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EU spaffs €131m on making gov digi services 'talk' to each other

Sick of filling out online forms in triplicate for basic government services? So are EU officials. The EU is to spend €131m to make eGovernment services in different countries “talk” to each other. Ministers from member states, led by the Luxembourg presidency, and MEPs on Wednesday agreed to extend funding to the ISA² ( …
Jennifer Baker, 18 Sep 2015

Online gov services are mostly time-wasting duplicates, says EU

Sick of repeating the same information every time you need the authorities to help you out? So is the European Commission. According to a new study on eGovernment services, users are still asked to fill in forms with information already available to bureaucrats more than half the time. And if you’re on the move it gets worse …
Jennifer Baker, 24 Jun 2015
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Use eGovernment to lower costs, says EU Commission

European governments must make greater use of the internet in the way they work or risk increasing the cost of doing business and alienating the young, the European Commission has said. The Commission has launched a plan and some pilot projects aimed at encouraging governments across the trading bloc to make more use of …
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Dec 2010
Gunther Oettinger, EU digital commissioner. Pic: Jennifer Baker

Euro Commission wants to pick your brains on telcos and net access

The European Commission on Friday launched two vast public consultations on internet speed and quality. The so-called 360° review of telecoms and internet rules is open until December 7 and is seeking input from users, organisations, public bodies and businesses. The telecoms questionnaire looks at network, service and …
Jennifer Baker, 14 Sep 2015

Denmark tops European tech table, two other Scandis right behind

The European Commission has published its league table of digital countries and the Best of Europe’s tech world is, you guessed it, Denmark! Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland make up the remaining top four, proving that Scandis really do do IT better. But in a not-too-shabby performance, the UK is jostling for attention at …
Jennifer Baker, 25 Feb 2015
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German chancellor DECLARES WAR on crap rural Wi-Fi

CeBIT 2015 German Chancellor Angela Merkel used the opening of CeBIT to present her 10-point plan to revive Germany’s digital economy. However despite some rhetoric about “Industry 4.0”, the 10 points are instead a rather uninspired collection of the same old ideas that every man and his goat trots out. “The competition is large, the …
Jennifer Baker, 18 Mar 2015
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ODPM to withdraw from eGovernment policy

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is "deliberately planning" to withdraw from setting the local eGovernment agenda. A new 'e-Government Regional Partnership Group' is due to take over the ODPM's responsibilities in this area from March 2006. Under the current plans, there will be nobody at the ODPM to continue the role …
Team Register, 22 Jun 2005
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More transparency will fuel egovernment

Greater transparency and implementation of best practice will help to fuel the growth of successful egovernment initiatives around the world. That's according to Marie Lowman, a speaker at The National eGovernment Summit 2004 which took place in Dublin on 23 and 24 November. The primary aim of the conference is to provide a …
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eGovernment 'ignoring' poor, unemployed, homeless

Socially excluded groups are currently "very poorly served" by the UK eGovernment agenda, says new government research. A report out today warns that eGovernment, at both national and local level, largely ignores the needs of 'hard to reach' individuals and is failing to adequately promote social inclusion. Similarly, social …
Team Register, 20 Sep 2005
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Gov.UK plans cheap digital IDs for egovernment

The Government is planning to offer citizens low-cost digital certificates to give them more convenient and secure access to online government services. Under the plans, digital certificates allowing individuals to prove their identity online - which today cost around £25 - could be made available for as little as £5. The move …
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Europe UNDER ATTACK in simulated cyber security test

European banks teamed up with information security agencies and governments to run a DDoS cyber-attack preparedness exercise today. Cyber Europe 2012, a simulated cyber security attack involving 300 cyber security professionals, is being co-ordinated by European Union security agency ENISA. It's the second exercise of its type, …
John Leyden, 04 Oct 2012
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European Commission: Cloud will save us from economic doom

The European Commission is to create cloud computing standards across its 27 member states to spur customer adoption and boost local economies. Cloud has already been hyped to death in the commercial world and now the EC is adding to the marketing bluster. It said in its new strategy document – "Unleashing the potential of …
Paul Kunert, 27 Sep 2012
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EU ministers agree e-government aims

