rosy at Salesforce

Online customer relationship management provider saw revenue rise by a whopping 48 per cent during its third fiscal quarter. The firm's chairman and chief executive Marc Benioff said on Friday that he expects to become the first ever on-demand company to exceed $1bn in annual revenue in fiscal …
Charlie Taylor, 19 Nov 2007

Consumer electronics fuel chip sales

Semiconductor sales will grow at an annual rate of 7.7 per cent until 2010, when they'll exceed $321bn, according to the latest industry figures. The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) says consumers' seemingly insatiable appetite for electronic products is driving this growth. Emerging consumer markets in Asia, South …
Deirdre McArdle, 16 Nov 2007
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Revenues and profits up at Norkom

Dublin-based Norkom has posted a 53 per cent jump in revenue thanks to strong sales in the US and Asian markets. The financial software developer saw its revenues jump to €17.6m for the six months ended 30 September, with EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) increasing 50 per cent to €3.1m for …
Deirdre McArdle, 14 Nov 2007
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Dublin designer branches out with 'tree' PC

An innovative tree-shaped PC that allows users to upgrade parts of the computer separately when required, has won a major design award. Laura Caulwell (22), a graduate of the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) took home the Dyson Ireland Student Design Award on Wednesday for her invention entitled "Cultivate - the …
Charlie Taylor, 09 Nov 2007
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Lenovo lays out European plans

Lenovo is continuing to blaze a trail across the PC market as it plans an expansion into the consumer market in Europe. The company is planning an all-out assault on the EMEA region in the coming year, with new products and a new focus on the consumer market set to take shape. In Europe, France will be the first country to …
Ciara O'Brien, 07 Nov 2007
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Carphone Warehouse to pitch Irish broadband

Carphone Warehouse is set to step into the Irish broadband market with the launch of three packages under its TalkTalk service. The mobile phone retailer expects to unveil its TalkTalk Broadband products before Christmas. "The plan is to have TalkTalk Broadband available by the end of the year and it will be available to both …
Emmet Ryan, 07 Nov 2007
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Telecoms regulation encourages investment

The presence of strong regulators in the telecoms market encourages investment, according to a report by the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA). The study found that annual investment in the Irish telecoms sector rose from $639m to $684m between 2003 and 2005, which the Association of Licenced Telecom …
Emmet Ryan, 07 Nov 2007
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Ireland still good for foreign investment

A new report published by ICT Ireland* claims Ireland is still an attractive location for foreign direct investment. The study, which was released by the IBEC group on Monday, sets out why many major foreign investors believe Ireland is an attractive location in which to do business. The report, entitled Why Ireland should be …
Emmet Ryan, 06 Nov 2007

Irish jobs safe following HP plant closure

No jobs are expected to be lost as a result of Hewlett-Packard's decision to close its Clonskeagh facility in Ireland, the company said. Yesterday, HP announced plans to consolidate its Clonskeagh, Dublin 14 and Leixlip, Co Kildare facilities on a single site at Liffey Park Technology Campus in Leixlip, which will become the …
Charlie Taylor, 01 Nov 2007

Apple's Leopard leaps into action

Apple has sold two million copies of Leopard, the latest version of its Mac OS X operating system, since its release on Friday. The company said the Leopard sales rush outpaced that of its predecessor Tiger, until now the most successful Apple operating system. The two million sales figure includes copies of Leopard sold at …
Stephen Errity, 30 Oct 2007
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Global mobile penetration to reach 75% by 2011

Over half of the world's population will have a mobile phone by 2008, according to new research. A new report from Portio Research predicts that the global mobile penetration rate will surpass the 50 per cent mark next year. That's not all though, because a further 1.5 billion mobile phone users are expected over the next four …
Charlie Taylor, 26 Oct 2007

Wii propels Nintendo sales to record heights

The phenomenal success of Nintendo's Wii games console has helped the Japanese manufacturer to double its profits during the six months to the end of September. Nintendo said on Thursday that net profit reached 132.42bn yen ($1.2bn) for the first half of its latest fiscal year, up from 54.4bn yen for the same time last year. …
Charlie Taylor, 25 Oct 2007
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StumbleUpon brings human touch to search

eBay-owned website rating service StumbleUpon has announced the launch of a new feature that will display users' opinions of a website or web page. The new "SearchReviews" service will be available to StumbleUpon users who have downloaded and installed the company's toolbar. Once this is installed, users will start seeing tiny …
Stephen Errity, 24 Oct 2007
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Tech deals boost M&A activity

Over €5bn was spent on mergers and acquisitions involving Irish firms in the third quarter, with tech-related M&As among the most valuable deals. Overall, the value of M&As carried out in the quarter was almost three times that for the same three-month period last year. The value of acquisitions in the first nine months of …
Charlie Taylor, 19 Oct 2007
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Cantec to click with Irish tech fans?

