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Not so FAST: Another discount software broker BOOTED OUT

Exclusive A second software licence broker has been kicked out of the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) in what appears to be a crackdown against those selling its members' software at discounted rates. Value Licensing has had its application for renewed membership FAST turned down, it has told The Reg. The company specialises …
Gavin Clarke, 20 Feb 2014

Broker accuses FAST of scaring users off secondhand software

The Federation Against Software Theft is talking up the dangers of buying recycled software, claiming that existing laws are insufficient to protect firms that opt for recycled licences. The trade group initially weighed into the debate last week, ripping up software broker Discount Licensing's (DL) membership after it settled …
Paul Kunert, 12 Feb 2014

Second-hand software broker: OK Microsoft – we made a mistake

Recycled software broker Discount-Licensing says it fell foul of trademark copyright laws by importing Microsoft licences from the US but reckons its "core" business is squeaky clean and outside the clutches of litigators. It emerged this week that the Birmingham-based small biz trader coughed a "significant sum" in damages …
Paul Kunert, 05 Feb 2014

Microsoft claims victory over second-hand software broker

Discount-Licensing, a broker of recycled software and member of FAST, has coughed a "significant sum" to settle a trademark infringement case that Microsoft took to the British High Court, a legal counsel for the titan has claimed. The Birmingham-based reseller says it trades in Microsoft Open, Select and Enterprise volumes …
Paul Kunert, 03 Feb 2014
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You can flog 'used' software, but read Ts&Cs first – ECJ

Companies that sell 'used' licences for other firms' copyrighted computer programs that are downloadable from the internet can legitimately do so – but only provided the terms of the rights-holders' licence do not put a bar on reproduction without their consent, a legal advisor to the EU's top court has said. Advocate General …
OUT-LAW.COM, 27 Apr 2012
The Register breaking news

ECJ asked to rule on re-sale of software licences

A German court has asked the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to clarify whether or not a company can sell second-hand versions of downloaded business software in a case involving software company Oracle. Oracle took action against usedSoft, arguing that that its sale of used licences for software is illegal. Customers who buy …
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Feb 2011
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Microsoft ends Office lovers' employee discount program

Microsoft is ending a discount licensing program that has proven to be hugely popular among companies' employees wanting cheap copies of Office. The company said its software Employee Purchase Program (EPP) will wrap up in November after seven years. EPP has been available to customers buying Microsoft's products under its …
Gavin Clarke, 09 Aug 2010
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Software company says it can still resell Microsoft licences

The founder of a company set up to re-sell Microsoft software licences claims he will still be able to do so, despite changes made by Microsoft to its software licences which appear to be designed to stop the re-sale. has been in business since 2005 and buys used licences, often from company liquidations …
OUT-LAW.COM, 29 Feb 2008

High drama at Evesham, but the Yangtze Dolphin puts it all in perspective

As far as the UK channel was concerned, the big story was the demise (or not) of Evesham Technology. At first, everything looked rosy with El Reg reporting that Tahir Mohsan, founder of TimeUK, was investing $22m in the company through a Dubai-based business called PCC Technology. "By funding this restructuring, we intend to …
Billy MacInnes, 09 Aug 2007
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Trade in your software, urges UK reseller

Business software users are being offered the chance to trade in used software like they would a second hand car. A Staffordshire-based company is offering reductions on new software if old versions are handed in for resale. Staffordshire's Discount Licensing has started a trading scheme because its business of selling used …
OUT-LAW.COM, 04 Aug 2007

Users turn to second-hand Microsoft licences

Sales of second-hand Microsoft software licences have doubled month-on-month since the market was opened in November 2005, according to the Staffordshire start-up that spotted the opportunity in Microsoft's small print and Britain's insolvency laws., the trading name of Disclic Ltd, offers cost savings of …
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Apr 2006

Second-hand software licences for sale

A new market has opened for second-hand Microsoft software licences by exploiting British insolvency laws and a clause within many Microsoft licences that permits disused or unwanted volume licences to be transferred. Microsoft says the business model is legal., the trading name of Staffordshire-based …
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 Nov 2005