European ministers have signed a declaration outlining policies to deliver 'smarter' online public services by 2015. At the fifth Ministerial eGovernment Conference in Malmö in Sweden on 19 and 20 November 2009, EU ministers agreed measures to make e-government more accessible, interactive and customised. The aims over the next …
Kable, 23 Nov 2009
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Microsoft UK NTO leaves to spend more time with IT policy

Is it something in the air? Microsoft UK national technology officer Jerry Fishenden is jumping ship to spend more time with his family, his doctoral research and UK technology policy. Fishenden has worked for Microsoft since 1997, and has held the NTO post since 2004, along with being a Senior Visiting Fellow at the London …
John Lettice, 03 Jun 2009
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Malvern votes against evoting

Councillors in the Malvern Hills have ditched plans to trial evoting in the upcoming spring local elections after the Government failed to give its full approval for the project to go ahead. Malvern Hills District Council (MHDC) - which had been working with BT to run the Internet-voting project - was recently named as one of …
Tim Richardson, 25 Feb 2003
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Capgemini picked for Swansea eGov project

Swansea Council has named Capgemini to run its ambitious £100m eGovernment programme. The "service@swansea" scheme - which led to a bitter strike among 100 IT staff earlier this year - is expected to be inked in April when the council and Capgemini sign the ten-year deal. Despite the industrial action by IT staff which dogged …
Tim Richardson, 17 Dec 2004
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UK sets $1.2bn eGov budget

European governments will spend widely differing amounts on getting services online, according to IDC researchers. The survey looked at how spending in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK will increase up to 2008. Britain is expected to boost its annual budget from $828m in 2004 to just under $1.2bn in 2008. France and …
John Oates, 13 Oct 2004
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EC report warns governments on e-trust

An EC-funded report has found that governments across Europe need to address the issue of trust in technology systems used by public authorities and warns that high-tech ID cards are not a panacea. ECOTEC Research and Consulting, in association with the Tavistock Institute, carried out the research on behalf of the Commission' …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Nov 2007

SCC wins HMRC contract

The Pan-European technology integrator and service provider, SCC has been awarded a contract by HM Customs and Revenue (HMRC) it was announced today. The four-year contract potentially worth up to £560m will be used to support the central government department's eGovernment and efficiency targets. The contract will cover the …
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Treasury slashes local e-gov budget

Central funding for local eGovernment will be cut from £150m to just £7m as of next year, a senior official has disclosed. Julian Bowrey, divisional manager for local eGovernment at the Office of the deputy prime minister, signalled that while the e-service programme was now entering its "twilight", major developments are still …
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EU bigwig bangs on about eGovt

A top EU commissioner has been banging on about the importance of eGovernment. Speaking last week in Barcelona Erkki Liikanen said that eGovernment is now a "central theme in information society policy at all levels" and that it should "help to deliver better government". He believes that the public sector can be "made more …
Tim Richardson, 26 Mar 2003
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EC calls on political bosses to tear down e-gov barriers

The "mindsets and rigidity of administrations" are the greatest barriers to implementing effective e-government, Erkii Liikanen, EC commissioner in charge of IT policy, said today. Opening the EC's eGovernment 2003 conference today at Lake Como, Italy, the commissioner called upon politicians "at the highest level" to commit …
Drew Cullen, 07 Jul 2003
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Wales sold on online procurement

Millions could be saved by Welsh councils following a successful first eAuction pilot by two local authorities in the Principality. Swansea and Neath Port Talbot councils secured potential savings of £650,000 over five years, equivalent to nine per cent of expenditure for the supply of tinned and dried foods for a contract …
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European Commission debates eID

The European Commission is considering the feasibility of an interoperable electronic identity (eID) system across Europe. The eID system is expected to help reduce the administrative burden on mobile workers and travellers in the EU. It will also simplify cross border business transactions, company registrations, or payment of …
Kablenet, 06 Mar 2007
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e-Envoy's Office loses bearings with Project True North