Irish computer chain Cantec Computerstore is embarking on an ambitious expansion programme, rebranding as and creating 100 jobs over three years. The independent retailer, which sells home media and IT products, plans to invest €3.5m in opening 14 new stores, creating 100 new jobs in the process. By 2010, the company …
Ciara O'Brien, 18 Oct 2007
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Mobile broadband to dominate in 2011

Mobile broadband is expected to become the dominant broadband platform worldwide in 2011, according to a new report. The research, which was carried out by Informa Telecoms & Media, indicates there will be more than one billion broadband subscribers worldwide in 2011, with the majority using mobile rather than fixed systems. …
Charlie Taylor, 12 Oct 2007
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Sony Ericsson profits fall on cheaper phones

Mobile manufacturer Sony Ericsson's third quarter profit fell by 10 per cent despite shipping more units over the past year. The firm said on Thursday that profit declined from the €298m it clocked up for the third quarter of 2006 to €267m this year. Pre-tax profit fell 11 per cent to €384m from €433m in the year-ago quarter, …
Charlie Taylor, 11 Oct 2007
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Dot-mobi domains go to highest bidders

The first dot-mobi auction has closed on a high, with domain name marketplace selling 100 mobile web addresses to the highest bidders. This was the first time the mobile domain names have been sold through an auction process rather than on a "first come, first served" basis. The web addresses were some of the 5,500 " …
Ciara O'Brien, 11 Oct 2007
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IT spending to top $3 trillion in 2007

Global spending on IT is set to reach $3.1 trillion this year, according to the latest research from analysts at Gartner. The figure represents an eight per cent increase from the previous year, while spending for 2008 is forecast to grow 5.5 per cent, reaching a total of $3.3 trillion. The figures were revealed at the …
Stephen Errity, 10 Oct 2007

Google's 'Gphone' said to be mobile OS

New reports suggest search giant Google is believed to be working on a mobile operating system and not a handset device as previously speculated. Engineers at the company have been working on a secret mobile project for two years and observers had until now believed the project involved a mobile handset, which some had dubbed …
Stephen Errity, 10 Oct 2007
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Eircom moves closer to split

The Irish Department of Communications has confirmed reports that Eircom has made a submission regarding splitting the company. A spokeswoman for the Department told ENN that Eircom made the submission recently and that the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan, is currently studying it. "It's …
Emmet Ryan, 08 Oct 2007
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Law & Order takes on Second Life

The blurred lines between virtual worlds and the real world have been examined in a recent episode of US drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. A fictitious virtual world cleverly called Another YOUniverse, which bears a striking resemblance to Second Life, is the main focus of a recent episode of the investigative drama. The …
Emmet Ryan, 08 Oct 2007

Global Voice hits right note with €32m bond

Irish-owned data network firm Global Voice, which trades as euNetworks, has raised up to €32m in funding through the issuing of a convertible bond. Global Voice said it intends to use the proceeds of the bond to accelerate the roll-out of metro networks and associated services in London, Berlin, and Munich. The funds will …
Charlie Taylor, 05 Oct 2007

Facebook faces more legal trouble

Social networking site Facebook has been ordered to turn over information on whether registered sex offenders have set up profiles on its site. The Attorney General's office of New Jersey has supoenaed the popular social network, along with 11 other social networking sites, ordering them to release the information. Facebook …
Ciara O'Brien, 05 Oct 2007

Intel shares drop on price war warning

Shares in a number of leading chip makers have slumped after Morgan Stanley warned investors about a possible price war in the sector. Intel shares fell by $0.57 or 2.2 per cent to $25.81 in US trading on Wednesday following the publication of a Morgan Stanley report from analyst Mark Lipacis advised investors to sell stock in …
Charlie Taylor, 04 Oct 2007
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Will Bungie jump from Microsoft?

Could one of the games industry's most effective partnerships be about to do a Disney/Pixar and split? Rumours are blazing online that Microsoft and Bungie Studios are about to call it a day after the final game in the Halo trilogy has finally hit the shelves. The games developer was bought by Microsoft before the first Halo …
Ciara O'Brien, 04 Oct 2007

Hackers hit back at iPhone update

The war between Apple and the hackers is heating up, after a 'fix' for the recent iPhone update was posted online. Apple's recent update for the iPhone's firmware rendered unlocked iPhones - those that had been modified either through software or other means to work outside of AT&T's network - unusable, and the firm has so far …
Ciara O'Brien, 03 Oct 2007
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Eircom wireless security flaw revealed

