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ElasticHosts: EIGHT resellers signed up for our white-label cloud

ElasticHosts lured one UK reseller to its white label cloud programme in each of the months since it launched last summer - eight in total. This seems a far cry from the picture painted by CEO Richard Davies as the covers were taken off its cloudy infrastructure in July, when pointed to feedback that resellers were "fed up" …
Paul Kunert, 25 Mar 2013
Lenticular Cloud

Brit cloud Elastichosts chases boom to Asia

British cloud operator Elastichosts has splashed down in Asia, renting space in Sydney and Hong Kong data centres and declaring it is ready to cash in on the boom in cloud and the healthy economies of Asia. Elastichost offers a range of cloud hosting and compute services, using the KVM hypervisor and its own enhancements to …

ElasticHosts push out white label services for channel

Direct selling infrastructure-as-a-service provider ElasticHosts is the latest vendor to set up a channel to rebrand and flog its white label cloud utility. Clearly it has realised that without investing in a larger internal sales force, the reach of the business is limited. According to ElasticHosts CEO Richard Davies the …
Paul Kunert, 11 Jul 2012
The Cloud

ElasticHosts makes cloudy servers newbie friendly

ElasticHosts, the British hosting and cloudy infrastructure provider that is pitting its homegrown ElasticStack cloud fabric against the likes of VMware and the OpenStack and CloudStack projects, has tweaked its cloud offerings to make them suitable to relatively unsophisticated users. Founders Richard Davies, the company's …

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