A major project by the e-Envoy's Office to set up central data centres to host the UK's most critical eGovernment systems is understood to be in serious difficulties. The procurement, known as "Project True North" has suffered delays, missed key implementation targets and is now several months behind schedule. Perhaps …
Ian Cuddy, 24 Jun 2003
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Market 'not ready' for shared services push

Suppliers would be unable to cope if the UK public sector now made a wholesale move to shared services, says a key government figure. The public sector would disrupt the market by fully deploying shared services at this time, David Myers, director of the Whitehall team leading on shared services in government, warned on 20 …
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BSA in open (standards) revolt

The BSA has called on the European Commission to relax its requirement for open standards in its projects to make government services available to citizens online. In an open letter to the Commission, Benoit Müller, the Business Software Alliance's European policy director, said that the EC's insistence on open standards would …
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Feb 2005
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Swansea IT workers lose outsourcing fight

IT staff in Swansea Council have lost their fight to remain employed by the local authority after councillors approved plans to transfer workers to IT outfit Capgemini. Up to 70 per cent of the 135 staff who work in Swansea's IT department will be shunted to Capgemini as part of an ambitious service@swansea egovernment scheme. …
Tim Richardson, 14 Apr 2005
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Leeds Council aims for IT integration nirvana

Leeds City Council has awarded Novell a six year contract to completely overhaul its internal and external IT services as it approaches the government's end-of-2005 deadline for making eGovernment services available online. The value of the contract was not disclosed. The council says the Novell contract is just one part of a …
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Jul 2005

Public sector could save billions through shared services

The government could save up to £40bn over the next decade by sharing services across public sector human resources and finance functions, researchers claims. The BuyIT Best Practice Network, which has been working with the government on take-up of shared services, makes the estimate in a best practice guide published this week …
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People want services with IQ, says IB

Information Builders’ UK MD has called for the Government to expand its view of the kind of services it should be offering people online. Speaking at the eGovernment conference in London last week, Jim Irving said that although the government’s plans to get its services online by 2005 were well underway, it needed to go beyond …
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Lords fights back on compulsory IDs

Tories in the House of Lords are hoping to throw out the Labour government's proposals for compulsory ID cards this afternoon - in part by pointing to Labour's manifesto commitments. Originally, the proposed ID card was to be voluntary, but new plans mean that anyone applying for a new passport from 2008 will also get an ID …
John Oates, 06 Mar 2006
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Harmless Watmore to get rubber stamped

Consultation over the government IT strategy was rumoured last month to have been a little lacklustre. Was nobody interested in having their say on such a contentious subject as mending the public sector's broken record on IT? Three months after consultation opened and just a day before it closes, there are signs that responses …
Mark Ballard, 02 Feb 2006

Smarter use of information ‘critical’ to egov success

Jim Irving, Information Builders’ UK MD, has called for the Government to extend its remit for the kind of services it should offering people online. Speaking at the eGovernment conference in London last week, Irving acknowledged that the government’s plans to get its services online by 2005 were well underway. But it needs to …
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Feb 2004
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Councils face huge workflow challenge

Only one in seven councils has so far fully implemented enterprise workflow within their eGovernment programmes, meaning that to a Whitehall target, most will have to rush through this crucial work at break-neck speed. Such is the outlook from new data compiled from the latest eGovernment progress reports supplied by councils …
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MS nabs £6m FCO deal

Microsoft has secured Windows at The Foreign & Commonwealth Office for another three years, signing a £6m contract to update and support the department's Windows-based apps. Microsoft says the deal is a great demonstration of "how we are deepening our engagement with UK government departments and improving partnerships". And …
Team Register, 30 Jun 2005
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Government preps one-stop hub for e-services

The e-Envoy is due to announce a major new eGovernment venture that will create a single access point for online services, writes Ian Cuddy, of eGov monitor Weekly. The Online Government Store will bring together the various e-services scattered across department websites into a central hub or 'one-stop shop', where citizens …
Ian Cuddy, 03 Jun 2003
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e-Envoy prepares to log off