A serious security flaw has been uncovered in certain models of wireless broadband routers supplied to up to 250,000 of Eircom's residential and business customers. The flaw allows the security encryption of an Eircom wireless network to be bypassed by outsiders, who can then "piggyback" on a customer's internet connection. In …
Stephen Errity, 02 Oct 2007

Alphyra merges with Cardpoint

Irish payment services firm Alphyra has merged with UK firm Cardpoint in a deal reportedly worth €800m. The merger is a reverse takeover of Cardpoint by Alphyra under the rules of London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM). The two firms will combine to form a new company called Payzone. Under AIM rules an extraordinary …
Emmet Ryan, 01 Oct 2007
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UK users spending more time online

Almost 90 per cent of home internet users in the UK now spend six hours or more online each week, according to new research. Analysis from Point Topic's most recent broadband consumer survey indicates that 86.6 per cent of residential internet users spend at least six hours online every week, up from 83 per cent at the end of …
Charlie Taylor, 28 Sep 2007
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Magazines go online in iTunes-esque move

A new online newsagent is hoping to galvanise the Irish publishing market by selling magazines online., which is based in Dublin, is hoping to become the iTunes of the publishing world by offering readers PDF versions of Irish publications. These can be downloaded directly to a PC. The magazine appears on screen …
Ciara O'Brien, 27 Sep 2007
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Adwalker awarded US patent

Dublin-based firm Adwalker has been granted a US patent for its wearable interactive digital media platform. "We have always been aggressive on the IP (Intellectual Property) front," Adwalker spokesman Simon Crisp told ENN. "The wearable media market in the US is growing all the time, so there's real value in securing the IP, …
Stephen Errity, 26 Sep 2007
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C&W inks deal with online games firm

Cable & Wireless has signed a €400,000 deal to provide managed hosting for online gaming firm Gala Networks Europe (GNE) at its Dublin data centre. The initial two-year contract covers building, hosting, management, and network connectivity for GNE's European online gaming platform. GNE is part of the Gala Group, which has …
Emmet Ryan, 25 Sep 2007
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MySpace launches free mobile service

MySpace has fired another salvo in the battle for social network supremacy with a free mobile version of its website. MySpace will provide free access to the service to US-based users with advertising being used to cover the costs. The new site will load one banner ad and one text based ad for each visitor. The move is part of …
Emmet Ryan, 25 Sep 2007

Apple turns to Orange in France

When is an Apple an Orange? When it's an iPhone it would seem, with the mobile operator winning the French rights to sell the Apple device. As widely expected France Telecom will start marketing Apple's iPhone in France through Orange, its wireless arm. The two parties announced the deal on Thursday following announcements of …
Emmet Ryan, 24 Sep 2007

Sony delays launch of PS3 virtual community

Sony is to delay the launch of Home, its virtual community service for users of the PlayStation 3 console, until spring 2008. The service, which was originally scheduled for release this autumn, is a real-time interactive virtual world that serves as a meeting place for PlayStation 3 users. Much like Second Life it allows …
Charlie Taylor, 21 Sep 2007
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Mobile TV to reach 120 million users by 2012: report

Mobile TV is expected to reach almost 120 million users by 2012 - a significant increase from the current 12 million. The broadcast services are expected to be available throughout 40 countries worldwide, with consumer spending on mobile TV predicted to top $6.6bn within the five-year period. According to a report from Juniper …
Ciara O'Brien, 20 Sep 2007
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Irish firm launches 'global' mobile phone

Irish start-up firm Cubic Telecom has launched what it claims is the first "truly global" mobile phone at a major industry exhibition in California. The Cubic Mobile phone was launched Monday at the prestigious TechCrunch 40 trade show in San Francisco, where Cubic was the only Irish exhibitor of the 40 companies in attendance …
Stephen Errity, 19 Sep 2007

Yahoo! hopes Mash will be a monster

Yahoo! has launched a new social networking site, its second such foray into the field. Mash is a new service from Yahoo! currently in beta mode. The social networking project can only be accessed by invite at present, and opened to a handful of users on 14 September. The new project follows the failure of Yahoo! 360, the …
Emmet Ryan, 18 Sep 2007
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Intel snaps up Dublin gaming firm

Dublin-based games middleware company Havok is to be taken over by chip manufacturer Intel in a deal valued at over $100m. The chip giant bought Havok in an all-cash transaction valued at $110m according to TVC Holdings, which sold its interests in the gaming firm as part of the deal. The agreement, which is expected to close …
Cian Ginty, 17 Sep 2007

PC shipments set to jump

Worldwide PC shipments are expected to rise by 12.6 per cent this year, according to new research by analysts IDC. The projected figure of 257.5 million units is up on IDC's prediction in June, which estimated growth of 12.2 per cent in 2007. The rise in the number of units shipped is being led by notebooks and laptops which …
Emmet Ryan, 14 Sep 2007