The e-Envoy Andrew Pinder is to quit next April, it was confirmed today. But in a sharp and final rebuff to critics, his Office - whose future is uncertain - is set to take on a influential new role at the centre of the Government's new media machine. Under sweeping reforms to government communications, responsibility for " …
Ian Cuddy, 08 Sep 2003
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MS appoints eGovt. strategy chief

Microsoft has created a new role: National Technology Officer (NTO). The post's remit is to oversee the development of the software giant's strategy in the lucrative public sector market. Jerry Fishenden, who has been with Microsoft since 1997, and was previously head of networking at the Houses of Parliament, will fill the …
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Jan 2005
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BB take-up in Germany to rocket

The take-up of broadband services in Germany is expected to grow 300 per cent-plus over the next five years to more than 12.5 million lines, according to research out today. Apparently, Net users in Germany are so comfortable with the online world that many people make purchases over the Internet "without a second thought". …
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2003
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Swindon goes large on outsourcing

Swindon Borough Council is planning to outsource its back office services in a deal that could be worth up £500m. The Wiltshire authority is inviting tenders for a contract of between 10 and 15 years, with a proposed option to extend for a further five to 10 years. The annual value of the tender is expected to be worth £20m a …
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Global 'blogathon' marks Safer Internet Day

The European Commission is putting the potential dangers of using the web under the spotlight by naming today "Safer Internet Day". Insafe, the EU's network for safer internet use, today launched a global "blogathon" to draw attention to the legal, ethical and safety issues associated with the internet. A wide range of …
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Lie detector tests for UK benefits claimants

Benefit applicants will be subject to lie detector tests under new plans annouced by Work and Pensions Secretary David Blunkett to crack down on fraud. The announcement comes as an influential government report reveals that errors and fraud in the benefits system cost the taxpayers £3bn last year. The anti-fraud strategy, to …
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DCA outlines local election pilots

The government has chosen 16 local authorities to experiment with new ways of voting in the forthcoming local elections. Constitutional affairs secretary Lord Falconer this week announced a series of pilots as part of the government’s ongoing efforts to modernise the electoral system. Falconer said the emphasis of the pilots …
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Councils fall behind in race to deliver eGovt

Britain's local authorities are slipping behind in making the government's 2005 deadline to put services online, with only 28 per cent of local authority services available on the Net. That's according to Novell which reckons there's a skills crisis in local government - with nine in 10 authorities experiencing skills shortages …
John Leyden, 05 Nov 2002
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Which? finds low awareness of DTV

New figures show significant numbers of the British public are unaware the switchover to digital TV will be taking place. A survey by consumer watchdog, Which?, said four in ten Britons do not know that the analogue signal will be switched off sometime between 2008 and 2012. Also, only seven per cent of respondents knew what …

Hounslow outsources revenue and benefits

The London Borough of Hounslow has this week awarded an outsourcing contract worth £50m. The council appointed BPO service provider Liberata on a 10-year contract to manage a host of Hounslow’s back office functions including the administration and payment of housing and council tax benefits, council tax and national non- …
Team Register, 28 Oct 2005
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NCC and eGov launch IT accreditation scheme

The National Computing Centre and the eGovernment Unit are launching a IT accreditation body to help public sector organisations comply with the e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF). e-GIF sets out the policies and standards for e-government and e-service development and delivery. All public sector systems used to …
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Jan 2005

EC boosts open source

The European Commission has taken steps to promote the use of open source systems and software in the public sector. It has selected a consortium led by Unisys Belgium to create and manage the Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR), the company announced. Other members of the consortium are the Maastricht Economic …
Kablenet, 12 Oct 2006
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Rochdale outsources IT in £200m deal

Rochdale Council has confirmed that two private sector partners are to take on the management of its services in a deal worth £200m. In collaboration with support services group Mouchel Parkman and technology firm Agilysis, the authority has established a new company, the Impact Partnership, to take on the running of some of …
Tracey Cooper, 14 Mar 2006